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The Western Gazette Wednesday 09 November 1888
Page 7 Column Various


SCHOOL REPORT. - The Diocesan report of the Dowlish Wake National School shows that good work has again been done. The following is a copy of the Inspector's report:- “It is always a pleasure to visit the school. As usual, the repetition was full and accurate, the answering was general an intelligent, and the written work was neatly and well done. It is in all respects an excellent school.”


THE VICARAGE OF FIVEHEAD-CUM-SWELL. - The Dean and Chapter of Bristol have conferred the living of Fivehead, vacant by the death of the Rev. R. W. LAMBERT, on the Rev. Arthur E. HILL, B.A., T.C.D,. who has been, since 1883, curate of St. Matthew's Moorfields, near Bristol. The living is returned as worth, gross, £357 per annum, with a house, and has been held by the late Mr. LAMBERT, who was a member of a well-known Bristol family, since 1840.


METEOROLOGICAL. - Ilton Vicarage. - Summary of meteorological observations during the month of October, 1888:- Barometer – Average reading reduced to sea level and 32 degrees Fahr., 30.12 inches. Thermometers, in screen average – maximum, 57.4; minimum 39.9; mean temperature, 48.6; on grass – average minimum, 38.1. Rainfall – 1.37 inches; 0.1 or more of rain fell on 14 days, the heaviest fall, viz., 0.56, being on the 29th. The rainfall for the year 1888, to the end of October, is 23.46 inches.


COURT LEET. - On Wednesday last, the ancient Court Leet and Court Baron of Mr. William WYNDHAM was holden <sic> at the New Inn, before Mr. B. LOVE, steward, to appoint jurymen to serve in the said Court.

VOLUNTEER INSPECTION. - Adjutant FOWNES, accompanied by Captain C. FOLEY and Lieut. LOUCH, visited this village on Monday, Oct. 29th, for the purpose of inspecting eight recruits who have lately joined the H company. After putting them through several movements, the inspecting officer expressed himself very well satisfied. At the close, the recruits, together with other members of the contingent, were invited to take refreshments at the Wyndham Arms by the Captain. Before separating hearty cheers were given for the Captain and the Lieutenant


SCHOOL INSPECTION. - On Tuesday last, the Rev. Prebendary ROE, Diocesan Inspector, held his annual inspection of the Church of England School here, and the managers have since received the following very excellent report, which is not only most gratifying to the parishes from which the children attend, but highly creditable to Mr. and Mrs. TINLEY, who have had charge of the school for the past six years:- “The infant group surpassed even the marked success of several previous years. Their repetition was a model of simplicity and thoroughness, and their answering was very good indeed. Similarly praiseworthy results have to be recorded of the work of the elder children, whose intelligent answering, careful repetition and exceptionally good written exercises, demand special commendation.”


LECTURE ON IRELAND. - On Thursday evening, Nov. 1st, Mr. T. F. FERRIER, the well known lecturer to working men, gave an interesting address on Ireland and Home Rule in the School-room (kindly lent by the Committee). The chair was taken by Mr. James LEAN, at 7.30, by which time the School-room was densely packed. The Chairman referred to the approaching election in January for the County Councils, and hoped that political party lines would not be followed, but that the best men of all classes, magistrates, manufacturers, farmers, &c., would be elected. A Council thus elected would command the confidence of all. Mr. FERRIER then gave a long and interesting address and placed on the canvas some fine views of Irish scenery. He was listened to thoughout with much pleasure, many of his political hits meeting with rounds of applause. At the close a hearty vote of thanks was given to the lecturer, and also to the Chairman, and Committee for the use of the School-room. The meeting closed with cheers and the singing of the National Anthem.


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