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The Western Chronicle, Yeovil Friday 07 Apr 1916

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EGGS FOR THE WOUNDED. - Miss B. M. THOMAS last week received and forwarded 35 dozen and five eggs for the sick and wounded from Langport and adjacent parishes.

LENT. - The usual weekly Lent service was held at the Parish Church on Thursday. The service was conducted by the Vicar, the Rev. D. M. ROSS, and an excellent sermon on “Thy will be done” was preached by the Vicar of Long Sutton, the Rev. J. M. SKITTERY.

LOCAL TRIBUNAL. - A meeting of the Langport Tribunal was held at the Union Workhouse on Thursday. - There were present the Rev G. de Y. ALDRIDGE (in the chair), Capt. G. H. PHIPPS-HORNBY, Messrs. J. T. KNIGHT, F. S. TAYLOR, R. E. MUNCKTON, J. S. TAYLOR, and S. BRISTER, with Mr T. G. COGGAN, military representative, Mr E. Q. LOUCH, clerk, and Mr F. BURNINGHAM, assistant clerk. - Mr T. S. PALMER, cabinet maker and upholsterer, and furniture remover, Langport, applied for his man, A. J. CLARK, 33, married, who was the only man he had left. He had lost three men owing to the war and would not have appealed if it were not absolutely necessary. - Application refused. - Mr W. F. GENT, farmer, Aller, single, 37, appealed. He had served in the Imperial Yeomanry in the South African War. - Conditionally exempted. - Mr E. TAPSCOTT?, Henley, applied for his carter, S. LAVIS, married, 20. - Conditionally exempted. - Mr CULLIFORD, Highbrooks, Long Sutton, appealed for his carter and cowman, Jessie BENNETT, married. This case was also exempted by the military, but refused by the Local Tribunal. - Application refused. - Jno. BARNARD, farmer and innkeeper, Westport, 29, married, appealed and was granted conditional exemption. - Mr G. D. TEMPLEMAN appealed for his milker, Job GLOVER, 37, married, his carter, W. H. CLEALL, 29, married, and his herdsman, Geo. BUNSTONE, 37, married. Before the war he had 22 men and boys, now he had 15 on a very large dairy and general farm. - Conditional exemptions were granted for GLOVER and BUNSTONE, but the application for CLEALL was refused. - Mr E. J. DINHAM, farmer, Upton, appealed for his carter, A. G. RICHARDS, single, 28, and his quarry haulier, W. WHITE, single, 28. Both applications refused. - The military authorities appealed against the exemption of H. BOWN, carter, in the employ of Mr. F. W. BURROUGH, Oath. - The Chairman pointed out that the case had been before them twice before; the first time he was starred and the second time was conditionally exempted, and the Central Tribunal agreed to both decisions. - The Chairman: It rests with the military to bring fresh facts before the Tribunal, and as they have not done so, their application will be refused. - Mr C. BARBER, Henley, smallholder, asked leave for appeal for the exemption of his son, H. V. BARBER, age 19, the only child. The time for appeal had passed. The Tribunal retired and on return refused permission to appeal. Mrs BARBER (bursting into tears): My son, you will take our only child. God have mercy on you, sir, when you appear before the great Tribunal. As she was led out of the room, shrieking, by her husband, Mr BRISTER: That'll do, my good woman. A painful scene took place in the hall. Mrs BARBER going into violent hysterics. - The following had been granted absolute exemption by the military, but the Tribunal made them conditional: Messrs C. BRISTER, wheelwright, 30, Hambridge; J. W. SEARLE, 35?. grocer, E. H. CANVIN, 27, farmer, G. H. R. HAINES, 24, farmer, Somerton; William WYATT, 32, farmer, Kingweston; J. ATTWELL, carter, Kingsdon; H. T. BROWN, 39, seedsman, N. F. PITTARD, 37, builder and contractor, Langport; A. G. SIMS, farm carter, Charlton Mackrell; H. J. NORRIS, waterworks caretaker, Lytes Carry. The military exempted A. FRAMPTON, Barton St. David, until June 1st, but the Tribunal refused to grant exemption.

SOMERSET APPEAL TRIBUNAL, Saturday. - The Hon. W. B. LINDLEY, presided. - The following local appeals were heard: Mr James LARCOMBE, farmer, of Pitney, Langport, appealed on behalf of his carter, Bert MAYLED. Applicant said that he had 20 acres to crop, and MAYLED was the only help he had. - In answer to questions, applicant said casual labour could not be obtained. - Exempted for six months. - Henry John RICHARDS, a quarry-man and smallholder, of Upton, Long Sutton, appealed on his own behalf. - Owing to the wet weather he had not been able to complete the cropping of six acres of his land, and he asked for time to do this work. - One month granted. - Application on behalf of the brother of the previous appellant, Arthur James RICHARDS, was made by his employer. Edwin COX, road contractor, of Upton, Long Sutton. - Mrs COX wrote saying that owing to illness Mr COX was unable to attend. - The case was adjourned for 14 days. - James LLOYD, farmer and nurseryman, of The Hill, Langport, appealed on behalf of his son, Tom LLOYD, who had charge of the stock on a scattered farm. - Applicant, who was represented by Mr J. A. MAYO, in answer to questions, said he was frequently ill, and his son was the only person he could depend upon. - His other workmen were over military age. - Mr Thomas LLOYD gave corroborative evidence. - Conditional exemption granted. - Messrs W. KELWAY & Sons, seed growers, of Langport, appealed on behalf of James EASTMENT, a warehouseman in their vegetable seed department. He had been trained to the work since he left school eight years ago. - Exempted until May 14th. - Francis BOWN, of Pitney, Langport, appealed on his own behalf, the claim being made on the ground that he was a carter and a ploughman. His father and himself were the only workmen on a holding of over 60 acres, 36 of which were arable. Exemption for one month. - Application on behalf of Ernest TAPSCOTT was made by his father, Alfred E. TAPSCOTT, Henley, High Ham. Applicant, who had one son in the Army, said he was unable to work himself, and if his son had to join the Colours he had no-one to crop the land or do anything on the farm. - Conditional exemption. - Wilfred Blackmore GENT, of Middle Lambrook Farm, South Petherton, appealed on the ground that he was a shepherd and had sole charge of 300 acres. He asked if he could not be given a conditional exemption, that he should be given an extension until the sheep could be “fatted out.” Two months' exemption. - Mr E. W. BROWN, baker, confectioner, and miller, of Bow Street, Langport, appealed for the exemption of two employees, Herbert GLOVER (25), miller's carter, and Clement Tom HILL (19), foreman baker, on the ground that they were indispensably employed in certified occupations. - Conditional exemption in the case of GLOVER. The appeal for HILL was dismissed. - Albert Edward Joseph OPEN, a farm hand and cowman, employed by Mr Charles WOODMAN, of Henley, High Ham, as general manager on his small holding; the appellant is the step-son of his employer, who is unable to do any work, and appellant's parents are entirely dependent upon his services. - Exempted until May 14th. - Mr Anthony WEBB, of Wood Farm, Pitney, applied on behalf of Anthony Austin WEBB, 20, without whom, he stated, the farm could not be managed. - One month granted. - Albert Charles WOOLY, 29, of Midelney Farm Drayton, a stockman in the employ of his father, asked for an extension until the end of June in order to dispose of his affairs. - Exempted until June 14th. - Application on behalf of Percy ORAM (unattested), of Henley, High Ham, was made by his father, who said he was unable to work himself. The son managed a small farm of six acres, upon which they depended for a living. He also helped other farmers when needed. - Fourteen days' exemption.

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