Taunton Courier 25 Sep 1929 Death of Walter Samuel HAYES Member of Old Somerset Family Well Known Confectioner

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Taunton Courier, and Western Advertiser Wednesday 25 Sep 1929

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A member of one of the oldest families in Somerset, Mr. Walter Samuel HAYES, died early on Sunday morning at his residence, Greylands, South-road, Taunton. Mr. HAYES, who was in his 67th year, was a director of the Tone Valley Cake Co., Ltd. He first started work in Taunton about 36 years ago, when he was employed as manager of Mr. ADAMS' cake factory at Rowbarton. Subsequently he engaged in business on his own account, and had shops in the Market, Station-road, and East Reach. Mr. HAYES retired five years ago, when he became keenly interested in gardening. For the past few years he has carried on the work of an amateur nurseryman as a hobby, his nurseries at Greylands being as well-cared for as those of any professional. The majority of the wreaths at the funeral were made at the nurseries by Mr. ELLIS, who has now taken on the work. His death was the result of a seizure, his health having been failing for the past 18 months. He leaves a widow, two sons and three daughters.

The HAYES family descended from the Rev. Henry HAYES, vicar of Bishop's Hull in 1618, and is connected with the family of HAYES in the parish of Oake. Mr. James HAYES, a descendant, who died in 1875, witnessed the hanging of nine men at once on Stone Gallows at Rumwell Hill for bread stealing and rioting. The same man became the founder of the hamlet of Hillcommon soon after his marriage in 1803.


The funeral took place on Thursday at Ebenezer United Methodist Chapel, Taunton, and was conducted by the Rev. Stephen PARK, who was assisted by the Rev. Arundel RALPH, of Exeter (formerly minister of Ebenezer, and for nearly 20 years a very close friend of the deceased). Mr. HAYES was until recently the superintendent of the chapel, and many of his friends were present at the funeral. The family mourners were: - Mrs. W. S. HAYES (widow); Messrs. S. B. and W. HAYES (sons); Mrs. P. V. ROBINSON, Mrs. MacLENNAN, and Mrs. G. MALE (daughters); Mr. J. HAYES (brother); Mr. W. FIELD (nephew); Mr. P. V. ROBINSON (son-in-law); Mr. G. MALE (son-in-law); Mrs. W. HAYES and Mrs. S. B. HAYES (daughters-in-law); Mrs. J. HAYES (sister-in-law); Mrs. W. FIELD (niece); Mrs. CODDLEDICK (sister-in-law).

The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs. HATCHERS, Ltd., of Taunton.

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