The Western Chronicle 03 May 1918 Yeovil Rural Tribunal includes Gilbert G. MALE of Martock and Thomas W. POWELL of Shepton Beauchamp

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The Western Chronicle, Yeovil Friday 03 May 1918

Page 4 Column 5


MONDAY. - The Chairman (Mr W.. H, SLADE) presided. Colonel W. MARSH and Mr F. W. MAYO represented the National Service authorities. - The Chairman said they were glad to see their old friend Colonel MARSH once more with them restored to health. - Colonel MARSH thanked the Chairman, remarking that he was now better.

During the hearing of one case, a member stated that the appellant was a small, diminutive lad with squint and flat feet. He did not think he was quite compos mentus. - Colonel TRASK: When a person described a man as not quite compos mentus to a German tribunal the Chairman said: Our Crown Prince is like that. (Laughter.) You must go. - Colonel MARSH: May I ask, after the description of this lad, that he be given conditional exemption, subject to his never getting married. (Laughter.)

With regard to Ernest PERRY, 36, grocer, of Preston, whose case had been adjourned pending medical examination, appellant stated that he had been placed in the same grade as before – Grade ii. He produced a certificate from a local doctor, obtained that morning, and, in face of this, the Tribunal decided to again send him before the Medical Board.

Other cases were as follow:- R. A. SARGENT, 22, single, passed A., of Ash, aeroplane erector, of Messrs Petters (appealing on the ground of domestic hardship), dismissed, not to be called for 14 days; Charles GILLARD, 38, married, Bii., shoeing smith (Mr POMEROY, Barwick), September 1st; Edward BARNES, 35, married, Grade iii., shoeing smith, Ilchester (whose appeal was supported by Mr. H. E. HIGDON, president of the Yeovil and District Farriers' Association), adjourned pending a letter on the case from the War Agricultural Committee; Arthur GRANT, 19, single, Grade i. wheelwright, &c., in the employ of Mr WHITE, Marston Magna, dismissed; Gilbert G. MALE, 27, married, Bi., foreman, Martock, and Gilbert J. LEWIS, 38, married, Bi., head clerk at South Petherton, both in the employ of Mr H. HEBDITCH, were given to June 1st and September 1st respectively; with regard to George W. TUCKER, 18, single, Grade ii. (Messrs Sibley & Sons, Martock), whose exemption was supported by the War Agricultural Committee on the ground that he was repairing motor tractor, but who had been debadged under the new regulations, the Tribunal decided to recommend to the authorities that the exemption should be allowed to continue until June 1st. - The military appealed for the review of the conditional exemption of Francis J. SIBLEY, 35, married, Grade ii., engineer, &c., of Martock, and the Tribunal cancelled the conditional exemption and gave him until September 1st; Thomas W. POWELL, 41, married, Bii., shoeing smith, Shepton Beauchamp, adjourned pending a letter from the War Agricultural Committee; Fredk. G. STEVENS, 37, married, Bii., and Charles H. S. STEVENS, 42, single, Cii., both of South Petherton, September 1st; Wilfred T. FRANCIS, 18, single, farm hand, Tintinhull, dismissed; Seymour GOULD, 34, married, A., sail maker, conditional exemption so long as protection certificate exemption so long as protection certificate remains in force; Arthur Wm. STEVENS, 40, married, Bii., farmer, September 1st; Frank PAYNE, 18, single, groom-gardener, Martock, dismissed; Albert E. HUNT, 39, married, glove manufacturer, now rejected; Wm. ALLFORD, 35, married, A., schoolmaster, Odcombe (the Rector and Mr E. HODDER), case adjourned to June 30th, every effort to be made in the meantime to obtain a substitute.

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