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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal, and Western Advertiser. Wednesday 18 Oct 1922

Page 6 Column 6 and 7



£11,500 FOR 200 ACRES.

Messrs. W. R. J. GREENSLADE & Co. had a very large attendance at their sale on Saturday at the Castle Hotel, Taunton, of Cutliff Farm, Sherford, which contains some of the richest grazing land in the Vale of Taunton Deane. Keen interest was taken in the sale by reason of the situation and value of the property, and on account of the fact its late owner an [sic] occupier, Mr. Henry HURFORD, was a well known and esteemed agriculturist of the district, having farmed successfully at Cutliff for many years. The estate had to be realised in consequence of his death a few months ago.

The farm is 200 acres in extent, situated just outside Taunton borough boundary, and the higher portion contains the popular beauty spot of the Vale – Cotlake Hill. Only forty acres of the land are arable. The picturesque and well-built farm-house contains eleven rooms, and there are extensive outbuildings and farm premises, while at Cotlake the property includes two cottages, with gardens, orchard plot, cattle-house, with crib and loft, and lean-to open shed.

Opening the sale, Mr. GREENSLADE explained that, with the exception of the three fields occupied by Mr. W. WILLIAMS, containing 14½ acres, vacant possession could be given of the farm. Possession of the house could not be given until Lady-day next, because Mrs. HURFORD was still in residence there, and wanted a little time to find a suitable house. Mention of the name HURFORD brought them back to the reason of the sale. There were many friends of the late Mr. HURFORD present; he was beloved and respected as a straightforward British yeoman, who was not afraid to call a spade a spade, and look everyone square in the face. He paid his way, treated his friends well, and was always a good sportsman. The hospitality of Cutliff would indeed be long remembered by all his friends. And now that he had gone to his rest, it devolved upon his friends to make the best of his property. He (Mr. GREENSLADE) hoped they would bid on the merits of the property, which were of the highest order, Cutliff being the fairest farm in that fair vale of Taunton Deane. The neighbourhood and immediate surroundings were the best they had in England; the farm was an extension of the beautiful Vivary Park, and if ever Taunton wanted to grow in that direction, it would have to take in the farm. The house was very pleasant, and provided ample accommodation. It was a delightful old residence, and contained three reception-rooms, six bedrooms, &c. The farm premises were ample, and the hay sheds, put up not long ago at considerable expense, were included in the property. The tenant-right valuation was a simple matter in that case. The valuation of the machinery had been made at the low figure of £35, and the timber at £40, which was almost making a present of it. With regard to tithe, since Mr. HURFORD secured the property he had expended £800 on the redemption of tithe. The outgoings were very small, and the ingoing was the easiest he had known, while the farm was the best in the Taunton neighbourhood that had been offered for many years. The property was freehold, and there was not a charge on it of any description. Mr. GREENSLADE added that he had been asked to put up the whole farm in one lot, instead of three as stated in the particulars. This he proposed to do, and now asked their bids for Cutliff Farm in one lot.

Bidding started at £8,000, and rose by two £1,000 offers to £10,000, then by £500 bids to £11,500. Although the auctioneer pleaded hard for a better price, and declared that it had been confidently anticipated on all hands that the farm would fetch at least £12,000, he was unable to get a higher offer than £11,500. At this figure Mr. George WHITE, of Hemyock, became the purchaser. Mr. WHITE, we understand, is a brother-in-law of Mr. T. DURSTON, of Pitminster.

Mr. GREENSLADE afterwards thanked the large company for their attendance and interest in the sale.

Messrs. C. P. Clarke & Co. were the solicitors acting for the vendors.

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<NOTES: Henry HURFORD or PARSONS son of James HURFORD and Matilda PARSONS, married Emily DAY

Mrs HURFORD is Emily DAY daughter of Henry DAY and Elizabeth YEANDEL, married Henry HURFORD>