Taunton Courier 23 Aug 1933 A Well Known Agriculturist Death of Mr Wiliam Wheadon JACOBS of Hurcott Farm Seavington St Mary

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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal and Western Advertiser Wednesday 23 Aug 1933

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Agriculturists in the district learned with deep regret of the death of Mr. William Wheadon JACOBS, who passed away at his home, Hurcott Farm, Seavington St. Mary, on Monday, at the age of 69.

Mr. JACOBS, who was born at Whitelackington, had lived all his life in the district, being one of the most prominent farmers in the county. His early life was spent at Ilford Bridge Farm, in the parish of Stocklinch, after which he moved to Barrington Court with his father and family in 1875. He commenced farming at New House Farm, Barrington, in 1888, and he came to Hurcott Farm six years later, the farm being owned by Colonel Vaughan LEE, and remained there for 39 years.

His interests were not solely occupied with farming, for he became a member of the old Chard Board of Guardians, on which body he served for some years.

He was also closely associated with the Ilminster Fat Stock Show Committee, of which he was chairman since its formation, and a position he held until the time of his death.

Mr. JACOBS was one of the prime movers in the formation of the Ilminster and District Farmers' Co-operative Milk Company, and the building of the factory at Hortbridge. Since the inception of the Company in 1920 he had been a member of the Board of Directors.

In the parish of Seavington itself, Mr. JACOBS took a keen interest in all matters concerning village life and was for the past five years one of the churchwardens at the Parish Church, and also a school manager for a number of years. In politics he was a staunch Conservative. His striking personality had gained for him the respect and admiration of all with whom he came into contact. He was a true sportsman, and was keenly interested in hunting and coursing, and had won many cups and prizes at local fat stock shows.

Mr. JACOBS, who had been ill for about three weeks, leaves a widow, one son, Mr. W. JACOBS, Meade Farm, Seavington, and one daughter, Mrs. Gwen WYATT, to whom much sympathy has been extended.


A large gathering of mourners from a wide area, prominent agriculturists and business associates as well as personal friends, paid their tribute to the memory of deceased at the funeral, which took place at Seavington St. Mary on Thursday. So large was the gathering that a large number were unable to be accommodated in the church.

The coffin was born from Hurcott Farm on a farm waggon drawn by Mr. JACOBS' favourite horse, “Sergeant,” and led by the carter, Mr. J. SPURDLE.

The cortege was headed by four workers employed by the late Mr. JACOBS, and included Messrs. W. MALE, J. TOLLEY, G. HALLETT, George CORNELIUS, Harold CORNELIUS, Fred SWAIN, Fred POND, Harry Gifford ENGLAND, and Fred Gifford ENGLAND, while other employees, Messrs. P. BEST, T. MALE, E. ROWSWELL, H. MALE, J. POWERS, and N. LAKINS?, acted as bearers.

The service was conducted by the Rector (the Rev. H. NAISH).

As the coffin was carried into the church the organist, Miss KIDDLE, played Handel's “Rest,” and the surpliced choir afterwards chanted Psalm 23. The hymns “Jesu, Lover of my soul,” and “Abide with me” were sung, and as the remains were borne from the church the organist played “The Saints of God, their conflict past.”

The interment took place in the churchyard, where the Nune Dimittis was chanted by the choir.

The grave was lined with asters, begonias, dahlias, and evergreens by Mrs. J. P. JACOBS. The coffin was of unpolished elm with brass fittings.

The family mourners were:- Mr. and Mrs. W. JACOBS, son and daughter-in-law; Mr. and Mrs. S. B. WYATT, son-in-law and daughter; Messrs. F. JACOBS (Paignton), E. JACOBS (Middle Lambrook), and S. R. JACOBS (Seavington St. Mary), brothers; Mrs. S. R. JACOBS and Mrs. CARTER (Glastonbury), sisters-in-law; Mr. Tom CHANT (Huntspill) and Mr. E. CHARD (Pitney), brothers-in-law; Mrs. R. P. WHEADON, sen. (Ilminster), Miss SOMERFIELD (Ilminster), Mr. George WYATT (Atherstone), Mr. William WYATT (Atherstone), grandsons; Mr. and Mrs. Edward WHEADON (Yeovil), Mr. and Mrs. J. P. JACOBS (Manor Farm, Seavington), Messes. L. JACOBS (Middle Lambrook), W. CROCKER (Glastonbury), J. CHARD (Highbridge), Frank BANFIELD (Wimborne), and Ralph BANFIELD (Piddletown), nephews; Mr. and Mrs. R. P. LOCK (Ilton), Mr. and Mrs L. B. STOKES (Thornfalcon), Mr. R. P. WHEADON, jun., (Ilminster), Mr. W. WEBB (Seavington St. Micheal), Mr. A. E. TOWNSEND (Chard), Mr. R. HORSEY (Huntspill), Mr. Sidney VAUX (Ilchester), and Mrs. John HORSEY (Seavington St. Mary).

