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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal and Western Advertiser Wednesday 12 Jun 1918

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The cases heard at Wednesday's sitting of the South-Western Panel of the Somerset Appeal Tribunal at the Shirehall, Taunton, were from the Taunton rural and Dulverton districts. Judge the Honble. <sic> W. B. LINDLEY presided, and Mr. F. S. COPLESTON represented the National Service Department, and Mr. R. R. C. VERNON, D.S.O., the Board of Agriculture.

The Chairman said he had that morning received a circular from one of the Government Departments to say that they could not entertain any applications in these cases on or after the 11th inst., and any cases which were not dealt with by that time would have to be considered by the Board of Agriculture. The notice had been very short, and they had to give a certain number of clear days' notice to the people before the cases were heard, and the only thing they could now do was to try to hear all the remaining cases on Monday next. There would, therefore, be about 100 to be dealt with on Monday, and they would have to sit in two panels to try and get rid of them in that time. They must bear in mind that it was not only agriculture, but other industries, that had been put to equal, if not greater hardship.

The case of a young man named BURNELL had been adjourned for medical examination, and he now produced his grading card, showing that he was in Grade 2, and was given six months' exemption.

Frank Edgar GLANFIELD, employed by his mother at Webb Hill, Heathfield, had been rejected as medically unfit, and was given conditional exemption.

Six months' exemption was granted the following:- Ernest DURSTON (18), Grade 2, Duddleston Farm, Pitminster (Thomas DURSTON); Ernest Clifford GILL, Lower Durston, Grade 2 (George REED Durston); Lewis HOLLEY (19), Grade 2, of Boxenhedge Cottage, Trull (E. C. DORSE); Gilbert Archibald MATRAVERS (20), Staple Park Farm, Staple Fitzpaine (Gilbert MATRAVERS); John DURSTON, Flyboat Farm, Pitminster (Thomas DURSTON); Wm. John SNOOK (18), North Curry (Mr. R. RICHARDS); Jack Wallace BOWERING (18), Catley, Kingston (appellant, William BOWERING, father); Tom QUARTLEY (22), Leigh Farm, Kingsbrompton (John QUARTLEY); William STEVENS, jun. (21), Nethercott, Winsford (William STEVENS); William Howe NORMAN (20), Hollam Farm, Bridgetown, Dulverton (Alfred W. NORMAN); Arthur MOLLAND (19), tenant farmer, Simonsbath; Henry Arthur DOMMETT (21), and F. W. DOMMETT, Hey Farm, Winsham (R. L. DOMMETT).

Exemption was refused to the following:- Chas. BROOM (18), Leigh Cottage, Angersleigh (W. J. WESTCOTT, Leigh Farm); Edgar BALE (18), Street Farm, Staple Fitzpaine (Francis BALE, father); Alfred COOK (19), Knight's Farm, Lydeard St. Lawrence (Richard CRIDDLE); Sidney COOK (20), Curland (Alfred SHIRE); Albert COTTEY (20), Underhill Farm, Staple Fitzpaine (Silas SPARKES); Percy DAY (19), Adsborough Farm, West Monkton (Alfred DAY, father); Sidney KERSWELL (18), Hyde Farm, Bathpool (John RIGGS); Harold Ernest MATRAVERS (18), Staple Fitzpaine (G. MATRAVERS); Clifford Robert MITCHEM (18), Woodhill, Stoke St. Gregory (William HOUSE); Francis James POOLE, Pyleigh, Lydeard St. Lawrence (John DUNN, Westleigh Farm); Frederick ROWSELL (18), Rull Farm, Otterford (George HOOPER); John Victor SNOOK (20), North Curry (George RICHARDS); Walter VILE (20), Higher Farm, Bishop's Lydeard (R. L. CORNISH); William Cyril ASH (21), Howleigh Farm, Pitminster (W. J. ASH, father); Victor HILLMAN (21), Cogland Farm, Durston (Albert E. HILLMAN); Augustus JEFFERY (21), Swing Bridge, Bathpool (John HAYWARD); Ernest HALLETT (18), Dollin's Pool Farm, Donyatt (Ernest VICKERY); George BARTLETT (18), Woolminston, Crewkerne (F. & H. PILE); John Edmund DARE (19), Leigh Farm, Chard (Wm. DARE); James W. HOWE (19), Forest Farm, Ashill (W. HOWE); William CANN (22), Picketstones, Simonsbath; Sidney James BLAKE, Willway, Dulverton (Mrs. M. A. BLAKE); William Robert BOLMOND (19), Wellshead Cottage, Exford (William WINZER).


