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The Western Chronicle, Yeovil Friday 25 November 1910
Page 6 Column Various


TEMPERANCE. - On Monday, Mr G. HAYMAN presided over a good audience in the Wesleyan Schoolroom, when a lantern lecture was given by Messrs DICKS and GOODLAND. A number signed the pledge at the close.

MRS C. H. CHARD AT RANGOON. - A cablegram has been received announcing the arrival at Rangoon, India, of Mrs C. H. CHARD, widow of the late Archdeacon CHARD, who for some time was vicar of Hillfarrance, and for another period vicar of this parish. Mrs CHARD has gone to Rangoon to take up missionary work, her late husband having ? as a S.P.G. missionary in Burruah for a considerable period, being appointed Archdeacon of Rangoon and Bishop's Commissioner in 1893. That position he held for a number of years until his return to England. Mrs CHARD is well known throughout the Bath and Wells diocese and in Devonshire on account of her great interest in missionary work, which she sought to further in numerous directions. Her departure from the district is much regretted, and every good wish will follow her in the difficult work she has undertaken in memory of her husband.


WESTERN CHRONICLE” IN SHEPTON BEAUCHAMP. - Any of the inhabitants who would like to be supplied with the Chronicle weekly can have it by applying to Mr. J. SALWAY, Shepton Beauchamp.

C.E.M.S. - at a meeting of the Church of England Men's Society, held on Thursday evening, an interesting address on “Pernicious Literature” was delivered by the Rev. G. G. MONCK, of Stoke-under-Ham.


A LANTERN LECTURE was given in the school on the evening of Nov. 15, on Western Canada, in aid of the Archbishop's Western Canada Fund, by the Rev H. GIBBON, vicar of Isle Brewers. The room was well filled. A series of pictures illustrating the lives and homes of settlers in Saskatchewan was then thrown on the screen. Several slides illustrated the beauties of the Rocky Mountains, while photos were given of native Indians and Eskimos from the North. Mr GIBBON, in the course of his description of the pictures, pointed out that grants are made from the Archbishop's fund to aid in building log churches, and towards the modest pay of the clergy. Many of the clergy, wrapped in furs, on Sundays travelled as much as 40 miles in their sleighs drawn by a couple of broncos, and held perhaps four services in the day. A collection taken at the door amounted to 11s 3d, which has been paid to the Archbishop's Western Canada Fund.


THE AGENT for the sale of the Western Chronicle in this district is Mr H. REED, who will be glad to receive names of intending subscribers to the paper.

ACCIDENT. - On Sunday morning, the son of Mr Thomas BEST, aged about 5 years, was playing with a match and caught his flannelette shirt on fire, and was burnt about the body. Dr. GOMEZ, of South Petherton, was called in and he found that the burns were not so bad as anticipated, but the child received a severe fright. The accident is rather serious, as the lad is unconscious at times.

MISSIONARY MEETING. - On Friday, a sermon was preached by the Rev H. E. GAWDEN, of Yeovil, at 3.45 p.m., when there was a fair congregation present. At 5 o'clock a public tea took place, when about 70 sat down, the following presiding at the trays:- Mrs SATHERLEY, Mrs FURBER, Mrs STENT, Mrs BRADFORD and Mrs GUMMET? At 6.30 the annual missionary meeting was held, when Mr. T. S. BRADFORD, C.C., of Ash, presided, and after a few well-chosen remarks called on the Rev H. BARRACLOUGH, superintendent of the South Petherton Circuit who read the following report of the last year's work, which was of an encouraging character. The amount raised by the Kingsbury juveniles was £27 0s 8d, and was collected by the following:- May BRADFORD, £3 5s; Pollie HOOPER, £2 14s; Dora MALE, £2 12s 7d; Edna MALE, £2 7s 6d; Edith MALE, £1 9s; Edith DUCK, £2 3s; Flossie DUCK, £1 5s; May MANNING, £1 16s; Annie NORRIS, £1 5s 9d; Florence STUCKEY, £1 5s 5d; Beatrice STUCKEY, £1; Ada STUCKEY, £1; Selina LOVELL, £1 5s 2d; Tom PATTEN, £1 3s 6d; Hubert TALBOTT, £1 1s; Percy SATHERLEY, 17s 5d; Bernard JEANES, 10s 4d; total £27 0s 8d; which with the boxes, etc., made a total of £34 2s 9d. The next speaker was the Rev H. E. GAWDEN, of Yeovil, lately returned from India, who spoke at some length of the work done by the Society in India, China, and Japan. At the close a collection was taken, and amounted altogether to £4 0s 2d.


IN AID OF THE COAL CLUBS. - A dance in aid of the above funds took place on Wednesday evening at the Parish Schoolroom. The attendance was fairly good, considering that the weather was anything but propituous for the occasion. Dancing was kept up until 2 a.m.


AN EXCITING INCIDENT. - On Sunday morning, Mr William LOCK and his son Walter, were taking a walk round the moors at Wick, and when passing by the culvert adjoining the railway approach they observed something plunging in the water. This happened to be a full grown otter. Having a jumping pole with them they immediately endeavoured to destroy it, but found it very difficult. Yet by some means they got its head above the water and by the use of a piece of cord, which they placed around its neck, brought it out and strangled it. It weighed just over 17lbs.

SURPRISING VISITOR. - On Saturday morning, Burford Alford, who is employed by Mr John COGGAN, of Lower Wiltown Farm, went to perform his daily duties at Binehills, where Mr COGGAN keeps stock, and which ALFORD has to feed. On entering the barn to get some food for the cattle he observed something moving under the hay, which stood back on one side of the building. Thinking for the moment that it was a rabbit he at once closed the door to capture it. But on disturbing it a badger sprung up with full force, and on finding it could not get out became rather fierce. ALFORD immediately secured a pickfork which was standing close at hand, but found, great difficulty in destroying the animal.


FOOTBALL MATCH. - Fivehead v. Taunton Depot. - A good match between the above teams took place on Saturday, which resulted in a win for the homesters by three goals to nil, scored in the first half. The visitors made every effort in the second half to score, but failed. This was one of the best games witnesses in the neighbourhood this season. The Fivehead team are to be congratulated on having accomplished several wins this season. Mr W. DYER, of Curry Rivel was the referee.

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