Taunton Courier 26 Jun 1929 Taunton News Death of Mrs Gertrude HUTCHINGS of 22 Leslie Avenue native of Milverton includes FOURACRE

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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal and Western Advertiser. Wednesday 26 Jun 1929

Page 6 Column 4


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DEATH OF MRS. W. HUTCHINGS. - Following a few hours' illness the death occurred on Saturday afternoon of Mrs. Gertrude HUTCHINGS, wife of Mr. Walter HUTCHINGS, inspector of the G.W.R., of 22, Leslie-avenue, at the age of 53 years. The deceased, who was a native of Milverton, leaves four children, with whom much sympathy is felt. - The funeral took place at the Staplegrove Churchyard on Tuesday afternoon. The coffin, of unpolished oak, bore the inscription:- “Gertrude HUTCHINGS, aged 53, died June 15th, 1929.” The mourners included Mr. W. HUTCHINGS (husband); Mr. S. W. HUTCHINGS (son); Misses P. and R. HUTCHINGS (daughters, Mr. and Mrs. GENTRY (son-in-law) and daughter); Mrs. F. WILSON, Milverton (sister); Mr. C. HUTCHINGS, Stogumber (brother-in-law); Mr. and Mrs. C. FOURACRE (brother and sister-in-law); Mr. R. HASLAM, Wellington (brother-in-law) and Mr. and Mrs. Frank FOURACRE (cousins). Among the large company present at the church and graveside were:- Mrs. HARRIS, Mr. A. P. WATKINS, Mr. and Miss J. R. C. WILLIAMS, Mr. J. PAGE, Mr. A. CAREY, Mr. J MONTAGUE, Mr. Pat CAREY, Mrs. DINHAM, Mrs. WARREN, Mr. T. REED, Mrs. UNDERHILL, and many others. Mr. T. DINHAM was unavoidably absent. Floral tributes were sent by the following:- The Family; Mrs. and Miss BURSTON; Mrs. and Miss RANDLE; Mr. and Mrs. CHAMPION; Mr. and Mrs. HASLEM; Mr. and Mrs. Charles FOURACRE; Mr. and Mrs. WILSON; Mr. and Mrs. THOMAS; Mrs. GRANT and Miss FOURACRE; Miss Hilda BISHOP; Mr and Mrs. R. B. QUICK; Mr. and Mrs. A. P. WATKINS; Mrs. RALPHS; Mr. and Mrs. J. PAGE; Staff of the Traffic Department, Taunton Station; Mr. And Mrs. PARR and daughter; Mr. and Miss COOK; Mr. and Mrs. MAYO and daughters; Mrs. BUTT and family; Mr. and Mrs. B. CHAPMAN; Mr. and Mrs. ROBERTS and daughter; Mr. and Mrs. TUCKER and family; Mr. and Mrs. FORD and son; Mr. and Mrs. H. PRESSICK and family; Mr. and Mrs. CAREY; Mr. Pat CAREY; Miss M. SANTLER; Mrs. and Misses MATTHEWS; Mr. and Miss WILLIAMS; Mr. and Mrs. REED and son; Mrs. COTTELL and family; Mrs. McKITTRICK.

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<NOTES: Mrs Gertrude HUTCHINGS was Gertrude FOURACRE daughter of Charles FOURACRE and Ann TOLLER, married Walter HUTCHINGS>