The Western Chronicle 23 Aug 1918 Yeovil Rural District Tribunal includes James A. W. MALE South Petherton

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The Western Chronicle, Yeovil Friday 23 Aug 1918

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MONDAY. - Mr W. H. SLADE (chairman, Mr C. KENT-FRANCIS (National Service representative).

With regard to the cases of Robert WILLIAMS, Yeovil Without, hay buyer (Messrs Paul & Co., Martock) and of James A. W. MALE, South Petherton, plaited cord maker, the National Service representative agreed to three months' conditional exemption, which was granted.

The Area Law Advisory Committee having recommended the exemption of F. E. HARDING, South Petherton, solicitor's clerk (Mr H. R. POOLE), as he was a skilled clerk essential to the business, six months' exemption was granted.

The case of Wm. Bernard DRAKE (43), single, Grade 1, web manufacturer, of West Coker, was dismissed, it being understood that a protection certificate was being granted.

Mr Kent FRANCIS said that men of the new military age were not now being pressed for. He suggested that they be granted temporary exemption till called. He could not say whether that would be three weeks or three months, but they would have the right of appeal within seven days of their being called. - The Tribunal assented, the Chairman saying that this was a most satisfactory arrangement.

The National Service Department asked for the review of the certificate granted to Dennis WALSH (30), single, Grade 2, creamery manager (Messrs Aplin & Barrett). - Mr Kent FRANCIS said that the man was in Grade 2 and young and should apparently have been in the Army. Could not a man of older age do the work? - Mr E. D. MARDEN said that the man was making a thousand gallons of milk a day and the Food Department were pressing them for as much cheese as possible. It was almost impossible to get a substitute and he doubted if an older man could do the work. The man held an important position with them. The firm had done its level best to do all they could to release men for the Army. Mr MARDEN said the man was an Irishman and they thought it would not be necessary to appeal for him. - The Clerk said that conditional exemption was granted in 1916. - The conditional certificate was withdrawn and temporary exemption for a month granted, Mr MARDEN being asked to make every endeavour to get a substitute.

The conditional exemption of Edwin OLD, married, Grade 1 (37), Preston Plucknett, master baker, was also reviewed. - Mr Kent FRANCIS quite realised that baking was a certified occupation, but he hoped to prove that the man would be better serving in the Army. - Respondent said that the only help he had was three girls and “an old man” of 56 years. The man could not carry on the business by himself; he was the only baker in Preston Plucknett and his business lay chiefly in the surrounding villages. - Conditional exemption withdrawn and temporary exemption for two months granted, respondent being told that he must make arrangements for carrying on.

Albert WHITLOCK, Montacute, staker and wheeler (41), married; John WOODMAN, Martock, trench mitts cutter (47), married, Grade 2; and Thomas READ, Tintinhull, glove stainer (36), married, Grade 1, all employed by Messrs Southcombe & Sons, had been recommended for six months' exemption by the Glovers' Advisory Committee. - The Tribunal agreed to the recommendation. - Questions were asked as to how it was that a Grade 1 man in the glove trade was exempt and a Grade 1 baker was objected to. - Mr Kent FRANCIS said that they had accepted the Advisory Committee's report, as he was bound to do so. He pointed out to the Committee that he was Grade 1 and asked if they could take steps to release him. - Mr H. B. RING said that he did not say that this man was not wanted, but this was a glove maker and the other a master baker. - The Chairman: I don't like it; it is not fair. We have just sent a man of the same age after grave consideration. - Mr RING: Other manufacturers are not organised. Mr Kent FRANCIS said that if the baker wrote to the Food Control Committee and they assented to the support of the application, he would agree. - Mr W. G. GIFFORD said that he agreed with Mr RING, but there was an agreement between the Contracts Department and the manufacturers and under the arrangement Tribunals had no jurisdiction. Personally he though Tribunals were the best people to judge in this case. As Mr RING pointed out a Grade 1 man of 36 remained at home and another of 36 went into the Army. It was out of the hands of the Tribunal. As a practical glover, he knew it would be impossible for Messrs SOUTHCOMBE to carry on without this man, but still there was the difficulty and the injustice. - Mr J. G. VAUX said that looking at it as an outsider it would seem that a master baker was more important than a glover. - Mr Kent FRANCIS said that it was an error to suppose that the matter was outside the jurisdiction of the Tribunal. His hands were tied because of the recommendation of the Advisory Committee following the agreement. But the Committee's decision was only a recommendation and the Tribunal could take their advice or not. - Mr GIFFORD asked Mr Kent FRANCIS why some glovers' firms got protection certificates and others did not. - Mr Kent FRANCIS said he did not know; he had enough sins of National Service to answer for without this. (Laughter.) - Mr GIFFORD said that there was one Yeovil factory where men had protection certificates and others had not. - The Chairman said that they had given their decision in the case, otherwise in the light of what they had heard he should have been in favour of giving this man two months.

In regard to the cases of Chas. GAYLARD, Montacute (49), married, Grade 2, and Benjamin BEST, Chiselborough (47), married, Grade 1, both roadmen in the employ of the Rural District Council, Mr Leonard CAPLEN (the surveyor) said that it had been agreed that on the men volunteering as war work volunteers they would be assigned to their present occupations. - The cases were dismissed pending enrolment. - In the case of E. A. MATRAVERS (33), single, of North Perrott, dairyman, he having been Graded 2, was given three months' exemption.

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