Another long list of agricultural cases was dealt with on Saturday by the Somerset Appeal Tribunal at the Shire Hall, Taunton. Judge the Hon. W. B. LINDLEY presided, and Mr. F. S. COPLESTON attended as National Service representative, whilst Mr. R. R. C. VERNON, D.S.O., was present for the Board of Agriculture.

The Chairman at the outset explained the urgent necessity for obtaining Grade 1 men for the Army and the Order requiring one thousand men from agriculture in Somerset.

Exemption for six months was granted to the following:- Riscombe Leonard KIDNER (21), Grade 2, of Woolavington (in the employ of his father, Mr. B. J. KIDNER); Fredk A. YANDELL, Wellisford Farm, Langford Budville, employed by father (exempted with the assent of the National Service representative); Fredk. Wm. ASH (20), Stancombe Farm, Langford Budville, in the employ of Mrs. ASH, his mother (assented to by National Service Representative); Fred DENNING, Redlands, East Coker, employed by his mother (with National Service Representative's assent); John MUTTER (23), Hisbeer's Farm, Buckland St. Mary (Eli MUTTER); Edward Leonard BROWN (19), Stembridge, Martock (Frank BROWN); Edwin W. VICKERY (23), carter, Cricket Malherbie, Ilminster (W. J. NORTON, Cricket Farm); George Hy Payne CLARK (21), Church Farm, Podymore, Ilchester (George CLARKE); Hugh Arthur FRY (19), Chedzoy-lane, Bridgwater (Oliver FRY); Arthur J. RAINEY (22), East End Farm, Moorlinch (Mark RAINEY); Thomas MARKS (22), Windmill Farm, Montacute (Francis MARKS); Philip Hy. BOWN (19), Mudford, Yeovil (W. BOWN); Thos. Rowlan ROWSELL (19), Sock-Farm, Ilchester (T. S. ROWSELL) and Ernest BROOM (18), Shute Farm, Huish Champflower (John BROOM).

The National Service Representative agreed to three months' exemption in the case of Wm. Follett SNELL (21), Marsh Farm, Yeovil (Mrs. Kate SNELL).

