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The Western Gazette and Flying Post Friday 06 Sep 1867

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The anniversary of the Bible Christian Chapel in this place was celebrated on Sunday and Monday last. On Sunday, three excellent sermons were preached, in the morning and evening by Miss POTTER, of Exeter; in the afternoon by the Rev. W. J. BULL, of Curry Rivel. The attendance at each service was good; in the evening, many were unable to gain admittance. On the Monday, at three o'clock, Miss POTTER preached a sermon, to a very attentive congregation, from the words, “Son, remember.” At half-past four, a public tea was provided, which was well attended. At half-past six o'clock, a public meeting was held. After a hymn had been sung, the Rev. E. ROGERS offered prayer. Mr. DYER was called to the chair, and gave a short but appropriate speech. Addresses were delivered by Miss POTTER, the Revs. W. J. BULL, R. P. TABB, J. CHING, and Mr. ENGLAND. The doxology being sung, the Rev. R. P. TABB closed the service with prayer.


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PETTY SESSIONS, Friday. - Before T. B. UTTERMARE, Esq., W. BLAKE, Esq., and Capt. RABAN. --

Mary BAKER, of Ilminster, was summoned by Alfred HUTCHINGS for an assault. The parties are neighbours, and a row had taken place between them respecting the use of a pump from which both had to obtain water, when it was alleged that defendant spat in complainant's face. Case dismissed. – Henry WEAVER, of Curry Rivel, was summoned for releasing a horse which had been impounded by A.S. YELLAN. It appeared that the horse was locked in the pound, but defendant broke the lock and released the animal. Fined £1, including costs. - David PATTEN, road-contractor, who did not appear, was summoned for allowing a donkey to stray, on August 13, at Westport. P.C. JENNINGS proved the case, and said he had previously cautioned defendant. Fined 11s; to be committed for seven days in default. - Harriet OTTERY, of Ilminster, was summoned by Alfred HUTCHINGS for an assault. The parties live near each other, and had not been friendly for a long time. It was stated that defendant pushed complainant's daughter away from the pump one Sunday morning, and when he interfered she threw a quantity of water over him. Louisa POOLE was called to prove that complainant was the aggressor. She said complainant used foul language, threatened to strike her, and threw a quantity of water into defendant's crock. Complainant declared that Mrs. POOLE was not present when the assault took place; but she emphatically asserted that she was. Case dismissed. - Sandford MALE, of Barrington, was summoned by Alfred MALE, a lad about 14 years of age, for assaulting him. Complainant was ordered to look after a plum tree belonging to his master, which overhung a path. Defendant's daughter, Hester MALE, passed along the path and picked up some plums which had fallen. Complainant then struck her several times, and she ran off to her father to complain of the treatment she had received. He at once went to complainant, and struck him two or three blows with a stick. The magistrates informed complainant that he ought not to hav <sic> struck the girl, and dismissed the case. - Vincent MALE was summoned for assaulting Elizabeth MALE, of Barrington. It appeared that some unpleasantness took place between complainant's husband and defendant. Complainant interfered, and was knocked about very severely, having her eyes and face much bruised. She became insensible, and still bore the marks of the ill-treatment she had received. The defence was that there was a struggle between complainant's husband, Vincent MALE, and defendant, that Mrs. MALE received the blows whilst she was trying to put a stop to it, and that it was quite possible that they were inflicted by her husband. Fined 2s 6d, and 9s costs, or 7 days' imprisonment in default. - Mr. UTTERMARE, overseer of Isle Abbots, was summoned by Mr. WARREN, clerk to the Langport Union, for non-payment of contributions to the Union. He said he had not collected the rates, as Mr. EDWARDS, his fellow overseer, had refused to do his share of the work by collecting in the tything of Stewley. Mr. EDWARDS said he had objected