The Somerset County Gazette 03 Nov 1877 Collumpton Petty Sessions DUMMET ROOKLEY FOURACRE

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The Somerset County Gazette and Bristol Express 03 Nov 1877
Page 11 Column 5


PETTY SESSIONS, Monday. - Before Colonel DREWE (in the chair), Messrs. R. N. CLARKE, G. M. MARKER, C. R. COLLINS and T. TURNER.

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PERJURY. - John DUMMET was summoned for committing wilful and corrupt perjury on the 1st October. Mr. TWEED, of Honiton, appeared for the defendant. - Mr. Robert CLARK, farmer, Blackborough, said the defendant was charged with committing perjury, on the 1st October, against him in a case of game trespass in which witness prosecuted, when he said that he went with William ROOKLEY, one of the defendants, to Castle-hill, and that ROOKLEY was with him from six till nine o'clock, when he went and returned, and was with him all the time. Having doubts about the truthfulness of that statement he went to Castle-hill, and on enquiring found that neither William ROOKLEY nor DUMMET had been seen there on that day. Saw DUMMET the day after, and told him that he was not at Castle-hill, and also told him he ought to apologise for what he had said. DUMMET promised to consider the matter, and was to have a fortnight to make up his mind, but as no apology had been tendered the present proceedings were taken, witness having heard that the ROOKLEYS were going to summon him for perjury. - Eliza WESTCOTT said she saw William ROOKLEY on the morning of the 23rd September, at eight o'clock, so that he could not have been at Castle-hill at that time. - After retiring to consider the magistrates gave the complainant the option of adjournment for the production of further evidence if he would consent to bear the expenses; or if he preferred the case would be dismissed, and he could take out a fresh summons if he cared to follow up the matter. - The latter course was adopted, and the summons was dismissed.

DRUNK. - Thomas FOURACRE was summoned for being drunk, at Burlescombe, on the 1st October. Defendant pleaded not guilty. P.C. MILLS proved the case, and defendant was fined 9s., the costs. - William GOUGH was summoned for a like offence, at Collumpton, on the 20th October, and pleading guilty was fined the costs, 9s.

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