Taunton Courier 22 Jan 1938 Ile Abbots Funeral Mrs Annie Cornelia DIGHT

Taunton Courier, Bristol and Exeter Journal and Western Advertiser 22 Jan 1938 page 9




Mrs. Annie Cornelia DIGHT, who died at the Taunton and Somerset Hospital on Friday as the result of a fall three months ago, was for many years caretaker of the Council Schools. She was 68 years of age.

The funeral on Tuesday was preceded by a service in the Baptist Chapel, where the body had rested overnight, and was attended by many neighbours and friends. The service was conducted by the Rev. S. R. WARD, and the hymn sung was “The King of Love my Shepherd is.” Mrs. SLADE was at the organ.

Family mourners were:- Mr. and Mrs. PAYNE, Wembdon, son-in-law and daughter; and Messrs. H. J. PAYNE and W. J. PAYNE, grandsons. Owing to illness, Mrs. KITCH (sister) and family of Buckland St. Mary, were unable to be present.

Others who attended were Mrs. A. ADAMS, Mrs. PRING, Mrs. H. ADAMS, Mr. and Mrs. J. MEAR, Mrs. T. ADAMS, Mrs. C. MEAR, Mrs. CLARK, Mrs. W. CLARK, Mrs. J. ADAMS, Mrs. J. HUMPHRY, Mrs. W. DARE, Miss PERRING, Mrs. HOBBS, Mrs. DERRICK, Mrs. Albert ADAMS, Mrs. CROCKER, Miss HUMPHRY (correspondent, representing the Council School Managers), and Miss HUTCHINGS (headmistress of the school).

The bearers were Messrs. A. ADAMS, T. ADAMS, W. CLARK and C. MEAR.

There were numerous beautiful floral tributes, including a wreath from teachers and children of the Council School.

Taunton Courier, Bristol and Exeter Journal and Western Advertiser 22 Jan 1938 page 13




How a sixty-eight-years-old woman broke her leg, which was afterwards amputated, by a simple fall in a neighbour's garden, was described to the West Somerset Coroner, Mr. Geoffrey P. CLARKE, at an inquest at the Taunton and Somerset Hospital on Saturday afternoon.

The woman, Miss Annie Cornelia DIGHT, of Manor-road, Ile Abbots, died in the hospital on Friday – three months after the mishap.

Mrs. Florence Mabel PAYNE, of Ivy Cottage, Wembdon-road, Bridgwater, who gave evidence of identificaion, said deceased told her in hospital after the accident, “My foot gave out and I fell.”

Mrs. Sarah Louisa ADAMS, of Manor-road, Ile Abbots, said Miss DIGHT was her next-door neighbour. She called on witness at about two oclock on October 15th, and asked if the oil man had been; she wanted some methylated spirit. Witness told her he had gone down the road to turn. Miss DIGHT went outside, and a very short time afterwards witness, looking out of the window, saw her in a sitting position at the bottom of the garden path. Witness and her daughter went to her assistance. Miss DIGHT said, “Oh dear, I have hurt my leg.” They helped her to her feet and she fainted.


In reply to the Coroner, Mrs. ADAMS said that when Miss DIGHT left the house she was hurrying a little. Witness thought her foot must have given out; she had a very weak instep. She had frequently stumbled on previous occasions. Witness did not think she tripped over anything. Witness took her indoors and later telephoned for Dr. GLOVER, who advised that she should go to the Taunton and Somerset Hospital.

Dr. A. W. WRAGG, house surgeon at the hospital, said Miss DIGHT told him she was walking in the garden and tripped over. An X-ray examination revealed a fracture of the left tibia and fibula. The broken leg was put in plaster. The heel turned septic and the plaster was removed on October 22nd. From that day Miss DIGHT gradually got worse, and on January 5th the leg had to be amputated. She died on Friday evening. The cause of death was heart failure due to chronic osteomyelitis (infection of the bone), the fracture of the leg being a contributory cause.


In reply to the Coroner, Dr. WRAGG said that Miss DIGHT's general condition was really poor all the way through.

The Coroner said it was quite clear that the fall was accidental, whether Miss DIGHT tripped or whether her leg gave way . Her neighbours did their best to make her comfortable. He recorded a verdict of “Accidental death.” and expressed sympathy with the relatives.


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