The Wells Journal 06 Oct 1944 Mr and Mrs John FOURACRE of 42 West End Street and their Son Bertram James FOURACRE R.A.F. Killed on Active Service in North Africa

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The Wells Journal Somerset and West of England Advertiser Friday 06 Oct 1944

Page 3 Column 4

Mr. and Mrs.. John FOURACRE of 42, West End, Street, have received news that their son, Bertram James FOURACRE, aged 22, of the R.A.F., has been killed on active service in North Africa. After leaving Elmhurst School, he was employed by Messrs Clark, Son and Morland, Ltd., for whom his father and several generations before him have worked.

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<NOTES: Bertram James FOURACRE son of John Emanuel FOURACRE and Frances Fanny SIMPSON-HOLLY
John FOURACRE is John Emmanuel FOURACRE son of William James FOURACRE and Ann APPLEBY, married Frances Fanny SIMPSON-HOLLY>