Taunton Courier 06 Feb 1929 Centenarian's Death Mr William Stephen SELLICK of North Petherton and Moorland age 101 years

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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal, and Western Advertiser 06 Feb 1929

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By the death in his one hundred and second year, of Mr. William Stephen SELLICK, the parish of North Petherton and the the village of Moorland have lost their oldest inhabitant. The deceased, who was held in high esteem, had, despite his great age, enjoyed fairly good health, being confined to his bed for only five weeks prior to his death. He was a native of North Petherton, and had resided with his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. F. BREWER, at Moorland, for some years. He was a devout Churchman, and could tell many reminiscences of the dim past.

When he celebrated his 100th birthday on August 2nd, 1927, the late Mr. SELLICK was the recipient of a large number of message of congratulation, including a telegram from their Majesties the King and Queen, who were then at Cowes. He was much beloved by the school-children, and it was a kindly thought that prompted them to contribute towards a floral tribute at the funeral.

He had twelve children, of whom there are four daughters surviving, and he had 24 grand-children and 28 great-grandchildren.


The funeral took place on Saturday afternoon, the interment at North Petherton Cemetery being preceded by a service at Moorland Church. The officiating minister was the Vicar of Moorland (the Rev. R. Turner COLE). The coffin was of elm, with brass fittings, and the breastplate bore the inscription: “William Stephen SELLICK, died January 23rd, 1929, aged 101 years.” The interment took place in a grave adjoining that of his wife, who predeceased him by 21 years. The bearers were Messrs. C. HUTCHINGS, A. MATRAVERS, H. VENN, jun., and A. VEYSEY. The following were the chief mourners:- Messrs. J. WARREN, W. C. WARREN, S. HAMBLYN (Plymouth), C. LEWIS (Taunton), T. CLATWORTHY, L. BREWER, and E. BREWER (grandsons), F. BREWER (son-in-law), and E. C. BOVETT (Glastonbury). Among others present to pay a last tribute of respect were Messrs. A. MILLER, R. POCOCK, and W. SKINNARD. There was a large number of wreaths, including a beautiful one from the teachers and children of the Northmoor Green Council School.


At evensong at Moorland Church on Sunday the Vicar, referring to the late Mr. SELLICK, said it did not seem very long ago when he was speaking about deceased in his lifetime, when he celebrated his 100th birthday, and the King honoured them by sending him congratulations. It was, of course, a great honour to have such a one living in their midst. It was very nice to think they had known and spoken to a person who was living in the days when George IV. was King – five Sovereigns back; of one who could remember oxen being used in the plough, and who could remember the beginnings of railways. He was a child when the next-door church of Burrowbridge was built, and a young man when that one was built. They were all very interesting and very wonderful things, but they were the sort of things which one might know of anyone who had lived so long. But there was something which they did not hear in public about other centenarians. So far as they knew, Mr. SELLICK was the oldest member of the Church of England Men's Society; at the age of 80 he was in the Men's Bible Class, and received Holy Communion regularly as long as he could – to within a month of his passing. There was one thing that came out of their knowing him, and that was a fact which they must, every one of them, take home with them, and that was his perseverance and also encouragement. He carried on to the every end. What an honour and glory it was to have known such a man, and from their knowing him they could take those two words, encouragement and perseverance.

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<NOTES: William Stephen or William Stevens SELLICK, son of John SELLICK and Anne DERHAM, married Charlotte HARRISS>