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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal and Western Advertiser Wednesday 03 Oct 1934

Page 2 Column 5




WEDNESDAY. - Before the Deputy-Mayor (Mr. G. H. STAINER), Mrs. C. MINETT and Mr. R. B. QUICK.


Mr. G. P. CLARKE applied for the magistrates' approval of plans for the alteration of the County Hotel. Extensive alterations were proposed in connection with the cinema, he said, which was shortly to cease.

The Clerk, Mr. E. B. KITE, said he thought the only point which the Bench would have to consider would be the bar at the back of the premises.

Mr. CLARKE explained that the bar would only be used at banquets, dances and similar functions, and would be more convenient than the present arrangement.

Superintendent FRY said he had inspected the premises and considered they would be a great improvement.

The Bench approved the plans.


The licence of the Eagle Tavern, South-street, was transferred from Mrs. Harriett BELLOW to William SPARKES, of 23, St. Augustine-street, Taunton.


Clarence DUDDRIDGE, engineer, of 7, Grays-terrace, Taunton, was summoned for riding a motor-cycle without due care and attention. He wrote saying he was unable to appear.

P.C. BURROWS said at 2.10 p.m. on September 7th he was riding a pedal cycle in Priory-avenue towards the St. Augustine-street cross roads. He extended his right arm to indicate that he intended to turn into St. Augustine-street when about 20 yards from the corner. As he was about to turn he heard a motor-cycle approaching from behind. Defendant, who was the driver, passed witness on the off side and went over the cross roads at about twenty miles an hour. Witness shouted to defendant to stop and asked him why he overtook at such a speed on a dangerous cross roads. He replied: “I didn't see your hand quick enough. I don't see that I have done any harm.” Witness added that if he had not stopped a collision would have occurred.

Ernest BERRY, a Town Council employee, of Denmark Cottages, St. James'-street, said he was standing on the corner of the cross-roads. He saw P.C. BURROWS' signal and then defendant came at a very fast speed, ignored the signal, and passed.

Samuel CRIDLAND, of North Town-terrace, another Council employee, gave corroborative evidence.

DUDDRIDGE was fined £1 and ordered to pay 8s 8d costs.


John SEYMOUR-HAMILTION, boots, of White's Hotel, Taunton, was summoned for riding a bicycle furiously. He pleaded guilty.

Russell HOLMAN, of Upper Cheddon House, Taunton, architect, employed in the Borough Surveyor's office, said he was riding a bicycle from Hammet-street into Fore-street, on September 7th, when Hamilton came round the Parade on his wrong side, at about fifteen miles an hour, and collided with witness's machine. Witness was knocked to the ground, and the cycle was badly damaged.

HAMILTON was fined 10s, with 10s costs.


Sidney G. BILLING, labourer, of 17, Addison Grove, Taunton, was summoned for riding a motor-cycle without lights. He did not appear.

P.C. BATFIELD said he stopped BILLING in Station-road on September 10th, and asked him why his lights were out. He replied, “I did not know they were out. They were all right farther back the road.”

A fine of 10s was imposed.


Marjorie J. VENN, independent, of Pithayne, Hemyock, was summoned for failing to observe a traffic signal. - She pleaded not guilty.

P.C. HARRIS said he stopped defendant on September 11th, and she replied, “I am a stranger to Taunton. I did not understand the rules.”

She was fined £1.

Bertha PEARCEY, of Lower-view, Uffculme, was summoned for a similar offence.

P.C. STABBING said defendant explained, “I lost my road. I am sorry.”

She was also fined £1.


Hilda JERVIS, independent, of Pitminster Lodge, Pitminster, was summoned for obstructing the highway with a car. She pleaded not guilty.

P.C. WILLS said he saw defendant's car in East-street at 2.20 p.m. on September 15th. He left at 3.35 and informed P.C. CAMPBELL.

P.C. CAMPBELL stated that defendant returned to her car at 3.50. Asked why she had left it there, she replied, “I don't know. I always do.”

Defendant told the magistrate she had been to the hairdresser's. She had left the car in the same position every time she visited the town, and had never received a complaint. Had she known that it was causing obstruction she would have removed it.

The Chairman pointed out that the car had been left in a congested part of the street for an unreasonable time.

A fine of £1 was imposed.

Evelyn KNOWLMAN, of “Rherdar,” Culmstock, was summoned for a similar offence. She pleaded guilty.

P.C. WILLS said defendant's car remained in Bridge-street for 45 minutes on September 12th. On her return she said “I have been to the hairdresser's. I have left it in the street before.”

She was fined £1.

George T. HODGES, corn merchant, of 48, North-street, Bridgwater, was fined 30s for causing obstruction.

P.C. GREED said the vehicle was left for two hours. Defendant's excuse was that he had been to the market.

It was stated that there were two previous convictions for similar offences.


James E. GUEST, labourer, of 5, Lyngford-square, Taunton, was summoned for riding a bicycle without a reflector.

P.C. MYERS said he stopped Guest in Station-road, and he said “I have just come from the fair ground. I suppose you are hard up for a case.”

A fine of 5s was imposed.



William EDNEY, unemployed, of 35, Tancred-street, Taunton, was charged on bail with stealing articles to the value of 7s 8d from Woolworth's Stores, East-street, on September 22nd. He pleaded guilty.

Violet HORRILL, of 38, Laburnum-street, Taunton, superviser at the store, said she saw EDNEY take two packets of tea from a counter. He then went to another counter and took a silk handkerchief. She informed the manager.

Walter CLARKE, of Clifford-avenue, Taunton, the manager, said he followed EDNEY and asked him to go to the back of the store and turn out his pockets. They contained nine pairs of socks, a jar of ox tongue, four handkerchiefs, and two packets of tea. He admitted he had not bought the articles, and offered to pay for them.

P.C. STABBINS said he took EDNEY to the Police Station. He made no reply when charged.

EDNEY expressed his regret to the Bench, and assured them that it would not occur again. “It is my first offence. I was under the influence of drink. It was a mad prank on my part,” he added.


Supt. FRY said EDNEY had produced excellent testimonials from employers, and it appeared that he had previously held a good character.

Remarking that drink was no excuse for his action, the Chairman advised EDNEY to abstain. As he had not been in trouble before the case would be dismissed on payment of the costs, amounting to 15s.

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<NOTES: Samuel Summerhayes or Sam CRIDLAND son of William SUMMERHAYES and Jane CRIDLAND nee DYER, married Lottie CARPENTER>