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The Western Gazette and Flying Post Friday 05 Nov 1869
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The new billiard and bowling rooms at the George Hotel were opened last week with a public supper. The rooms are nicely fitted up.

Miss Emma STANLEY gave her celebrated entertainment, entitled “The Seven Ages of Woman,” on Thursday night, at the George Hotel Assembly Room. The audience was unfortunately small.

COUNTY COURT. Saturday. - Before C. SAUNDERS, Esq. - Thomas HUISH v. Joseph SUMMERS, carpenter. Defendant did not appear. 11s 9d for boots. Judgment for plaintiff; to be paid in a month. - John HARDIMAN v. Isaac BARRETT, labourer. 6s, balance due for boots. Judgement by default; to be paid in two instalments. - J. HARDIMAN v. R. LARCOMBE. 12s 2d for boots. Judgment by default; to be paid in a month. - Abraham DURHAM v. Mark DAVIE, labourer. 13s 11d, for grocery, &c. Judgment by default, for 2s a month. George BACKALLER, baker, v. Thomas STREET, labourer. £1 9s 2d, for bread. Order for 4s a month. - Same v. Susan LUMBER. £1 10s, balance for bread. Judgment by default; 4s a month. - Thomas BERRY v. William GRANT. £1 6s 11d, for shop goods. Judgment by default; 5s a month. - James JEFFREY v. John BRINSTER. 13s 9d, for rent. Defendant had been previously sued for possession of a cottage, and an order of ejectment was granted. Defendant then owed £1 1s 3d, but had paid 7s 6d on account. Mrs. JEFFREY said the cottage was let for 1s 6d a week, but as defendant would not leave, the rent was doubled; the rent amounted to 15s. He was also charged 5s for manure illegally removed from the premises, and 1s 3d for two panes of glass broken. Mrs. JEFFREY said defendant damaged the house so much that it cost £5 to put it in repair. Defendant said that was untrue. He spent a considerable sum in keeping the house in repair. His Honour gave judgment for 10s; order for 4s a month. - George BACKALLER v. Job MILLER, £1 1s for bread. Plaintiff said he had asked defendant for the money, and his reply was “I'll give thee a smack in thee head, if that'll pay; and I'll give it to thee if thee ever ask var it again.” Defendant did not appear, and his Honour made an order for 3s a month. - Henry BATTEN, draper, Ilminster, v. James ADAMS, £2 19s 8d, balance of account for goods supplied to defendant and his son and daughter. Plaintiff said £2 10s of the amount was for goods had by defendant, 17s 8s for things had by his daughter, and £1 7s 0d for goods supplied to defendant's son. As plaintiff admitted that Mrs. ADAMS told him to charge the goods had by her children to them instead of her husband, his Honour gave judgment for 12s 10d; to be paid in three instalments. - Henry BATTEN v. Robert PAVEY, £2 15s 4d, balance of account. Defendant's wife admitted the debt, but said she was paying 8s a month into court already, and could only pay 2s a month. Judgement accordingly. - Henry BATTEN v. George RAWLINGS, mason, £1 2s 3d. Judgement by default for 4s a month. - BATTEN v. Albert PAUL, £1, balance of account. The last goods were had about 10 years ago, but as defendant had paid 2s in 1864 he was unable to pleaded the Statue of Limitations as he wished to do. Order for 4s a month. - William Henry BRYANT v. William LEWIS, £1 19s 3d, for bread. Mrs. LEWIS said she only owed £1 0s 6¾ , out of which plaintiff owed 3s for work done. Plaintiff admitted receiving the 3s, but denied that defendant had paid so much as she alleged. His Honour examined the plaintiff's book and gave judgment for £1 16s 3d. Order for 3s a month. - Messrs. BRADFORD and Sons v. Rev. T. A. VOLES, of Ashill, £18 6s 9d balance of account. Mr. PAUL appeared for plaintiff. Defendant had admitted the debt, and promised to pay on Nov. 20. Judgment accordingly. - Hannah BURNETT v. William DIAMOND. £6 14s for grocery, &c. Judgment by default; 4s a month. - Thomas BURNETT v William NICHOLLS. 