Exemption was refused in the following cases:- Francis Charles TARR (18), carter, East Criddles Farm, Tolland (Thomas TARR); Harold MIDDLETON (19), carter, Crosses Farm, Curland (George FORWARD, Park Farm, Bickenhall); George MUTTER (20), Hisbeers Farm, Buckland St. Mary (Mrs. Eli MUTTER); Arthur ROWLEY (22), carter, Whitestaunton (W. E. REED, Manor Farm); Francis Fred WARFIELD (21), ploughman, Repps Farm, Ilton (James WARFIELD); John MEAR (23), carter, Ile Abbots (Mr. E. GOODLAND, Ashford, Ilton); Frank PRING (23), Cold Harbour, Donyatt, Ilminster (Edwin JAMES); William Henry LEGG (18), Rose Cottage, Holy, Chard (C. L. AUSTIN, Brown's Farm); James Reginald IRELAND (19), Coombe Farm, West Crewkerne (S. COPP); Arthur ENGLAND (18), carter, Shepton Beauchamp (W. D. and L. J. EAMES, Upton Farm, Leavington); William James STUDLEY (19), Thorne St. Margaret (Mrs. ASH, Stancombe Farm, Langford Budville); William TUCKER (18), Venn Dairy, Chipstable (F. A. WEBBER, Hillcombe Farm, Clayhanger, and Edward HILL); John HATTIN (18), cowman and shepherd, Lower Ford Farm, Wiveliscombe (Daniel HATTIN); George BRYAN (18), Coombe Dairy, Crewkerne (Harry COPP); Frank GLOVER, motor tractor driver, 24, Woodland-terrace, Yeovil (Lionel M. WYLLIE, supervisor for food production, ploughing department, on behalf of employers, Messrs. SPARROW, Ltd., Yeovil); Douglas E. B. CRUMPLER (18), not graded, cowman, Longlands, North Coker (Jesse CRUMPLER, 4, Hendford, Yeovil); John DYER (18), Pawlett (W. G. PARISH, Doiges Farm); Levi Percival FRENCH, Moorlinch (T. IRISH, Meadow Farm, Stanwell); Roland E. BAKER (18), Chestnut Farm, Woolavington, uncle); Sidney Patrick HIGGINS, Cheadmead, North Petherton (Mr. J. BOYER, Enmes Farm); Albert Henry HENDY, Horsey-lane, Bridgwater (John ASHFORD, Horsey Manor Farm); Herbert? KIFT??; Abbey Mead Farm, Middlezoy (Thomas KI-T??; Walter MULLINS (22); Hawkridge, Aisholt (Thomas FLOYD, grandfather, Lower Aisholt Farm); Frank Samuel PARAMORE (18), Othery (Henry R. WINSLADE, Little England Farm); Ernest Henry SOMERS (18), Otterhampton (C. G. DUCKHAM, Stockland); Reginald Arthur RENDELL (21), Marsh Hill Farm, Yeovil Marsh (Frederick RENDELL); Charles James OSBORNE (18), Breech Farm, West Chinnock (Edward OSBORNE); Reginald HANCOCK (18), Ilchester (W. H. COX, junior, Ashington); Stanley William DARE (20), Abbey Farm, Montacute (Charles W. DARE); George Edward MUDFORD (18), North Perrott, Crewkerne (A. BURTON, Grey Abbey Farm); Cecil S. C. RAINEY (18), Marston Magna, Bath (John J. JACKSON, who withdrew the appeal); Elliott Duncan SNELL (18), Marsh Farm, Yeovil (Mrs. Kate SNELL); John Norman ATKINS (21), Upton, Wiveliscombe (William Henry JULIAN, Bittiscombe Lodge, Upton).

The case of Arthur William LOVELESS was adjourned for production of his grading card, the papers stating that he was Grade 2, but the appeal being unsupported. If the man is Grade 1 he will be called up, but if Grade 2 he will probably not be wanted.



About one hundred agricultural appeals were dealt with by the South-Western Panel of the Somerset Appeal Tribunal at Taunton on Monday, the members sitting in three panels.


The following exemptions were given by the tribunal presided over by Mr. H. H. SHEPHERD:- Three months – W. W. HOUSE, Purition (employer, W. J. HOUSE); six months – L. M. RICHARDS, Westonzoyland (Maurice RICHARDS); V. W. BIFFEN, Woolavington (W. J. BIFFEN); T. N. WINSLADE, Lyng (Hy. Geo. WINSLADE); W. H. PHILLIPS, Spaxton (T. G. MERCHANT); E. J. CRIDDLE, North Petherton (F. J. MERSON); G. NURTON, Nether Stowey (Robt. E. PEARCE); W. J. ASHFORD, Chedzoy (Joseph ASHFORD); E. R. HEAL, North Petherton (Robt. HEAL); H. W. A. BREWER (Grade 3), Lyng (Edwin BREWER); Victor H. C. FISHER, Ashcott (Edwin Chas. FISHER); L. T. BELL, Woolavington (Walter Hy. BELL); H. J. SINGLETON, Spaxton (John SINGLETON); P. J. DOLLING, Broomfield (Daniel DOLLING); and E. BAKER, Woolavington (Mrs. A. T. BAKER); dismissed – Wm. WEBBER, North Newton (John WEBBER); C. H. WARS, Ashcott (Mrs. M. V. WARE); A. WARREN, Calcott (Mrs. M. WARREN); R. H. WHITE, Sutton Mallet (Samuel WHITE); F. WHITE, Fiddington (Frank WHITE); A. V. WHITE, Sutton Mallet (Albert WHITE); Ernest C. HEAL, Chedzoy (Geo. Fear HEAL); W. J. PUDDY, East Huntspill (Mrs. M. PUDDY); T. V. VALE, Cannington (John VALE); V. G. M. EDMUNDS, Ashcott (Wm. G. EDMUNDS); R. H. SMITH, Greinton (W. D. SAUNDERS); Chas. W. GOODSON, Othery (Chas. GOODSON); E. H. BROOKES, Sutton Mallet (Geo. BAKER); H. PITMAN, Westonzoyland (Oliver REED); H. C. CASE, Cannington (Thos. WILKINS); C. G. CHILCOTT, Dunwear (Harry FRY); A. BAKER, Woolavington (Mrs. A. T. BAKER); and W. RICHARDS, Othery (Chas. TUCKER).


