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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal and Western Advertiser Wednesday 12 Sep 1917

Page 4 Column 5 and 6


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RURAL TRIBUNAL. - A meeting of the Taunton Rural Tribunal was held at the Guildhall on Saturday. Mr. R. BRUFORD presided and there were also present Messrs. Arthur E. EASTWOOD, Wyndham SLADE, C. NORMAN, J. SUMMERHAYES, T. G. STONE, and G. L. BOBBETT, with W. F. B. DAWE (clerk), C. P. CLARKE and Malcombe WADHAM (military representatives), and T. CHAPMAN (agricultural representative). - Mr. W. T. BOOKER applied on behalf of a man named BRICE, of Bathpool, for leave to make an application to the tribunal. He stated that the man should have made his application within 30 days of re-examination but failed to do so. He was rejected three times and then classified Bii. - Mr. C. P. CLARKE said the man had applied to the Agricultural Executive Committee and been refused. He objected to the present application as it was months out of time. - Application refused. - The military representative appealed against the exemption granted to Herbert William PERRY (19), single, a carter in the employ of Robert BARRINGTON, of North Curry. - Mr. T. CHAPMAN stated that he received enquiries from the Executive Committee that morning, and the form would be returned that night. - Exempted to November 1st, Mr. BURRINGTON being advised to apply to the Barracks for soldier labourer. – Alfred GREED (33), insurance agent, of Bishop's Hull, Ciii, appealed on the grounds of ill-health and claimed to be engaged on work of national importance. - Exempted for three months. -- William Francis Stanley MARSHALL (18), market gardener, of Henlade, was appealed for by his father, who sought exemption until the crops had been gathered. – Exempted to October 15th, final. – Joseph LEWIS, of Bishop's Hull, sought exemption for his son Frederick LEWIS (23), single, Cii. haulier and carter, in his employ. – Applicant stated that he himself was engaged in munition work and he wanted his son to carry on his business. – Dismissed. – Mrs. FOURACRE, of Trull, appealed on behalf of her son, Sidney FOURACRE (18), single, a carter in the employ of Mr. DAY, of Poundisford. In the application it was stated that the man was the seventh and only remaining son of a widowed mother. Six sons had served in the Army or Navy and one had been killed. - Mr. CLARKE stated that the man enlisted but was returned as he was under age. – Refused. – Issac HARTNELL, of Bishop's Lydeard, appealed on behalf of his carter, James Drake MILTON (18), who has not been medically examined. – Mr. CHAPMAN stated that he had also received the enquiry form in respect of the man that morning. He was not employed wholly in agriculture. – Adjourned for medical examination.

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<NOTES: Sidney FOURACRE son of Henry or Harry FOURACRE and Ellen HINES>