Taunton Courier 04 Dec 1935 Curry Mallet Mishaps with two cars includes Mr NELSON of Ashill

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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal, and Western Advertiser Wednesday 04 Dec 1935

Page 6 Column 5



A motor-car ran into a ditch at Curry Mallet early on Friday morning, and another motor car, which was travelling from Ashill to act as a breakdown vehicle, went into a hedge on the journey.

The first accident took place following a dance at the Women's Institute Hall, Curry Mallet. The driver of a small car backed into the ditch outside the hall. The car could not be moved and it was decided to bring a large car to tow it out. Mr. NELSON, of Ashill, went home, and was returning with his motor-car when he somersaulted through a hedge at a point between Beercrocombe and Ashill. He was not injured.

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