Taunton Courier 24 Jun 1914 Barrington A Quarryman's Death Mr Isaac MEAD age 62 years of Barrington

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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal, and Western Advertiser Wednesday 24 Jun 1914

Page 5 Column 4


A QUARRYMAN'S DEATH. - The death occurred with painful suddenness on Friday, June 12 th, of Isaac MEAD, a quarryman, 62 years of age, employed with another man, Henry MALE at Atherstone Quarry, Whitelackington. It appears that deceased went to his work as usual, but during the morning complained of feeling unwell and of pains in his chest and stomach. He left his work to sit down in the hedge, and on hearing him groan his fellow workman called to him and asked him what was the matter. He received no answer, and on going to deceased found he had expired. The body was removed to Barrington, and a post-mortem examination was made by Dr. C. MUNDEN, of Ilminster. The inquest was held at the Royal Oak Inn, Barrington, on the following Monday, by the Coroner (Mr. T. Foster BARHAM). Mr. W. MALE was foreman of the jury. - George MEAD, labourer, of Puckington, said deceased was his father, aged 62 years, and lived at Barrington. He was employed at the Atherstone Quarry, Whitelackington, and went to his work on the Friday apparently in his usual health. He had not heard him complain of an illness of any kind. - Henry MALE, labourer employed at Atherstone Quarry, said he had known deceased for many years. He was working with him on the day in question, and several times during the morning MEAD complained of feeling unwell, and of having pains in his chest and stomach. At about one o'clock deceased left his work and said he was going to sit down, and witness saw him go towards the hedge. He head deceased groan two or three times, and on calling to him to ask him what was the matter he received no answer. Witness then went over to him, and found he was dead. - Dr. MUNDEN, of Ilminster, said he had known deceased for some time, and attended him last about six months ago. He had made a post-mortem examination, and found there were no marks of violence on the body. The brain was rather congested, and the left lung showed symptoms of old pleurisy. He attributed death to heart failure, caused by disease of the arteries. - In answer to the Coroner, Dr. MUNDEN said deceased's work in the quarry might have accelerated it. - The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the medical evidence, and gave their fees to the widow.

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<NOTES: Isaac MEAD son of Daniel MEAD and Ann BROWNSWELL, married Caroline WOODLAND>