Taunton Courier 09 May 1928 Taunton Tragedy Death Four Days After Marriage William John TAYLOR inc Sarah Elizabeth MEARS and Clifford BISHOP of Kingston

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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal and Western Advertiser Wednesday 09 May 1928

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Four days after his marriage on Saturday last to Miss Sarah Elizabeth MEARS, late of Broadway, Ilminster, William John TAYLOR (26), a farm labourer, residing at Wheatley-terrace, Lambrook-road, Taunton, met his death under tragic circumstances on Wednesday, whilst following his occupation of a farm labourer in the employ of Mr. W. S. BOND, of Yarde Farm, Staplegrove. It appears that deceased had been hauling manure and at the time of the accident was riding on the shafts of an empty putt. Apparently the horse took fright and began to gallop, and in attempting to stop the animal deceased fell under the wheel of the vehicle, sustaining injuries which caused his death soon afterwards. Much sympathy is felt with the young widow, who has no parents, and the unfortunate young man's mother, who is also a widow, living at Langford, Norton Fitzwarren.


The Coroner, Mr. Geoffrey P. CLARKE, conducted an inquest at the Cross Keys Inn on Friday afternoon. There was a jury of seven gentlemen, of whom Mr. C. LUCAS was chosen foreman, and others present included Mr. B. J. GREENHILL, assistant superintendent of the Atlas Insurance Co., Bristol, P.S. HISCOX (Bishop's Lydeard), and P.C. ROBERTSON (Norton Fitzwarren).

Mary Ann TAYLOR, mother of deceased, of Langford, Norton Fitzwarren, stated that her son was married on Saturday last and had resided in Taunton since Easter. He had enjoyed good health.


Clifford BISHOP, of Kingston, stated that he was employed by Mr. W. S. BOND, of Yarde Farm. On Wednesday afternoon witness was working in the next field to TAYLOR. He took down any empty cart to TAYLOR, and witness took charge of his loaded putt. After deceased had gone through the gate witness saw him get on the shafts and heard him shout to the horse, which began to trot and afterwards gallop. Deceased jumped off the shafts and ran after the mare. In doing so he fell down and the wheel of the putt passed over him. Deceased got upon his knees and called witness. Immediately he ran back and asked deceased where the wheel went over him, and he replied, “Over my stomach.” Witness ran into Yarde Farm, and asked them to 'phone for the doctor. Witness and his brother took TAYLOR indoors, and he died fifteen minutes later. Deceased was in good health, and had made no complaint.

The Foreman: Was this mare liable to run away?

Witness: No; and she was very quiet when I took her down. I do not know what frightened her.


Dr. Emilien Edward FROSSARD, Bishop's Lydeard, stated that on Wednesday afternoon he received a message to go to Yarde Farm, and proceeded there at once. He found TAYLOR was dead with blood oozing from his mouth. On Thursday he made a post-mortem examination. The body was that of a young man of fine physique, and there were no external signs of injury. On the right side the first and second ribs were fractured, the second lacerating the right lung, which was adherent to the chest wall owing to an old pleurisy, the result of pneumonia eight years ago. On the right side of the chest the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth ribs were fractured, and on the left side the seventh rib was fractured, lacerating the liver. In his (Dr. FROSSARD's) opinion TAYLOR received heavy pressure on the chest from right to left. The cause of death was shock and hemorrhage, due to laceration of the lung and liver.

Answering the Coroner, Dr. FROSSARD said there was not the slightest doubt the cause of death was entirely due to, and consistent with, the wheel of the putt having passed over the body.

A Juror: Nothing could have been done to save life if you had been there earlier?

Dr. FROSSARD: No. He added he was at Yardle Farm twelve minutes after receiving the summons.

The Coroner: I think everyone will agree that Dr. FROSSARD was on the scene remarkably quickly.

The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the medical evidence, adding that TAYLOR met his death accidentally.


The Coroner expressed sympathy with the mother and widow. It was an unusually sad occurrence, he remarked, seeing deceased had only been married barely a week, and was in perfect health before the accident.

The foreman, on behalf of the jury, associated himself with the expression of sympathy.

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<NOTES: William John TAYLOR son of George TAYLOR and Mary Ann BRANCHFLOWER, married Sarah Elizabeth MEARS

Mary Ann BRANCHFLOWER daughter of John BRANCHFLOWER and Mary Ann, married George TAYLOR
Clifford BISHOP son of Richard BISHOP and Sarah Ann SATURLEY, married Ellen Jane or Nelly JONES>