The Somerset County Gazette and Bristol Express 13 Jul 1878 Collumpton Petty Sessions ROOKLEY

The Somerset County Gazette and Bristol Express 13 Jul 1878 Page 11


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PETTY SESSIONS, Monday. - Before Messrs. W. C. RAYER, in the chair; T. TURNER and G. M. MARKER.

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WHO PAID FOR THE CIDER? - Henry BAKER summoned James ROOKLEY for 15s. balance of wages. ROOKLEY, however, denied owing BAKER more than one shilling, which he was ready to pay. This case had been adjourned from last meeting. - Plaintiff said he agreed with defendant to work for him at two shillings a day and cider. He made up the amount as follows:- The last week in April defendant owed him 5s. He then worked four days the first week in May and was paid 5s., leaving 3s. owing. The second week he worked five days and was paid 5s., leaving 5s. unpaid. He then went to work on the Monday; that was 2s. more, making a total of 15s., which he demanded. - Defendant said that they agreed to pay for the cider share-and-share alike. BAKER's share of the cider was 14s., which he (ROOKLEY) had kept out of his wages. - Verdict for the plaintiff for the full amount claimed, with costs.

FAMILY QUARREL. - Thomas COOMBE, thatcher, Kentisbeare, was summoned for assaulting Richard RUGG, on the 23rd June. Defendant pleaded guilty. RUGG said there had been a quarrel between them about a family matter, and defendant struck him in the face. Fined 12s., including costs. - Richard RUGG was then charged with being drunk on the 24th June, by Thomas COOMBE. Complainant said he was returning home when he saw his brother-in-law (the defendant) being led home by two persons. He was so drunk that he could not take care of himself. Henry ROOKLEY said he led the defendant home with the wife of defendant, who was also very drunk. He fell down and staggered about the road like anything. For the defence Mrs. RUGG said that she and ROOKLEY led the defendant home for fear COOMBE would kick up a row with them. P.C. DYMOND said, in answer to defendant, that ROOKLEY was not drunk the same night. Fined the costs, 12s. 6d.

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