The Western Gazette 21 Dec 1866 Somerton Petty Sessions includes Lydia FOURACRE selling Cider without a License

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The Western Gazette Friday 21 Dec 1866

Page 7 Column 3 & 4


A second letter on Penny Readings from “A.B.”, and one or two communications from other quarters, shall be inserted in our next. The length of our reports of the great Colliery Accidents and the Somerset Assizes causes us to be much pressed for space this week.

PETTY SESSIONS, Monday, 17th December. - Present – F. H. DICKINSON, William PINNEY, and William NEAL, Esqrs. - SELLING CIDER WITHOUT A LICENSE. - AN OLD OFFENDER. - Lydia FOURACRE, of Picks Hill, in the parish of High Ham, was summoned for that she, on the 30th November last, did sell and retail three pints of cider to one Louisa MARTIN, not having an Excise retail license in force, authorising her so to do. The defendant did not appear, and the case was heard in her absence. Fined £5, including costs, or two months at Taunton, which no doubt she will prefer. - Mary Anne EDWARDS, of Charlton Adam, summoned her affectionate husband, Joseph EDWARDS, a butcher, for giving her two black eyes, on the 8th of December inst. The plaintiff stated that her husband came home drunk on the night in question, and commenced abusing her, and finally ended by giving her two black eyes, and she assured their Honors that she “bled like a pig,” which no one there seemed to doubt (for she is a very corpulent lady). The defendant, in reply, said that his wife was a great tyrant. He had never any peace of his life, and he would challenge her against any man then in the room to fight her. No man there accepted the challenge. Adjourned for further evidence. - Thomas VIGARS, of Long Sutton, was summoned for non-payment of poor-rates. Ordered to pay his share. - Joseph WILLIAM, of the same place, inn-keeper, was summoned for non-payment. Settled out of court. - Jonas ATWELL and Joseph WALLIS were brought up on remand, and John GOODEN, who had been taken in the meantime, all of Compton Dundon, labourers, charged with night poaching, on 3rd Dec., in the parish of Compton Dundon, on land in the occupation of John BREWER, and violently assaulting the gamekeeper. Committed to the next Assizes, bail being granted to WALLIS and GOODEN, in £50 each, and two sureties in £25 each. Bail not being forthcoming for ATWELL (who is a notorious character, and convicted on two previous occasions), he was committed to Taunton.


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