Taunton Courier 07 Nov 1934 Milverton Two Deaths within Four Days Mrs Elizabeth Ann WILSON and Mrs Florence BURSTON FOURACRE Sisters

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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal and Western Advertiser Wednesday 07 Nov 1934

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Two well-known and highly respected Milverton families have suffered a sad bereavement through the passing , in the same week, of Mrs. Elizabeth Ann WILSON, of Coxes, Weekmoor, and Mrs. Florence BURSTON, of Hillview, Buttsway.

Being sisters, they were seen out together a great deal in Milverton where they had resided for many years, and their passing will come as a sad loss to their wide circle of friends and acquaintances.

Mrs. WILSON, who was aged 65 passed away at her residence on Thursday evening, the funeral taking place at the Milverton Parish Church on Monday. Preb. MAYNARD officiated, and the principal mourners were Mr. Charles FOURACRE, of Ford-street, Wellington (brother), Messrs. W. HUTCHINGS, R. HASLAM, and THOMAS (brothers-in-law), and the Misses Winnie GENTRY and Dorothy THOMAS (nieces).

Among those present were Mrs. H. LOCK, Mr. E. W. BURSTON, Mrs. C. BURSTON (Shillingford), Miss F. ASH, Mrs. C. PARSONS, Miss LANGDON, Mrs. H. BULLER, Miss HOWELL, Mr. and Mrs. G. LEYTON, Mr. HOLE, Miss C. POPE, Mrs. P. WINTER, Mrs. Fanny JENNINGS, Mrs. A. FOURACRE, and Mrs. DYTE. The husband was unable to attend.

Mrs. BURSTON passed away at her residence on Saturday evening. The deceased and the late Mr. BURSTON, carried on a bakery business in Silver-street for over 30 years. Both Mrs. WILSON and Mrs. BURSTON were keen church-goers, whilst Mrs. BURSTON was a member and staunch supporter of the Milverton branch of the Conservative Association.

The funeral took place at the Milverton Parish Church on Wednesday, the Vicar, Preb. MAYNARD officiating. The coffin, of unpolished oak, bor the inscription:- “Florence BURSTON, died October 27th, 1934, aged 63 years.” The family mourners were Mr. F. FOURACRE (brother), Mr. J. THOMAS, Mr. W. HUTCHINGS, and Mr. R. HASLAM (brothers-in-law), Miss D. THOMAS and Mrs. GENTRY, London (nieces), Mr. Frank FOURACRE (cousin), Mrs. LEIGHTON, Bristol, Miss RANDOLPH, and Miss O. LAWRENCE (friends).

Among those present were Mrs. C. CREIGHTON, Mrs. P. HOWELL, Mr. W. KING, Mrs. P. WINTER, Mr. H. LOCK, Mr. and Mrs. E. LANGDON, Mrs. H. STONE, Mrs. E. WRIGHT, Mrs. T. TARR, Miss L. TARR, Mr. R. F. GREENLADE, Mr. W. TUCKER, Mrs. R. ENGLAND, Misses ASH, Mrs. C. JENNINGS, Miss STONE, Mrs. A. FOURACRE, Miss E. POPE, Mr. and Mrs. C. TIMEWELL, Mrs. A. SALTER, Mrs. W. MORRELL, Mrs. A. CRIDLAND, Mrs. LEIGHTON, Mrs. J. PEPPERELL, Mrs. T. PERRETT, Miss E. PERRETT, Mr. and Mrs. G. LEYTON, Mrs. S. DYTE, Mrs. C. STUCKEY, Mrs. E. BROADMEAD, Mr. and Mrs. E. TRUCKE, Mrs. W. ANDREWS, Mrs. C. GREEDY, Mrs. T. J. BARRETT, Miss F. PERRY, Misses D. and L. LITTLE, Mrs. L. WILLS, Mr. F. JOHNS, Mr. and Mrs. S. HAWKINS, Miss E. BURSTON, Miss E. MARLOW, Miss M. KIDNER, Mr. Charles DYTE, Miss E. DYTE, Mr. H. BULLER, Mrs. C. DYTE, Mr. W. QUICK (Devonia), Mr. J. T. TOTTERDELL, Miss E. SIMMONS, Mrs. W. VICKERY, Mrs. J. STONE, Miss B. M. MILLS, Mrs. C. KICK, and Mrs. THORNE-THORNE.

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<NOTES: Elizabeth Ann WILSON is Elizabeth Ann FOURACRE daughter of Charles FOURACRE and Ann TOLLER, married George Thomas WILSON

Florence BURSTON is Florence FOURACRE daughter of Charles FOURACRE and Ann TOLLER, married Joseph John BURSTON>