At the tribunal presided over by Mr. A. F. SOMERVILLE, there were 30 cases down for hearing. The first case was an appeal by Wm. DOBLE, of Crewkerne, on behalf of his son, W. A. DOBLE, Grade 2, his shepherd. During the hearing of the appeal appellant claimed that he was the hardest working-man in Somerset. - Captain MAWER, the National Service representative: You had better go to the British Museum at once. - Appellant: They also tell me I'm the biggest fool for working so hard. - Exemption for six months.

Exemption for six months was granted in the following cases:- Archibald Tom BRINSON (19), Cagebush Farm, Ashill (Tom BRINSON); Frank NORTON (18), Shiremoor Hill, Merriott (Benjamin NORTON); Harold GAYLARD (19), The Hollies, Bower Hinton, Martock (Chas. GAYLARD); Arthur ATTWELL (20), Corner Farm Compton Dundon (Hy. ATTWELL), to assist small-holders; Benjamin A. BICKNELL (19), Brome's Farm, Isle Abbots (Benjamin BICKNELL); Joseph WITCOMBE (19), Hurst Farm, Compton Dundon (Albert WITCOMBE).

The following appeals were refused:- Edward R. GUMMER (18), carter (employer, Mark GUMMER, Stocklinch), man not to be available until June 29th; Fredk. John JAMES (19), Higgins Farm, Chaffcombe (John A. HIGGINS), not to be available before June 29th; Edwin A. SMITH (19), Manor Farm, Winsham (Albert SMITH), subject to soldier labour being provided; Thomas Snell HOARE (18), Silvinge Dairy, Whitelackington (T. S. HOARE); Horace James Wm. THORNTON (18), Hinton Gardens, Hinton St. George (Jas. THORNTON); Reginald Wm. POMEROY (19), East Stoke, Stoke-under-Ham (Nicholas POMEROY), not to be available before June 27th; Leonard R. CLAPP (19), Lecs? Farm, Upton (Charles CLAPP), not to be available until June 24th; John HEYWOOD (18), Chapel Farm, Skilgate (George W. HEYWOOD); Frederick Chas. DUNN (19), Frogwell Farm, Skilgate (Owen PURCHASE), not to be available before June 27th?; George PHILLIPS (22), Blindwell Farm, South Molton (James DELBRIDGE), not to be available before June 25th; Ernest H. BAKER (18), Huish Champflower (Henry POOLE), not to be available before June 23rd; Clifford STEVENS (20), Champion Farm, Fivehead (Thos. STEVENS), not to be available before June 26th; Joe Vernon LLOYD (22), Fir Tree Farm, Low Ham (Mrs. E. LLOYD), not to be available until 29th June; S. A. BRISTER, Barrington (Mrs. BRISTER); Sidney Joseph BOWN (19), Smokham? Farm, Pitney, Langport (Robt. BOWN); Walter SMALL (21), Townsend Farm, High Ham (Edwin THYER), not to be available until June 27th; Cyril W. J. KIDDLE (19), Highbrooks, Kingsdon (Wm. J. KIDDLE); Wm. E. KEIRLE (19), and Leonard H. SMALL (19), Charity Farm, Upton, Langport (Fredk W. SMALL); Walter Chas. ADAMS (23), Park Farm, Pitney (Chas BEST); Percy WILLIAMS (19), Beer? Farm, High Ham (Frank WILLIAMS), not to be available until June 29th.


At the third panel Mr. L. L. TANNER, of Frome, presided, and Mr. C. Kent? FRANCIS acted as National Service representative. Appeals were here heard from Taunton, Williton, and Wellington rural districts, also from the Wells and Yeovil rural areas.

