Taunton Courier 10 Jun 1936 Trull Death of Mrs Louisa Ellen COLLARD nee OAKE of East View Terrace Trull

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Taunton Courier. Bristol and Exeter Journal and Western Advertiser Wednesday 10 Jun 1936

Page 6 Column 5



Much regret was expressed in Trull and district on Wednesday of last week, when the news that Mrs. L. E. COLLARD, wife of Mr. E. COLLARD, had passed away at their residence, East View-terrace, Trull, at the age of 51 years, was received. Deceased, who had not been well for several months, always took an active and willing interest in all that affected the welfare and social life of the village, serving on many committees and organisations, including the Ladies' Committee of the Trull Sports Club. She was a valued member of the Mothers' Union, and also a regular attendant at the Parish Church. Her death will be mourned by a large circle of friends. She leaves a family of one son and a married daughter.


The interment took place on Monday afternoon, at the Parish Church, amid many manifestations of sympathy and regret, the large congregation in the church being a silent testimony to the respect and affection in which Mrs. COLLARD was held and a recognition for the quiet work she had done for the village. The service was conducted by the Vicar, the Rev. M. L. WINTERTON. The coffin, of unpolished oak, with brass fittings, was engraved:- “Louisa Ellen COLLARD, died 27th May, 1936, aged 51 years,” and on it rested a large cross and wreath of beautiful flowers from the husband and family. Four of deceased's nephews acted as bearers – Messrs. W. TUCK, W. COLLARD, W. OATEN, and M. COLLARD.

Family and other mourners were:- Mr. E. COLLARD (husband), Mr. P. COLLARD (son), Mrs. C. HUMPHRIES (daughter), Mr. and Mrs. W. OAKE (father and mother), Mr. and Mrs. W. COLLARD, Mr. and Mrs. A. OATEN, Mr. and Mrs. F. TOOZE (brothers-in-law and sisters), Mr. and Mrs. E. OAKE (brother and sister-in-law), Mr. and Mrs. G. FOURACRE (brother-in-law and sister-in-law), Mrs. R. COLLARD (mother-in-law), Mrs. W. TUCK, Miss D. COLLARD (nieces), Mr. and Mrs. E. HENSON, Mr. and Mrs. W. HENSON, and Mrs. W. GIBBS (cousins), Mrs. W. SHIRE and Miss E. GRAND (friends). Among the general congregation were Messrs. T. S. PENNY, G. BIRD, E. W. A. GROVES, secretary and treasurer representing the Trull Sports Club; Mrs. T. HARRIS, representing the Mothers' Union; Mrs. G. GOVIER, Mr. D. GOVIER, Mr. and Mrs. T. HUNT, Mrs. S. WEAVER, Mrs. JENKINS, Mr. and Mrs. F. OAKE, Mrs. W. COBBIN, Mrs. BRIDGE, Miss SHIRE, Mrs. PHILLIPS, and many others. There was a large number of beautiful floral tokens of remembrance.

The funeral arrangements were entrusted to Mr. R. J. DOBLE, of Trull.

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<NOTES: Louisa Ellen OAKE daughter of William Charles OAKE and Eliza HAYES, married Edwin COLLARD>