Taunton Courier 22 Feb 1928 Bishop's Hull Death Ellen BAKER includes OATEN Angersleigh Death and Funeral of Mr Thomas SHARP includes OATEN

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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal, and Western Advertiser Wednesday 22 Feb 1928
Page 6 Column 7


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The death occurred on Friday at Netherclay cottages, Bishop's Hull, of Mrs. Ellen BAKER, widow of the late Mr. Thomas BAKER, at the age of 79 years.

An enquiry into the cause of death was held at Netherclay-cottages on Monday afternoon by Colonel D. S. WATSON?, D.S.O., deputy-coroner for the district.

Mrs. Florence Jane OATEN, of Bishop's Hull, wife of David OATEN, identified the deceased as her mother. In the course of a statement, she said about three months ago, at 6.30 a.m., her husband brought some tea upstairs to both her and her mother. Although it was dark, her mother did not like a light, so she (Mrs. BAKER) got out of bed and put the candle on the table. She then fell down, the rush mat upon which she was standing having possibly slipped on the linoleum. Witness got her mother back into bed and sent for the doctor. No-one but witness was with her mother in the room when the accident happened. The doctor later told witness her mother had sustained a fractured thigh.


Dr. Arthur Edwin JOSCELYNE, at Taunton, said the deceased had been in very poor health for some eight months, and six months before the accident occurred she had been confined to her bed. When called three months ago he found deceased suffering from an extra capsular fracture of the hip, and nothing could be done but to keep her quiet, so that she might have as much rest as possible. She rallied fairly well and the fracture gave her no trouble but her heart became weaker, and she died on the 10th inst. In his opinion senile decay was the cause of death, whilst other contributory causes were chronic bronchitis, cerebral hemorrhage, and finally, weakness of the heart. The fall did not accelerate death.

The Coroner returned a verdict in accordance with the medical evidence.

P.S. BULL was the Coroner's officer.


DEATH AND FUNERAL OF MR. T. SHARP. - It is with deep regret we record the death of Mr. Thomas SHARP, which occurred at his residence, Angersleigh, after a long and painful illness, on the 8th inst., at the age of 75 years. He was a familiar figure in the parish and neighbourhood, and highly respected by all who knew him as the sexton and bellringer at the Parish Church for over 24 years, and on his retirement he was presented with an easy chair and illuminated address by the parishioners. The funeral took place in the Churchyard on Tuesday, when there was a large congregation present, the Rector (Rev. J. P. DICKENSON) officiating. The choir was in attendance, and the hymn “Blest are the pure in heart” was sung, Miss SELWAY presiding at the organ. The coffin was conveyed to the church on a wheeled bier by four of deceased's friends - Messrs. C. H. PUGH, E. SHIRE, F. HILL, and E. YOUNG – and was covered with beautiful flowers. It was of polished elm, with oak mouldings and brass fittings, with the engraved inscription:- “Thomas SHARP, died February 8th, 1928, aged 75 years.” The family mourners were:- Mrs. T. SHARP (widow), Messrs. Fred, Albert, and Herbert SHARP (sons), Mrs. F. OATEN (daughter), Mrs. A. SHARP (daughter-in-law), Mr. F. OATEN (son-in-law), Mr. B. SHARP (grandson), Miss H. SHARP (grand-daughter), Mr. W. OATEN (friend), Mr. J. SHARP, the other son, was prevented from attending through illness. The grave was lined with ivy and snowdrops by Mr. JACKSON and Mr. BROOM. After the interment a muffled peal was rung on the church bells. There was a large number of floral tributes. The funeral arrangements were carried out by Mr. R. J. DOBLE, undertaker, of Trull.

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