Conditional exemption was granted to Geoffrey B. SLAKE (21), shepherd and farm manager, of Barrow Hill, Fitzhead, whose appeal was supported by Mr. W. T. BOOKER, of Wellington. It was stated by Mr. BOOKER that the man was carrying on the farm under great difficulty, his father being dangerously ill in bed and not likely to be able to work again.

Six months' exemption was given to Reginald G. WEBBER (19), carter and general farm labourer, Ford Farm, Bradford-on-Tone, employed by his father, Wm. John WEBBER, for whom Mr. BOOKER appeared; also to the following:- Sidney J. HILL (21), Bathealton, employed by father, John HILL (assented to by National Service Representative, man having been reduced on re-examination to Grade 2); Henry J. WARMER (20), carter, of Walton (Mrs. L. A. BIRD); Francis BURGE (19), Kilton, Bridgwater (T. A. INGRAM), medical classification postponed for six months; Edgar F. W. RALLS (18), of Hatch Beauchamp (F. J. RALLS), assented to by National Service Representative; Ernest Percival GIBBONS (20), Grade 2, of Crewkerne (A. E. GIBBONS); Percy FEWINGS (19), Doddington Hall Farm (W. H. FEWINGS), for whom Mr. F. W. BISHOP appeared.

Three months' exemption was allowed John WOLLACOTT (22), ploughman, Ford Farm, Brendon (Robert WOLLACOTT, father); Henry George SQUIRES (19), Grade 2, carter, Stringston, Kilve (H. C. CROCOMBE, Barnsworthy Farm), with the assent of the National Service Representative.

Exemption was refused in the case of Wilfred Hy. RAYMOND (20), of Sock Dennis, Ilchester, who stated that he had become occupier of the farm from Lady-day, 1918. - The appeal was made by his mother, a widow, who rents a farm at Milborne Port, where another son was working. She was tenant of the two farms, and put in Wilfred Henry to manage Sock Dennis for her. He was doing it single-handed, and had orders to plough up forty acres of grass land. - The tribunal directed that he should not be called up before June 29th.

The following appeals were also dismissed:- P. J. FOYLE, employed by Robert MEAD, Kingston; Ronald Percy HOWARD (18), Middleton's Farm, Bishop's Lydeard (Hedley WHITE, employer); Thos. HEAL (18), carter and shepherd, Cothay Abbey, Kittisford (employer, Walter J. HEAL, for whom Mr. BOOKER appeared), not to be called up before June 25th; Francis John DAVEY (19), Langford Budville (William YENDELL); Robert James COLE (19), farm stockman, Wellington (Robert T. COLE), not to be called up before June 24th; Frederick Chas. WEBBER (19), Little Huckham Farm, Walton (Francis George WEBBER); Arthur A. THOMAS (18), carter, Kittisford Farm, Wiveliscombe (Henry A. THOMAS), not to be called up before June 24th; E. S. WILLSOX (18), of Walton (William J. WILLCOX); James KABLE (19), carter, Kilve (L. E. SUMMERHAYES, Pardleston Farm); Basil E. DAY (21), Stogursey (Mrs. C. DAY, Peddon Farm, for whom Mr. F. W. BISHOP appeared); Percy FRY (19), carter, Brendon Hill Farm (R. L. CORNISH, Combe Florey, also tenant of Brendon Hill Farm), man not to be available before June 24th; Albert Hy. FEWINGS (20), carter and thatcher, Doddington Hall Farm, near Bridgwater (W. H. FEWINGS); Oliver E. BISGROVE (not graded, Walter (Charles BISGROVE, farmer); Charles Aubrey PEARCE (20), carter, Tintinhull (William PEARCE), not to be available before June 27th; Stanley R. HOLLOWAY (18), Stoke-under-Ham (John HOLLOWAY), not to be available before the 28th June; Maurice Henry PERRY (19), Lyde Farm, Yeovil (L. M. PERRY), not to be available before 28th June; G. ELFORD (19), Limington, Yeovil rural district (S. Y. BRAKE), not to be available before June 23rd; Charles SHAPLAN (19), Dunster (W. J. BURGE).

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