The Somerset County Gazette Wellington Police Court includes Thomas FOURACRE Carter at Kittisford Barton

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The Somerset County Gazette, Bristol Express, and Devonshire News. 13 Jul 1878

Page 3 Column 2


Before Messrs. S. FOX, in the chair; J. H. FOX, E. B. TYLER, S. DOBREE and V. J. REYNOLDS.

EXCISE. - William ALWAY, thatcher, West Buckland, was summoned for keeping a dog, on the 15th May, without first having a license for the same. The defendant pleaded not guilty. Mr. DAWE, supervisor, Tiverton, conducted the prosecution on behalf of the Crown. - George WOOLLEY, dog inspector for the district, said that on the day in question, as well as on the 13th May, he saw the defendant, who had two dogs in his possession, although he only had a license for one. The defendant said the second dog was given to his wife about Christmas, and he did not think it was six months old. Evidence as to the age of both dogs was given by WOOLLEY, and the magistrates inflicted the mitigated penalty of 25s. - Thomas WOOD, butcher, Wellington, was summoned for having a dog in his possession without having a license for the same on the the 2nd May. The defendant said one of his dogs was getting old and blind, and he got another one for trail, with the intention of destroying the old one – an intention which he actually carried out the evening of the day on which the Inspector called. Fined in the mitigated penalty of 25s., with a recommendation that the penalty should be further reduced to 5s.

PAUPERISM. - George DARE, Culmstock, was summoned for allowing his mother to become chargeable to the common fund of the Wellington Union. - The defendant did not appear, but service was proved by P.C. MUNDY. - Mr. LANE, relieving-officer, proved the chargeability, and produced a letter from DARE promising to pay 1s. per week. - an order was made for this sum.

ILLEGAL HOURS. - Thomas KERSWELL and Albert KERSWELL, of Rockwell Green, were charged with being on licensed premises at the Beam Bridge Inn, on Sunday, 30th June, at five o'clock in the afternoon. - Both defendants pleaded guilty. - Supt. GOLDSMITH said the two KERSWELLS called at the house in question on Sunday afternoon, and called for refreshment as travellers. On this ground they were supplied with beer, and were found by the police-man; hence the charge. - Fined 10s. each, including costs.

PETTY LARCENY. - John MORGAN, Wellington, was summoned for stealing two faggots of wood, value 5d., the property of James TRISTRAM, of Wellington, on the 24th June. - The complainant said that on the morning of the day in question, about half-past four o'clock, he was called up by Richard BLACKMORE. When he went down he found that BLACKMORE had got MORGAN with him, and told him that he had caught the latter with two faggots of his wood. MORGAN asked to be forgiven; he did not know the faggots belonged to complainant; he thought they were the property of Mr. BIRD. (Laughter.) They went back and found the faggots, which were worth 5d.. - Prisoner: More like 2½d. - Richard BLACKMORE gave corroborative evidence. - The prisoner elected to have the case summarily dealt with, and pleaded guilty. - Mr. JEFFRIES, prisoner's employer, made a statement on behalf of MORGAN. - Under the circumstances the magistrates convicted the prisoner, who was ordered to come up for punishment when called for.

Thomas FOURACRE was summoned for leaving his employment without having given proper notice. Damages were laid at 10s. - The defendant pleaded not guilty, and said his employer told him to go. - Mr. Richard CORDWENT, Kittisford Barton, said that the defendant was in his employ as a carter on weekly wages, and was working in the hayfield on the 3rd July. Complainant had reason to find fault with him as to the treatment of one of the horses, and FOURACRE was very saucy. Complainant then said he would not keep defendant much longer, when the latter said he would go at once. On the following morning defendant did not come to his work, but in the evening he came for his week's wages. Two days were kept in hand and that complainant declined to pay, and defendant left his employ. The damages were caused by two horses being kept idle for a day. - The defendant said the complainant told him to go and to “go directly” and reckoned with him, and it was only when he threatened to get a summons for the “lying days” that the complainant got a summons for leaving without notice. - The magistrates were of opinion that there had been a quarrel and misunderstanding, and dismissed the case.


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