The Western Gazette 17 Dec 1864 Wiveliscombe Burial of the Three Eldest Children of Mr W. LANSDOWNE of Deep Leigh Inn Sarah Mary William

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The Western Gazette. Saturday 17 Dec 1864

Page 3 Column 2


RAVAGES OF SCARLATINA. - Hundreds of the inhabitants of this little town assembled on Friday to view the distressing and mournful spectacle of the burial of the three eldest children of Mr. W. LANSDOWNE, of Deep Leigh Inn. The children were aged respectively – Sarah, 7; Mary, 5; William, 3 years of age; and all fell victims within two days to that fatal epidemic which had been raging in the town for the whole of the past season (scarlatina). There is scarcely a house but has received this fearful visitor, which has left many poor children with miserable ghastly looks. A few flowers were sprinkled by affectionate hands, amid the sobs of all around, on the three little coffins, as they lay abreast of each other in one grave.

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