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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal, and Western Advertiser. Wednesday 17 May 1916

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The Taunton Rural District tribunal met on Saturday at the Guildhall, and dealt with about thirty applications for exemption. Mr. R. BRUFORD presided, and there were also present Messrs. A. E. EASTWOOD, Wyndham N. SLADE, J. WHITE, T. G. STONE, J. SUMMERHAYES, C. NORMAN, and G. L. BOBBETT: with Mr. W. F. B. DAWE (clerk), Colonel WOODHOUSE (military representative), and Mr. T. CHAPMAN (representing the Board of Agriculture).

The military representative applied for the withdrawal of the exemption certificate held by John STENSON (25), of Greenway, North Curry, employed by Mr. PYNE on a farm of 142 acres. Colonel WOODHOUSE stated that under the new regulations it became necessary to challenge the certificates of all men under 25 engaged in agricultural occupations. - Mr. PYNE said that STENSON was the only man employed on the farm, but there were three girls employed. He had a son aged 18 that month, but he had a holding of his own of 26 acres to look after. - Adjourned for two months.

The military made a similar application in respect of Albert ROOK (19), of North Curry, in the employ of Mr. Charles DARE on a farm of 68 acres. The appeal was that it was no longer necessary that ROOK should remain in civil employment, and that the employer had two sons who might help him work his holding. - Mr. DARE stated that there was no-one on the farm but himself and this man, and his two sons were working farms of their own and could not help him. - Application dismissed.

The military also applied for the withdrawal of Herbert William PERRY's exemption certificate. PERRY is 18 years of age, and is in the employ of Mr. Robert BARRINGTON, of North Curry, as a carter. The farm is 130 acres in extent, with 34 arable, and PERRY and a temporary worker are the only men employed. - Application refused.

The tribunal adjourned the application of Francis John HEMBROW (24), carpenter and wheelwright, of Stoke St. Gregory. His statement was that the closing down of his business would cause hardship and inconvenience, and a list of customers was attached showing the extent of his work in the neighbourhood.

Charles George BELLRINGER (36), master tailor, of North Curry, sought conditional exemption on the ground of serious hardship. He stated that he had a wife and two children, and was the only tailor in North Curry. He had had two brothers in the Army, one of whom had been killed in the Persian Gulf, while the other had been wounded in France. He had been called up for service, and had to report himself on June 3rd. - Granted ten days' extension of time from June 3rd.

An application for the further exemption of William James GILLARD (33), mason, of Norton Fitzwarren, in the employ of Mr. Robert HART?, was dismissed; as was also that of Mr. DRILLIEN, who sought exemption for Frederick MORRELL, a man in his employ, on 43 acres of land. MORRELL had been passed for garrison duty only.

Herbert Charles HUNT (27), of the Greyhound Inn, Staple Fitzpaine, innkeeper and a small holder, applied for absolute exemption or for time to enable him to make arrangements for the carrying on of his business. He stated that since making the application his wife had agreed to carry on the business as best she could, and a relative had promised to come and live with her. He therefore asked for a month or six weeks to crop the garden. - Month granted.

A month's exemption was also given to Richard Ernest BAKER (28), withy grower and casual labourer, who stated that he was married, with one child, and was also helping to support his widowed mother.

Mr. H. D. MOGER appeared in support of an application for temporary exemption for Henry MATRAVERS (29), of Bishop's Hull, coachman, groom-gardener, cowman, and genera <sic> farm hand, in the employ of Mrs. SWEET-ARCHER. Before the war, Mr. MOGER said, three men were employed by Mrs. SWEET-ARCHER, and a gardener three days a week. Now she had only this man, two others having gone into the Army. - Dismissed.

Mr. S. S. ORCHARD, surveyor to the Taunton Rural District Council, appealed for the further temporary exemption of Albert DYER (26), road contractor, of West Monkton, who had on the 7th March been granted six weeks' extension. Owing to the great shortage of labour DYER had been unable to complete his contract, which extended over 18 miles of road. If the military representative would agree to a month's extension he (Mr. ORCHARD) would be satisfied. - Exempted until 13th June.

Mr. T. G. CRUMP, senior surveyor to the Rural District Council, applied for absolute exemption for Samuel COLES (28), of Rowford, road contractor in the employ of the Council. He stated that there were 42¾ miles of main road now employing only eleven men, whereas before the war there were 28, while on 141½ miles of district road they had only eighteen men, as against 43 previously. There were 23½ miles of road without any labour whatever, and if the remaining eligible men were taken they would have 74 miles without labour. All the single men of military age had gone, and they had now seven married men liable for service, with no other labour available to take their place. He did not intend to appeal for all of these, because two of them were anxious to go. - Application dismissed, and recommended to be taken to the appeal tribunal.

Exemption to the 30th September was granted George Henry FOSTER (30), of Bathpool, in the employ of Mr. RIGGS, on a farm of 101 acres (55 arable). FOSTER was the only man employed on the farm besides Mr. RIGGS.

Similar exemption was obtained by George SPILLER (19), of Staplegrove, employed by his father, William SPILLER, on three holdings of 173 acres (60 arable), and by Walter George OATEN (33), of Pitminster, employed by Mr. Daniel CLARKE on a farm of 120 acres (50 arable).

Clifford William CHEDZOY (31), appealed for by his father, Mr. W. R. CHEDZOY, who farms 50 acres at Stoke St. Gregory, was exempted until 31st August.

Mr. W. F. HEMBROW, of North Curry, sought exemption for Charles Richard HEMBROW (35), carter in his employ on a farm of 240 acres (40 arable). The man was not related to him. His only son had been serving in the Army since the outbreak of war. - Exemption until 30th September.

Mr. E. T. ALMS appeared to support the application of Mrs. HAYMAN, of Tarr Farm, Lydeard St. Lawrence, who sought exemption for her son Richard HAYMAN (18), employed on the farm. She stated that her husband was in very ill-health, and was quite unable to do any hard work or manage the farm. She had managed the farm for him for several years past. The farm was their only means of livelihood. - Granted a fortnight.

Mr. W. H. BURSTON, of Fitzroy, Norton Fitzwarren, appealed on behalf of his cowman, Wm. Alfred TRIM. - Appellant stated that he had a dairy of 100 cows in milk, and his employees included two women and five boys. TRIM had been previously granted two months' exemption. Exemption until September 13th.

Mr. S. COTTY appealed for his only assistant, Fred COTTY, aged 20, an adopted son, on a farm of 90 acres, 25 of which are arable. There are 30 acres of grass to be mown, and all neighbours are short-handed. - Exemption granted until July 13th.

Mr. Geo. SKINNER, of Yard Farm, Bishop's Lydeard, appealed on behalf of his carter, Geo. GULLIFORD, aged 36. The farm consists of 300 acres 250 of which are arable. The employees consist of nine men, one woman, and a boy. Appellant stated that two or three of the men were nearly 70 years of age. Six men were able-bodied. GULLIFORD had previously been exempted for six weeks to enable them to get the corn sown. - Appeal dismissed.

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<NOTES: Walter George OATEN (born 17 Mar 1892) son of William OATEN and Elizabeth CARROTT, married Mabel Louise MULLINS>