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Taunton Courier, and Western Advertiser Wednesday 22 Feb 1928

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An inquest of the body of Albert SHARP, aged 23, of Eastview Terrace, Trull, who died at the Taunton and Somerset Hospital on Tuesday as the result of injuries accidentally received whilst playing football at Spaxton on the previous Saturday, was held at the Taunton and Somerset Hospital on Wednesday afternoon by the Deputy-Coroner (Lieut.-Colonel D. S. WATSON, D.S.O.).

The first witness was Arthur Stuart POINTING, police-constable, of Taunton, who gave formal evidence of identification: He stated that deceased, who was his brother-in-law, was a keen football player, and was making his 133rd consecutive appearance for Trull on Saturday. Witness visited him in hospital on Sunday, the 12th, and asked him how the accident occurred. He replied, “It was the last kick of the game, BENNETT and I were running for the ball, and either his elbow or his hand hit me in the stomach. It did not knock me out.” He made no suggestion of foul play.

The Coroner: I think he must have been in error; he could not have received suck a blow from the hand.

Arthur Thomas ROUTLEY, clerk, of Spaxton, stated he refereed the match at the request of both captains, the official referee having failed to attend. It was a very clean game, the players being quite obedient to his rulings.


Continuing, Mr. ROUTLEY said in the last minute the ball had gone dead behind the Trull goal, and the keeper took the kick because SHARP was bending down apparently winded. Witness blew for time as the ball was in the air from the kick. He did not actually see any accident.

The Coroner: Whatever happened must have occurred before the ball was kicked behind. Yes. There was a “bunch” of players together. It was a minor incident, I imagined. Deceased had played a strenuous game, and I thought he might be fatigued. He made no complaint to me.

Frederick James PAVEY, packer, of 16 Court High-street, the Trull goalkeeper, described the accident. Trull, he said, were playing three men short that day, and lost the game by two goals to nil. “In about the last minute of the game.” he continued. “the ball was kicked from the Spaxton half to the Trull end. It bounced eight yards from the Trull goal, and SHARP and three Spaxton players ran to it. There was a little scramble for the ball, as they all arrived there at the same time. It was not a rough scramble. I saw one of the players' arms, though I could not tell whose, strike SHARP in the lower part of the stomach. It was the part between the elbow and the wrist that hit him as it was swinging. The blow did not 'lay him out.' but he was doubled up. He did not complain at the time.” Witness further stated that, after leaving the field, deceased spoke of severe pains in the stomach, but made no complaint as to roughness by the player whose arm struck him.


The Coroner, to P.S. HIGGINS: You know the player concerned?

P.S. HIGGINS: Deceased said it was a player named BENNETT, and we have interviewed him but he cannot remember the incident.

The Coroner, to PAVEY: Do you know the players, and do you know that BENNETT did it?

Witness: Well, he was amongst the three.

Witness agreed with the referee that it was a quiet game.

Dr. Marie PEDERSON, house surgeon, said the injured man was suffering from ruptured intestine, and was operated upon at 11 p.m. on Saturday, an hour after his admission. He rallied somewhat on Sunday and Monday, but died on Tuesday morning at 7.50. Death was due to paralysis of the the intestine, following peritonitis directly due to the injury he had received. Deceased had told her that one of the players caught him with his elbow in the pit of the stomach, but added freely that it was not the other player's fault.

The Coroner: Must not great force have been used to cause the injury?

Witness: Yes, it must have been a strong arm.

Had he any chance of recovery? - Yes, he had as good a chance as anyone with that injury.


It was a very serious injury, then? - Yes, the odds were equal, peritonitis against us, on Sunday and Monday, but on Tuesday peritonitis won.

The Coroner returned a verdict in accordance with the medical evidence, adding that SHARP was injured accidentally.

P.S. HIGGINS and P.C. WHITE were Coroner's officers.



The funeral, which took place in the Parish Churchyard of All Saints'. Trull, on Saturday afternoon, was attended by all sections of the villagers, whilst all the football clubs in the Taunton and District Saturday League were represented.

