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Taunton Courier, Bristol and Exeter Journal and Western Advertiser Wednesday 25 Sep 1935
Page 7 Column 5 & 7 & 8


ACCIDENT. - Whilst walking in Old-road on Saturday night Hy. RUCKLEY, of Cemetery-road, was knocked down by a motor-car. He was conveyed to Bridgwater Hospital suffering from head injuries.

CRICKET. - In the season just ended North Petherton played 16 matches, of which nine were won and seven lost. W. MANSELL tops the batting averages, with 16.2, and F. VICKERY heads the bowling with 3.4.

GALE DAMAGE. - Orchards in the district fared badly in the gale this week, large quantities of apples and in many cases whole trees being brought down. Trees and branches were strewn about the lanes, and some subscribers had their telephone lines disconnected on Monday night.

HARVEST THANKSGIVING took place at the Congregational Church on Thursday, when the Rev. Robert TODD, of Oakhill, conducted divine service in the afternoon, and addressed a largely attended public meeting in the evening, presided over by Mr. Leonard DOSSON, of Bridgwater. A public tea was well attended. The service will be continued on Sunday, when the preacher will be the Rev. C. J. KINNERSLEY.

THE MONTHLY MEETING of the Women's Institute was held on Friday evening at the George Assembly-rooms, Mrs. H. NELSON presiding over a good attendance. It was “Members' meeting.” and after the usual business Miss P. SELLICK took the chair and Mrs. BRYANT acted as secretary. Mr. A. WEVELL, of Bridport, entertained the company with songs and stories, Mrs. WEVELL being the accompanist. A roll call. “Sing, Say, or pay.” and community singing occupied the social half-hour. A competition. “A vase of chrysanthemums,” was judged by Miss WADDELL, and the winners were: - 1, Mrs. LAVIS; 2. Mrs. UPHAM.

A WEDDING which aroused much interest took place at the Congregational Church on Friday, the Rev. C. J. KINNERSLEY officiating. The contracting parties were Miss Esther MILLER, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James MILLER, of Clare-street, and Mr. Arthur SPENDER, youngest son of the late Mr. Wm. SPENDER and Mrs. SPENDER, of Hyde Park, North Petherton. Mr. A. J. BRADBEER presided at the organ. The bride, who was prettily attired in a dress of peach silk and wore a black hat, carried a shower bouquet of pink and red carnations. She was given away by her father, and attended by her sister, Miss A. MILLER, who wore a dress of blue silk with black hat. Mr. J. SPENDER, brother of the bridegroom, was “best man.” A reception followed at the home of the bride's parents. The newly-married couple were the recipients of a number of handsome and useful presents.


CHURCH SOCIALS – The first social in connection with the raising of money for the Church Tower Fund was held in the School-room on Friday evening, and was very well attended. It is hoped that throughout the winter these efforts will take place every month.

SHOW SUCESS. - Miss Nora OSBORNE, of Stud Farm, is to be congratulated on having won the blue ribbon in the open class for a calf, belonging to the Young Farmers' Club, at Yeovil show on Sept. 12th. Miss OSBORNE is a member of the newly-formed Langport Y.F.C. Her father, Mr. W. A. OSBORNE, is slowly recovering from a serious operation.

WOMEN'S INSTITUTE. - The monthly meeting, over which Mrs. B. C. PREW (vice-president) presided, was held in the W.I. Room on Friday last. Mrs. HICKS was appointed delegate to attend the autumn group meeting at Somerton on September 30th. It was decided to hold a whist drive and danc <sic> on October 10th, in aid of the District Nursing funds. Bulbs for competition were distributed. A demonstration on fruit bottling was given by Miss LEICESTER, who is always very welcome at the Institute. She was thanked by Mrs. BAXTER-BAKER. An amusing competition, “Sewing on a button with the left hand.” was judged by Miss LEICESTER, who awarded nine marks each to Mrs. CROCKER, Mrs. HICKS and Mrs. PREW. The roll call, “Uses of Vinegar,” was interesting. An enjoyable game brought a very pleasant programme to a close and the National Anthem was then sung. Miss MUSGROVE and Mrs. KEATES were tea hostesses.


HARVEST THANKSGIVING. - Harvest services at the Baptist Church on Sunday week were conducted by the Pastor, Rev. S. R. WARD, M.A. He preached appropriate sermons and harvest hymns were heartily sung by good congregations. Mrs. J. F. SLADE presided at the organ in the morning and Miss HUMPHRY in the evening. The chapel was tastefully decorated with flowers, fruit, and vegetables by the ladies of the church. The services were continued on Thursday, September 12th, when the Rev. Dr. Charles BROWN, D.D., of London, preached at four o'clock to a large congregation. Miss HINKLEY sang a solo. Tea was served by Mrs. WARD, Mrs. J. F. SLADE, Mrs. A. SLADE, Mrs. DENMAN, and Miss DRAKE. Mr. J. P. SLADE presided at the evening meeting, when there was a crowded congregation. Dr. BROWN said being a village boy and having worked on a farm he liked country life. He was especially interested in that village church, as he could re-call four ministers' families. He would like to tell the young people of the guidance and providence of God in his life, and what wonderful opportunities they had to-day to make life better. - The Pastor, Rev. S. R. WARD, proposed a hearty vote of thanks to Dr. BROWN, to Mr. and Mrs. J. F. SLADE for entertaining him, to Miss H. HICKLEY (soloist), and the ladies providing the tea. This was seconded by Mr. A. ADAMS. At the close the flowers, fruit, and vegetables were sold in the School-room by Mr. A. SLADE.


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