Somerset County Herald 08 Oct 1938 Attempted Suicide Albert Charles BISHOP and Mrs BISHOP of 4 Yarde Place Taunton

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Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier Saturday 08 Oct 1938

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A Taunton husband was before the Borough Bench on Wednesday in connection with a charge of attempted suicide and a separation and maintenance order was made against him on the application of his wife. He was Albert Charles BISHOP, unemployed, and the address of his wife is 4, Yarde Place.

A fortnight ago Mrs. BISHOP applied for a separation and maintenance order against her husband on the grounds of persistent cruelty. Last week BISHOP pleaded guilty to a charge of consuming coal gas with intent to kill himself.


Mr. J. G. SEDDONS, the Court probation officer said BISHOP wished to “make it up” with his wife, but she still refused to have anything to do with him. He was now living with his mother at Cushuish, and she was maintaining him.

Mr. R. W. YOUNG, for Mrs. BISHOP, said the only question for consideration now was the amount. The normal unemployment allowance under a separation order was 10s a week for the wife and 3s for each child. He asked for 10s a week for the wife and 3s a week for each of the five children under 14 years of age.

BISHOP said his normal unemployment allowance would be £2 2s a week.

Mr. D. Crichton MILLER announcing the Bench's decision, said those who were present when the case was first heard decided to grant the separation, as had already been indicated, and agreed to make an order allowing 10s a week for Mrs. BISHOP and 2s 6d a week for each of the five children.


Referring to the case of attempted suicide, which had been adjourned from the previous Court, the Mayor said BISHOP would be bound over for twelve months on condition that he lived with his mother (unless work necessitated his living out of the district), and that he did not go near or interfere with his wife. The wife was to have custody of the children.

BISHOP's mother asked the Bench whether they thought the mother was capable of looking after the children.

Mr. YOUNG pointed out that if BISHOP thought his wife was not capable of looking after the children he could again bring the case before the Court and apply for a variation of the order.

Does that mean,” asked BISHOP, “that I cannot see my children, when I have to pay to keep them?”

Yes, I am afraid it does,” replied the Mayor.

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<NOTES: Albert Charles BISHOP son of Henry George BISHOP and Matilda CHILCOTT, married Elizabeth May or Sis JENKINS

His mother is Matilda CHILCOTT daughter of Charles CHILLCOTT and Anne WILCOX, married Henry George BISHOP and Joseph PHILLIPS>