The body was enclosed in a polished elm coffin with oak mouldings and brass fittings, the breastplate of which bore the inscription:-

ALBERT JOHN SHARP, Died February 14th, 1928, Aged 23 years,”

and was taken was taken into the church overnight, being received by the Vicar (Rev. M. L. WINTERTON), who also conducted the service on Saturday, the building being filled with mourners.

During the entry of the choir the organist (Mr. E. J. W. CHAMPION) played “The Andante” from the “Quartette in D minor” (Schubert). The hymns were “Through the night of doubt and sorrow” and “Abide with me,” the “Nunc Dimittis” being chanted at the close, followed by Mendelssohn's “O Rest in the Lord.”

The principal family mourners were:- Mrs. SHARP (mother), Mr. A. S. POINTING (Taunton, brother-in-law), Mr. J. GILL (Minehead, uncle), Mrs. OSMENT (Tiverton, aunt), Mr. Bert SHARP, jur. (nephew), Mr. and Mrs. B. SHARP (Trull), Mr. and Mrs. OATEN (Trull), Mr. Herbert SHARP (London, cousins), Mr. C. POINTING (Buckland St. Mary), Mrs. OAKE, Mrs. COLLARD, and Mr. and Mrs. TOOZE (friends).


Others present in the church and at the graveside, many of whom were members of the Trull Sports and Village Clubs, included the following:- Messrs. E. W. A. GROVES, L. GRAVES, J. WILLIAMS, F. J. FLOWER, W. J. VICKERY, L. TARRANCE, W. SYMONS, P. CRIDGE, F. PAVEY, T. COLLARD, J. BISHOP, W. OATEN, F. CHIDGEY, F. FOURACRE, R. CHUCHILL, A. PAYNE, W. HUTCHINGS, W. G. SILKE, H. DAVIES, F. GREGORY, F. BROOMFIELD, F. TOOZE, F. and G. ELKINGTON, R. N. CHAPPEL, and J. GORE, Angersleigh; Mr. H. J. RICHARDS, representing Rowbarton and District Charity Cup Committee; Mr. T. REDWOOD, Staplegrove A.F.C.; Messrs. S. HARRIS (chairman), A. T. ROUTLEY (secretary), A. BAKER (captain), T. J. WEST, and H. BAILEY, Spaxton A.F.C.; Mr. F. W. CORNISH, Bathpool Rovers A.F.C.; Messrs. A. and W. POOLE, Creech St Michael A.F.C.; Mr. W. KEIGHTLEY, representing Taunton Town Supporters' Club; Mr. C. J. ALDERMAN, Taunton and West Somerset Referees' Society; Sergeant A. E. EDMONDS, Taunton Depot A.F.C.; Mr. W. J. JENKINS, National Deposit Friendly Society; Mr. F. S. COPLESTONE, Mr. and Mrs. S. WEAVER, Mr. and Mrs. F. H. WEAVER, Mr. and Mrs. E. OAKE, Mr. and Mrs. W. WEAVER, Mrs. R. J. DOBLE, Miss E. F. DOBLE, Mr. J. WEAVER, Mrs. and Miss TARRANT, Mr. and Mrs. E. CHARD (Taunton), Mr. and Mrs. F. OATEN, Mr. and Mrs. C. CHURCHILL (Comeytrowe), Mr. A. E. NEWTON, Mr. and Mrs. E. SHIRE, Mr. E. PARR, Mr. and Mrs. W. OAKE, Mr. R. TURNER (representing Major HIBBERT), Mr. C. OSMENT, Mrs. W. CHAPPEL, Messrs. G. W. BIRD, James WEAVER, W. J. COBBIN, J. VICKERY, W. WYATT, Mrs. F. DAY, Miss FARLEY, Mr. and Mrs. F. BROOMFIELD, Mrs. SIDMAN, Mrs. E. COLLARD, Mrs. BURGE, Messrs. SHAPLAND, G. SPARKES, H. DAVIS, G. FOURACRE, W. COLLARD, W. WAKE, A. HOOPER, W. COOK, H. SUMMERHAYES, F. CHEDGEY??, C. HOWE, and C. BOWERMAN.

