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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal, and Western Advertiser. Wednesday 06 Dec 1922

Page 6 Column 7


FUNERAL OF MRS. LANE. - The funeral of Mrs. Laura LANE, widow of Mr. J. J. LANE, whose death occurred on the previous Friday, took place at Staplegrove Churchyard on Tuesday. The Rector, the Rev. Dr. HARRIS, officiated. The choir attended, under the direction of the organist (Mr. DAVEY). The hymn, “Peace, Perfect Peace,” was sung in the church, and at the graveside the hymn, “On the Resurrection Morning.” The mourners were Mr. Geo. LANE (son), Mr. Chas. G. LANE (brother-in-law), Mr. Howard CHURCHILL (nephew), of Surbiton, Miss F. MILDON (cousin, of Ash Thomas), Mr. and Mrs. CROFT (Cullompton), Mr. BAXTER (Cullompton), and Mr. S. KIBLY (Chard). The coffin was of unpolished oak, and bore the following:- “Laura Lane, died November 24th, 1922, aged 51 years.” Among the large number present at the graveside were Mr. WIDDICOMBE, Mr. ROBERTS, Mr. J. TARR, Mr. BREWER, Mrs. HARRIS, Mrs. COLLOM, and Mrs. ORGANE. There were a number of floral tributes.

THE LATE MR. WM. MALE. - The funeral of Mr Wm. MALE, whose death occurred on the previous Thursday, took place in Staplegrove Churchyard on Wednesday. The deceased was in the employ of Mr. A. W. TURNER, of Fitzroy House, as gamekeeper, and was very much respected by all who knew him. The Rector (the Rev. Dr. HARRIS) officiated. The mourners were:- Mrs. MALE (widow), Mr. F. MALE (son), Mrs. DENMEAD, Mrs. FOWLER, Mrs. MERRETT, Mrs. HARPER, Mrs. PRUETT, and Mrs. WESTWICK (daughters), Messrs. Harry, Philip, and Arthur MALE (brothers from America), Mrs. ROWSELL, Mrs. READ, Mrs. CORNELIUS, and Mrs. S. ROWSELL, Mrs. READ, Mrs. CORNELIUS, and Mrs. S. ROWSELL (sisters), Mrs. G. MALE (sister-in-law), Mrs. F. MALE (daughter-in-law), Mr. T. DENMEAD and Mr. W. HARPER (sons-in-law). Among those present at the graveside were:- Mr. A. W. TURNER (of Fitzroy), Mr. Wm HURLEY, Mr. A. WINTER, Miss N. BELLAMY, and Miss L. BELLAMY. The breast-plate bore the following:- “Wm. Male, died 23rd Nov., 1922, aged 65 years.” There were a large number of floral tributes.

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<NOTES: William MALE son of Alfred MALE and Jane WINTER, married Mary Ann PHILLIPS>