The Western Chronicle 11 Aug 1918 Barrington Church Anniversary includes W. FAULKNER and his Brother Grandsons of Mr MALE

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The Western Chronicle, Yeovil Friday 11 Aug 1918

Page 2 Column 1


CHURCH ANNIVERSARY. - The Wesleyan Church of this village held its anniversary on Sunday and Monday last. Rev H. F. BARKER, of Ilminster, conducted the services on the afternoon and evening of the former day, when there were good congregations, that in the evening filling the church. On the Monday afternoon Mr BARKER again conducted a service, at which many attended, including friends from Ilminster, Ilton, Kingsbury and Martock. A tea followed over which the ladies of the church presided. Mr EDMONDS, of Ilminster, presided over the annual meeting which followed. After the opening hymn and prayer by Mr BECK, Mr BARKER, on behalf of the treasurer, read the yearly statement, which was of a very satisfactory character, showing a good balance in hand. Revs E. Hardy SCOTT, H. F. BARKER and the Chairman gave addresses. Scout W. FAULKNER and his brother (Mr MALE's grandsons) delightfully sang a duet. The former afterwards read a letter from an absent well-wisher, who enclosed a subscription to the funds. Mr BECK voiced the thanks of the church to the special preacher, Chairman, visitors and ladies for their services in making the anniversary a success. Mr. F. BRISTER presided at the organ. The proceedings closed with the National Anthem and the Benediction.

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