Messrs. F. LOCK, P. DAVIES, R. DAVIES, A. DOBLE, S. FOURACRE, and A. HELHUISH, all members of the Sports and Village Clubs, acted as bearers.

A muffled peal was rung after the service.


There was an exceedingly large number of floral tributes, sent by the following:- In loving memory of dear Bert, from Mother; In loving memory, from Mabel, Arthur, and Gordon; In loving memory, from Aunt Bess, Uncle Tom, and family; In loving memory, from Aunt Fanny and Uncle Albert, London; With love and sympathy, from Uncle Jim, Aunt Lillie, and Ida; With deepest sympathy, from Mr. and Mrs. H. G. PARSONS, Taunton; In fond remembrance of Bert and with deepest sympathy, from Mr. and Mrs. T. COLEMAN, Vere, and Cis.; With sincere sympathy, from Mr. and Mrs. DAVIES and family, Staplegrove; With sincere sympathy, from an old pal, George MUCKRIDGE; With deepest sympathy, from Supt. and Mrs. CHAPMAN and family; With deepest sympathy, from Mr. and Mrs. HUSSEY, Grace, and Vera, Trull; With deepest sympathy, from Auntie, Frank, and Emily; With deepest sympathy, from Mr. and Mrs. CHURCHILL and family, Comeytrowe; A tribute of sincere sympathy, from E. A. BUDGE; In affectionate remembrance of dear Bert, from Mr. and Mrs. COLLARD, Dorothy, Lorna, and Maurice; From his sorrowing godfather and cousins, Belle, Hilda, Marjorie, and Freda; With deepest sympathy, from neighbours of East View, Farleigh, and Wadham House; In loving remembrance of Albert SHARPE, Mr. Walter WYATT; With deepest sympathy, from friends, Mrs. CHARD, Mrs. DOMINEY, and Mrs. BURLEY; Kind remembrance, from all at Blackwater; With deepest sympathy, from Mr. and Mrs. ARNOLD and Wilfred; In loving memory, from Jim; In kind remembrance of Bert and with deepest sympathy, from Mr. and Mrs. F. TOOZE, T. DUKE, and E. BROWN; With deepest sympathy and kind remembrance from Mr. and Mrs. SHIRES and family, Brown Elm; “Peace, perfect peace,” in affectionate remembrance from Bill and Winnie COBBIN; In loving memory of dear Bert, from Aunt Hannah and cousins, Angersleigh, At Rest; With deepest sympathy, from the Trull Club and Sports Club, With sympathy, from the Bishop's Lydeard Fooball Club; In remembrance of a fine sportsman and with deepest sympathy, from the Bathpool Rovers A.F.C.; With deepest sympathy, from the Deport, A.F.C.; With sincere sympathy, from Taunton Town A.F.C. Supporters' Club; “At rest.” Taunton Thursday K.O. Cup Committee; With sincere sympathy, from the clubs in the Taunton and District Saturday League; With deepest sympathy, from Taunton & West Somerset Referees' Society; With deepest sympathy, from Staplegrove Sports Club; With deepest sympathy, from the Rowbarton Charity Cup Committee; With sincere sympathy, from the Committee and players of Spaxton Football Club; With sincere sympathy, from the Taunton Police Football Club.

The funeral arrangements were carried out under the personal supervision of Mr. R. J. DOBLE, of Trull, and some of the wreaths were supplied by Mr. W. E. COUSINS, of Taunton.

Mrs. H. SHARP and Mr. and Mrs. A. POINTING would like to take this opportunity of thanking most sincerely all friends for the expressive and appreciative letters which they have received, and also for the beautiful floral tributes at the funeral.

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