The Shepton Mallet Journal 26 Feb 1926 Longevity of the West Death of Mrs Elizabeth ARUNDEL age 104 years Mrs Sarah BROOMFIELD Taunton 102nd Birthday

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Shepton Mallet Journal. City of Wells Reporter, and County Advertiser Friday 26 Feb 1926

Page 2 Column 3


A link with the time of Dickens has been severed by the death at Pickwick, a Wilts hamlet on the Bath road, of Mrs. David ARUNDEL, in her 104th year, who had a lively recollection of the coaches in which the novelist often travelled to and from the West Country, as she lived near the coaching station kept by Moses PICKWICK.

Mrs. Elizabeth ARUNDEL, who would have been 104 in September, was the oldest woman in Wilts, and possessed her faculties perserved to a wonderful degree until the last. She had been confined to her room for some months. She was the widow of the late Mr. David ARUNDEL, for many years coachman to the late Sir Gabriel GALDNEY, and had lived in the same house for 64 years, seeing four reigns.

Mrs. Sarah BROOMFIELD, Taunton's centenarian, who celebrated her 102nd birthday on the 19th, received numerous congratulations and presents from relatives and friends. She lives at Rozeldene, Bishop's Hull Road, and is still in possession of all her faculties.

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