Taunton Courier 15 Jul 1925 North Curry Death of Mr John RUCKLEY of Greenway North Curry Somerset

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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal, and Western Advertiser Wednesday 15 Jul 1925

Page 6 Column 5


FOR BRASS AND IRON CASTINGS. - ALLEN & SON, LTD., Engineers, Taunton H3976

DEATH OF MR. JOHN RUCKLEY. - We regret to announce the death of Mr. John RUCKLEY, of Greenway, North Curry, after a long and painful illness, on Saturday last. Deceased, who was a native of Devon, had been living at North Curry for many years past, and had reached the age of 77 years. On coming to North Curry he was engaged as an estate mason on the Moredon Estate of Major BARRETT, and since then he had carried on the masonary business on his own account. For many years he was the head bellringer at the Parish Church, and was connected with the ringing for about 45 years. He was a familiar figure in the parish, and sympathy is felt with his aged widow and the members of his family. The funeral took place on Wednesday last in the churchyard, and his fellow ringers rang muffled peals on the bells, as also on the Sunday morning following his death. The service was conducted by the Vicar (Rev. Preb. D. J. PRING, M.A., R.D.). The chief mourners were Mrs. STEWARD, Miss RUCKLEY, and Miss E. BARRINGTON (daughters); Mr. T. RUCKLEY and Mrs. POTTER (brother and sister); Mr. F. RUCKLEY (grandson); Mr. H. RUCKLEY and Mrs. TOWNSEND (nephew and niece); Messrs. Walter HILL and T. POOK. Mrs. PHELPS and Mrs. W. COATES (daughters) were unable to be present. The bearers were Messrs. J. STAPLE, G. STAPLE, C. PERRY, and F. HAYES. Many beautiful floral emblems were sent by members of the family, relatives, and friends, as follows:- From his devoted wife; from the family; from Florrie, Frank and Winnie; all at Cadoxton; Mr. and Mrs. HILL; Mrs. BERTHON; Misses MORRIS; Mrs. and Miss CARTWRIGHT; Mr. and Mrs. NORMAN; Mr. and Mrs. C. PERRY; Mrs. PERRY; Mr. and Mrs. Fred HAYES and Beatrice; Mr. and Miss VERRIER; Mr. and Mrs. G. STAPLE; Mrs. PARSONS; Mr. and Mrs. BADGE; Misses DINHAM; Mrs. CHIDZEY; Mr. and Mrs. F. EDWARDS. Mrs. RUCKLEY and family desire to thank all kind friends for their sympathy and for the beautiful floral tributes.


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