The Ilminster and District Farmers' Cooperative Society was represented by Messrs. S. SCOTT (Whitelackington, chairman), H. TROTT (Ilminster, secretary), W. J. NORTON (Knowle St. Giles), H. G. WYATT (Cudworth), F. E. HOSEGOOD (Ashwell), T. ROBERTS and L. BRAUNTON (Moolham).

Others present included:- Lieut-Colonel G. S. POOLE, D.S.O., Captain C. A. K. MATTERSON (Fivehead), Captain V. LEAN (Shepton Beauchamp), Captain J. DUKE, Captain RUXTON, Mr. T. H. HAYCRAFT representing Messrs. Mitchell, Toms, & Co.), Mr. Chas SNELL (representing Messrs. R. & C. SNELL and W. Palmer & Co., Yeovil), Messrs. Donald, Cecil, and Dudley HUNT, and F. COOPER (representing Messrs. F. L. Hunt & Sons, Langport and Ilminster), Messrs. Eric MEAD (Langport), G. H. LOCK (representing Messrs. Lock & Sons, seedsmen, Yeovil), J. CHAPMAN (Ilminster), A. A. BALL (Ilminster), H. YANDLE, J. TALBOT (Curry Rivel), H. ENGLAND (Shepton Beauchamp), J. BRISTER (Barrington), W. VOISEY, N. GRAY, T. CORNELIUS (Shepton Beauchamp), J. B. MELLISH (Ilminster), T. NASH (Seavington), J. H. SWAFFIELD (representing Messrs. J. H. Swaffield & Sons, Yeovil and Crewkerne), E. L. WAKLEY (Seavington), B. STEER, G. W. MEECHAM, and L. ENGLAND (Crewkerne), V. CHARD (Donyatt), G. H. CHARD (Sea), S. R. DARBY (Puckington), W. B. DUNELL (Barrington), J. BROWN (Shepton Beauchamp), S. B. NORTON (Lopen), W. WARREN (Broadway), W. E. H. PEACH (Westminster Bank, Ilminster), R. W. WYATT (Lambrook), V. P. SQUIRES (Misterton), W. HOSEGOOD (Ashwell), G. NOVELL (Ilminster), T. W. RICHARDS (Somerset Trading Co., Martock), W. TURNER (Broadway), F. WARRY (Seavington), William SWAIN (Seavington), F. E. HURFORD (North Curry), R. J. DUNELL (Wrantage), W. DENMAN (Lopen Flaxworks), J. G. VINCENT (Knowle St. Gilces), H. J. STINCHCOMBE (Taunton), W. A. JONES (Durston), G. MOODY (Stapleton), F. SINGLETON (Boxtone), Frank HARVEY (Ilminster), J. T. and E. J. RUTTER (Allowenshay), W. G. RUTTER (Musbury), W. G. NORTON (Merriott), R. PIDGEON (Lopen), B. G. NORTON, J. BROWN (Shepton Beauchamp), B. STONE (Moolham), W. HOSEGOOD (Ashwell), R. J. DENING (Ashwell), T. A. FAIRS, G. F. GRABHAM, J. H. and H. HUMPHRY (Ile Abbotts), E. F. RUTTER (Ilminster), R. FAULKNER, H. MITCHELL, F. S. HOSEGOOD, W. H. WILLIAMS (Wells), E. S. FAULKNER, F. P. FAULKNER, H. H FAULKNER, G. WILLY, J. WHITEHEAD (Butleigh), G. DENING (Ilminster), W. J. PEPPARD, G. GOULD (Bradford Abbas), F. MARKS and J. GRABHAM (representing Messrs. Bradford & Sons), R. W. SAVIDGE and W. P. SAVIDGE (Dowlish Wake), H. ROUSELL?, J. WOODLAND, E. STANTON (Ilton), F. TUCKER, J. ROWSWELL, M. YOLE (Seavington), H. G. OTEN (Winterhay), J. EVANS, N. P. FISH (South Petherton), J. R. ENGLAND, F. N. DYER (Coat), C. E. HAWKINS (Shepton Beauchamp), C. MOODY, F. SINGLETON, W. WHEADON, F. JEFFERY, W. J. JEFFERY, Cyril POWERS, R. HOLE, Mr. and Mrs. Frank JEFFERY (Seavington), Miss ROWSELL, Miss SODEN, Miss SYDENHAM, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. ENGLAND (Shepton Beauchamp), Mr. and Mrs. R. LOCK (Ludney), Mr. and Mrs. J. EDWARDS (Ilton), Mr. and Mrs. P. W. HORSEY, Mr. and Mrs. J. BUSSELL, Mrs. DINHAM (Stocklinch), Mrs. E. WELCH (Bickenhall), Mr. and Mrs. SANDY (Ilminster), Mrs. WEBB (Seavington), Mr. and Mrs. E. G. VAUX (Seavington), Mr. and Mrs. James L. OWENS (Whitelackington).

There were numerous floral tributes.

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<NOTES: William Wheadon JACOBS son of James JACOBS and Elizabeth WHEADON, married Elizabeth CHARD>