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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal, and Western Advertiser Wednesday 01 Nov 1933

Page 7 Column 3


DEATH OF MR. CHARLES WHAITES. - The death has occurred of Mr. Charles WHAITES, a life-long parishioner, in his 76th year. Mr. WHAITES had been ill for only 10 weeks, and much sympathy goes out to his widow and two daughters, the Misses Florrie and Ida WHAITES. The deceased was very well known and esteemed in the village. For many years he was employed by the late Mr. WILCOX (Stowey Farm), and subsequently by Mr Stanley DARE. The funeral took place on Friday last, when the remains were laid to rest in the Parish Churchyard. The Rector (Rev. H. C. TRITTON) officiated, and Miss PESTER presided the organ. The bearers, friends of the deceased, who also undertook the same office for Mr. WHAITE's sister in April last, were:- Messrs. H. CHORLEY, J. BURT, W. PAULL, and G. BAILEY. The mourners were:- Mrs. WHAITES (widow), Misses F. and I. WHAITES (daughters), Mrs. WOODS (sister), Messrs. Alec and Arthur WOODS, and Fred and Albert WHAITES (nephews), Mrs F. WHAITES, Muchelney (sister-in-law), Miss B. WHAITES, Taunton (niece), Mr. and Mrs. A. PRIDDLE (Fivehead), Mrs. H. HECTOR (Fivehead), Mr. and Mrs. L. DUKE (Wrantage), and Miss M. PRIDDLE.

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<NOTES: Charles WHAITS son of James WHAITS and Cordelia MEAD, spouse of Louisa Emma PRIDDLE>