Taunton Courier 06 Feb 1929 The DUDDERIDGE Family and Norton Fitzwarren includes John DUDDERIDGE of Normans House Norton

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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal and Western Advertiser Wednesday 06 Feb 1929

Page 10 Column 2


THE DUDDERIDGE FAMILY AND NORTON FITZWARREN. - The mention of the Norton Fitzwarren romance last week calls attention to the long association of the DUDDERIDGES with Norton. The first to settle there was Thomas DUDDERIDGE, from Burland in Staplegrove, in 1680, who after serving the parish for a period as waywarden, retired to West Monkton. He was succeeded by Richard DUDDERIDGE, who settled at Norton, in 1692, from Bishop's Lydeard, whose numerous descendants remained at Norton for upwards of 200 years, the last being John DUDDERIDGE, of Norman's House, Norton, who served his parish for many years as churchwarden and school manager, and died in 1892, aged 72. - OBSERVER.

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