The West Somerset Free Press 18 Feb 1899 Wiveliscombe Petty Sessions P. RADFORD White Hart Hotel Wivelicombe George FOURACRE Timber Merchant Milverton

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The West Somerset Free Press Saturday 18 Feb 1899

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Before Mr. A. CAPEL (chairman), Mr. G. STAUNTON-WING, Mr. E. L. HANCOCK, and Mr. W. BROWN.

OCCASIONAL LICENSE. - The Bench granted an occasional license to Mr. P. RADFORD, of the White Hart Hotel. Wiveliscombe, on the occasion of a ball at the Town-hall on Thursday, the 16th inst.

ADJOURNED – Henry James WEBB, of the Lion Hotel, Wiveliscombe, was summoned for having his licensed premises open during prohibited hours. viz., at 11.25 p.m. - Henry WATTS, brewer's traveller, and William ARSCOTT, cattle-dealer, both of Wiveliscombe, were also summoned for being on the said premises at the time named – Mr. C. P. CLARKE (Taunton) applied for the adjournment of the cases until the next sessions on account of the indisposition of Mr. WEBB, and produced a doctor's certificate as to the illness of the defendant. - The application was granted.

AFFILIATION. - A case which occupied the attention of the court a long time was that in which Florence APLIN, domestic servant, of Wiveliscombe, summoned George UPHAM, plumber, of Wiveliscombe, to show cause, &c. - Mr. C. P. CLARKE appeared for applicant, and Mr. W. T. BOOKER? (Wellington) represented defendant. - The Bench, after a short consultation, made an order for defendant to pay 2s. 6d. a week until the child is 13, and to pay the costs, amounting to £2 7s.

DRUNKENNESS. - George FOURACRE, timber-merchant, of Milverton, was summoned for being drunk and disorderly at Station-road, Milverton, on January 26th. - Mr. C. P. CLARKE defended. - P C. HOLLARD, of Wiveliscombe, proved seeing defendant coming from the railway-station about eight o'clock on the evening in question. He was very drunk, and was waving his stick and arms, and shouting at the top of his voice. He refused to go home quietly on being requested to do so by witness, and said “he did not care a ---- if he was reported. He had been up before 'the lot' before, and could go again. He had a thousand pounds to speculate.” He was afterwards taken home by a friend. - Cross-examined by Mr. CLARKE, witness said he did not interfere with defendant at the railway-station when he was giving up his ticket, and was not remonstrated with for interfering with him. - John CHAPPELL, baker, of Wiveliscombe, also gave evidence as to the conduct of defendant at the time and place mentioned. - Mr C. P. CLARKE, having stated the case for defendant, called Robert GAMLIN, of Milverton, who stated that the policeman interfered with defendant at the station because he could not find his ticket. When they got to the bridge, defendant went home quietly and was not at all disorderly. Defendant was served with drink after that. Defendant had been drinking, but was not drunk; only excited at the policeman's interference. - In reply to Supt. RICHARDSON, witness said he could not remember what the policeman said to defendant. - James ADDICOTT, also of Milverton, said the policeman went towards defendant at the railway-station, but he could not say whether he spoke to him or not. Defendant was angry at the policeman interfering with him. He was not drunk, although he had been drinking. His conduct was nothing out of the way. - Defendant also gave evidence, saying the policeman spoke to him, but he could not remember what he said. The policeman was waiting for the opportunity of locking him up if he had not his ticket. He was not drunk, but excited at the conduct of the policeman. - Fined, 10s., including costs.

DISMISSED. - James DYTE, labourer, Milverton, was summoned, under the Poaching Prevention Act, for coming from lands in the occupation of Simeon BERRY, at Wiveliscombe, on January 10th, when certain nets, &c., were found on him – James PUGSLEY, a lad, of Milverton, was also summoned for trespassing in search of conies on land in the occupation of Simeon BERRY, at the same time and place. - P.C. BARTLETT deposed that he saw PUGSLEY in a plantation at Croford, and DYTE leaning on a gate close by. PUGSLEY had a dog with him which was covered with mud and dirt. DYTE said he was doing nothing and had nothing in his pockets. On being searched, two nets were found on him, which were dry. DYTE, in reply to a question, said he always carried nets, but afterwards said they belonged to his brother. PUGSLEY gave an excuse for being in the plantation, and said the dog belonged to DYTE. Whilst searching defendant, several men passed with a basket and dogs and when some little distance away called to DYTE telling him not to let witness search him. Defendants had no ferrets, and no game was found on either of them. - By the Bench: When he first saw the dog it was 200 yards from the road. - Mr. G. STAUNTON WING, who took no part in adjudicating upon the case, next gave evidence. He said the land in question was occupied by him as shooting tenant, and he had not given defendants permission to “sport” there. There were rabbits about the land in question. - The defendant DYTE elected to give evidence, and said he was on his way to Fitzhead to meet a friend. In reply to Supt. RICHARDSON, he said he did not know his friend's name except that it was Sam. - The cases were dismissed, the Chairman advising defendants to be careful in the future.

EXTENSION. - On the application of Mr. C. H. LANGHAM, of the Lion Hotel, Milverton, the Bench granted him an extension of one hour on the occasion of the forthcoming cycling club dinner to be held at his house.

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