to act because he had done so a short time previously. He did not attend the vestry meeting when he was appointed, as it was four miles from his house to the church, and whenever he went there to say anything he was always told to sit down, and had no voice in the management of affairs. Owing to some slight informality in the proceedings, the case was adjourned until next court, but Mr. EDWARDS was advised to pay the money in the meantime. – William RUSS, 13 years old, and James MALE, 7, were summoned by Mr. James BARNARD, of West Lambrook, for killing a cat. MALE said RUSS asked him to keep back the cat, to enable him to catch her. As he was trying to do so, she ran towards him and he struck her on the head with a stick and killed her. RUSS was fined 10s and MALE 5s. Allowed three weeks to pay; to be committed for a week in default of payment. – Louisa WEBB, of Ilminster, was summoned for assaulting P.C. PURNELL, on Aug. 6. Mr. PAULL defended. Complainant said he was sent for to go to defendant's house, as she was drunk and was creating a disturbance. When he got there he heard defendant crying “Murder.” He went into the house and found that she was lying down in the stairs and her son was holding her by the throat. He interfered, and, as soon as the lad let go his hold, defendant abused complainant and struck him. Emanuel STREET corroborated complainant's statement. The defence was that Mrs. WEBB's eldest son had taken away some books and tools, and she was chastising him when the policeman entered. Mr. PAULL contended that the policeman had no right to enter the house, and alleged that he used unnecessary violence whilst he was there, but this was denied. Defendant was fined 2s 6d, and 6s 6d costs. – Joshua WEBB was summoned for allowing a donkey to stray on the highway at Isle Brewers, on July 26. Sergt. YELLEN proved the case. Fined 2s 6d and 6s 6d costs. Allowed a fortnight to pay. –- Edward BRAY was summoned for allowing a horse to stray at Curry Rivel, on August 10th. The case was proved by P.C. WHITE. Fined 2s 6d and 8s 6d costs. – Jacob GOTHARD was fined 2s 6d and 6s 6d costs, for allowing a donkey to stray at Curry Rivel. P.C. WHITE proved the case. – Samuel MARSH, of Swell, was summoned by Chas. HARWOOD for leaving his employ, on Aug. 14, without giving proper notice. Defendant said he had finished the work he had undertaken to do. It appeared that defendant been hired as a weekly servant, but that complainant had afterwards put him on job-work. The magistrates held that the first hiring had been annulled, and dismissed the case. – Simeon CLARKE was summoned by Simeon PINKARD for leaving his employ. Defendant and another man undertook to clean some swedes, but, on July 31st, CLARKE left the work and went harvesting. As his mate, John MASTERS, had nearly completed the work, and was still engaged upon it, the case was dismissed. – Enos TRASK, labourer, of Watergore, was summoned by Elizabeth BROWN to show cause, &c. Defendant had admitted the paternity to Sarah Jane CHAMBERLAIN, and he also admitted it in court. Ordered to pay 1s 6s a week. – Edwin DOBLE, labourer, of Buckland St. Mary, was brought up in custody, for being drunk and disorderly at Ilminster, on Aug. 29th. Supt. EVERITT proved the case. Defendant was very disorderly at the George TAP, and Mr. EVERITT was sent for. When he requested him to go home he declined to do so and became very violent. Fined 5s. – John WALE was summoned by Mary Ann VICKERY to show cause, &c. Mr. PAULL appeared for complainant, and Mr. JOLLIFFE for defendant. The case has twice previously been before the Chard Bench, and on the last occasion it was dismissed for want of sufficient evidence. Applicant formerly lived at Cudworth, and defendant resided in the same house. The additional evidence was to the effect that defendant had, in the course of conversation, admitted his intimacy with complainant. In cross-examination by Mr. JOLLIFFE, complainant admitted that she had been intimate with a man named WILLS previous to her acquaintance with defendant. A number of witnesses were called to disprove complainant's evidence. After a long hearing, the Bench made an order of 1s 9d per week. Mr. JOLLIFFE gave notice of appeal.

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