Taunton Courier 23 Jan 1924 Whitestaunton Death of Mr Samuel CLARKE of Woodhayes Farm

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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal and Western Advertiser. Wednesday 23 Jan 1924

Page 7 Column 5


DEATH OF MR. SAMUEL CLARKE. - Great sympathy is felt throughout the village with Mrs. CLARKE and family, in the death, which occurred on Thursday evening, of Mr. Samuel CLARKE, of Woodhayes Farm. Mr. CLARKE was held in high esteem and respect by all the parishioners. He was Churchwarden for some years, and always took great interest in the welfare of the old Parish Church. On his retirement some years ago, owing to his age, he was the recipient of an armchair, as a token of the regard in which he was held by all the parishioners. Mr. CLARKE was 70 years of age last May.

DEATH OF MR. ROBERT WYATT. - The death occurred on Sunday week of Mr. Robert WYATT, who will be remembered as the principal tenant of the Whitestaunton estate, residing at Whitestaunton Farm. Relinquishing farming some years since, he went to reside at Sydling, near Dorchester, his health leading to his later removal to Weymouth. Besides being a recognised authority on agriculture, the late Mr. WYATT held many public offices while in the Chard district. For a long period a Guardian of the Poor and member of the Rural District Council, he had also represented his parish on the old Ilminster Highway Board, and was, in addition, a Commissioner of Taxes. Outspoken in all his dealings, public and private, Mr. WYATT was also a courteous opponent, and was extremely well liked for his affability and other social qualities. The funeral took place at Membury on Friday.

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<NOTES: Samuel Shire CLARKE son of William and Nancy SHIRE, married Grace LOOSEMORE>