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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal, and Western Advertiser. Wednesday 05 Apr 1916

Page 5 Column 3


PARISH COUNCIL. - Mr. F. J. FOX presided. There were also present Messrs. W. T. CREESE and J. E. CALDER: with the Clerk (Mr. Wm. BANYARD). - The only business was the appointment of a trustee to the Sir Edward Hext Charity in the place of the late Mr. G. A. COX. - On the proposition of Mr. CREESE, seconded by Mr. CALDER, the Rev. S. JONES was appointed.

PARISH MEETING. - The annual parish meeting was held at the Town Hall. Mr. J. F. COX presided, and there were also present Messrs. W. T. CREESE and J. E. CALDER, members of the Parish Council, and several ratepayers. - The Clerk presented the Overseers' accounts for the year, which showed receipts amounting to £943 6s 1d. and expenditure £941. The special expenses amounted to £395 14s 3d; lighting, £80 6s 3d. - The poor rate for the past year had been 5s 4d, special 2s 6d, lighting 4½d, total, 8s 2½d. – The Parish Council accounts were also presented, and also those of the Martha Bond's Charity and Sir Edward Hext's; on the latter there was a total in hand of £504 3s 2d. - Mr. SMITH proposed, and Mr. GAYLARD seconded the adoption of the accounts, which was agreed to.




The Langport Local Tribunal sat at the Union Workhouse on Thursday. There were present the Rev. G. de Y. ALDRIDGE (in the chair), Captain G. H. PHIPPS-HORNBY, Messrs. J. T. KNIGHT, F. S. TAYLOR, R. E. MUNCKTON, J. S. TAYLOR, and S. BRISTER; with Mr. T. G. COGGAN, military representative; Mr. E. Q. LOUCH, clerk; and Mr. F. BURNINGHAM[?], assistant-clerk.

MARRIED MAN'S REFUSAL. - Mr. T. S. PALMER, cabinet maker and upholsterer, and furniture remover, Langport, applied for his man, A. J. CLARK, 33, married, who was the only man he had left. He had lost three men owing to the war, and would not have appealed if it were not absolutely necessary. - Application refused.

KINGSBURY'S SINGLE MEN. - Mr. LOVELL, farmer, Kingsbury Episcopi, appealed for his carter, H. BARRETT, married, 26. He was his only man. - Application refused. - Mr. LOVELL: Well, it is a very hard case. There are single men in Kingsbury Episcopi who have been exempted. Single men have been exempted in this room to-day. It is not right. - The Clerk: The tribunal can do no more for you now, but you can appeal. - Mr. William FRENCH, smallholder, Kingsbury Episcopi, 26, married, asked for exemption. - Application refused. - Mr. C. H. SATHERLEY, baker, Kingsbury Episcopi, appealed for his son, R. P. SATHERLEY, single, 24, baker. It appeared that the son had been attested and sworn in by Colonel HOSKYNS at South Petherton, but he was not told what to do with the attestation papers. The military having no record of the attestation wished to treat the man as a conscript. - The tribunal decided that he was an attested man, the fact that the military had no record of such being apparently due to an oversight on their part. - Applicant stated that his son was absolutely indispensable to him, and if he were taken he would have to close up his business. His wife and himself were entirely dependent on the business, and both of them were in ill-health. He had another son in the R.F.C. - The Chairman: How long has your son worked for you? - Mr. BRISTER: What is all this talk about Kingsbury Episcopi that the men won't go until your son goes? - Mr. SATHERLEY: I don't know. I have not heard that any men won't go. - Mr. BRISTER: Well, I have. It is all over Kingsbury Episcopi. - Mr. SATHERLEY: I don't believe that is so. - Temporarily exempted until June 1st.

FARMER'S PROTEST. - Mr. G. D. TEMPLEMAN appealed for his milker, Job GLOVER, 37, married, his carter, W. H. CLEALL, 29, married, and his herdsman, Geo. BUNSTONE, 37, married. Before the war he had 22 men and boys, now he had 15 on a very large dairy and general farm. - Conditional exemptions were granted GLOVER and BUNSTONE, but the application for CLEALL was refused. - Mr. TEMPLEMAN: The tribunals are putting agriculturists in a very serious position. There will be hundreds of acres not cropped this year. The Government are asking for more and more stuff to be grown and they are taking the men off the land.

A MOTHER'S GRIEF. - Mr. C. BARBER, Henley, small holder, asked leave for appeal for the exemption of his son, H. V. BARBER, age 19, the only child. - The time of appeal had passed. - The Clerk explained that this had happened because applicant knew very little on the subject. - The tribunal retired, and on return refused permission to appeal. - Mrs. BARBER (bursting into tears): My son, you will take our only child. God have mercy on your, sir, when you appear before the great tribunal. She was led out of the room, shrieking, by her husband, and a painful scene took place in the hall, Mrs. BARBER going into violent hysterics.

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<NOTES: William FRENCH son of Henry FRENCH and Rhoda ELLIOTT, married Frances SATTERLEY

Job GLOVER son of James and Louisa SUMMERHAYES, married Maud Mary CLEAL>