19s 6d, balance of account. To be paid in a month. - Henry B. LOCKYER v. Charles BARNES. £1 4s, balance of account. Judgment by default. - John SAMPSON v. William MALE, junr. 8s 7d, for bread. To be paid in two instalments. - Joseph BEATON v. Daniel BEALL, Broadway. This was an action in replevin to recover £21 5s. Mr. PAUL, who appeared for plaintiff, said Mr. BEATON had rented some land of defendant, in the parish of Combe St. Nicholas, at £85 per year, payable quarterly. The land was lent to him by Mr. HEXT, auctioneer, of Ilminster, who acted as defendant's agent, in March last. After the land was let to plaintiff, Mr. BEAL wanted to obtain possession of it again, and instructed Mr. HEXT to enter into negotiations for that purpose, but these negotiations failed. In June, Mr. HEXT conducted a sale for plaintiff, who authorised him to deduct £21 5s from the proceeds to pay defendant for the quarter's rent. On Thursday, July 1st, HEXT gave BEAL a cheque for the rent, when defendant said “I'll hold your cheque. You go and distrain, and that will frighten him into coming to terms.” HEXT thereupon obtained locks and chains and put them on the gates of plaintiff's fields on the following day. On Saturday, July 3rd, defendant went to Taunton and cashed the cheque. When Mr. HEXT heard that defendant had cashed his cheque he went to Mr. BEAL and accused him of not having kept his promise. Mr. TRENCHARD said the only question was whether HEXT had authority to distrain, which defendant denied. Mr. John HEXT, auctioneer and land-agent, of Ilminster, was then called, and gave evidence which supported Mr. PAUL's opening remarks. Mr. William KNIGHT, yeoman, of Broadway, said he met defendant in the early part of July in company with Mr. HEXT. The latter said to Mr. BEAL “You are not a man to your word. You have been and changed the cheque. I wouldn't have distrained for £10 if I knew you was going to cash the cheque.” Mr. TRENCHARD contended that HEXT acted without defendant's authority, and called Mr. BEAL who said he went to Montacute with HEXT in order to make arrangements with plaintiff to give up the land in question. They could not come to terms; and on their way back HEXT said if he was to distrain for the rent that would bring plaintiff to terms, and asked him (defendant) to give him authority to distrain. He replied “I have no authority to give you. Have you not just paid my rent?” He then said “If you wont give me an authority will you lend me some chains to put around the gates?” which he declined to do. He met HEXT at Wadford soon afterwards and he held up some chains with locks attached, remarking that he was going to lock up the gates, to which he (defendant) replied “You can do as you like. That is nothing to me.” Defendant was cross-examined at great length by Mr. PAUL, who then called the landlord of the Phelips Arms, at Montacute, who deposed that he heard HEXT tell BEAL that the the best way to get possession would be to lock up the gate; to which defendant replied “Yes; that will bring him to terms.” His Honour said there could be no doubt that defendant had made an illegal distress, and he should therefore give a verdict for plaintiff. - Daniel BEAL v. Joseph BEATON, Uriah William BEATON, and Richard COLE. Mr. TRENCHARD appeared for plaintiff, and Mr. PAUL for defendants. It appeared that the summons had not been served on the principal defendant, Joseph BEATON. Mr. TRENCHARD asked his Honour to strike out the names of W. BEATON and R. COLE, and to grant a fresh summons against Joseph BEATON. This was done. On the application of Mr. PAUL, costs were allowed to U. W. BEATON and R. COLE. - Re Charles JENNINGS, beerhouse-keeper and ostler, Ilminster. Debts £69 14s; assets set down as about £28. Bankrupt, who had kept the George Hotel Tap, was supported by Mr. PAUL, and obtained his discharge without opposition.


AN INQUEST was held at the Antelope Inn, on Saturday, by Dr. GARLAND, deputy-coroner, on the body of Charles PAULL, 67 years of age, who died suddenly on the previous Wednesday afternoon. The deceased, who was employed at the North-street Factory, had frequently suffered from asthma. On the day in question, on returning to dinner, he complained of being cold. He sat down on a chair, and, without saying a word, died almost immediately. Mr. COX, surgeon, was then sent for. These facts having been detailed in evidence by Mrs. PAULL and a woman named FROST, a verdict of “Died by the visitation of God” was returned by the jury.

COUNTY COURT, Friday. - Before C. SAUNDERS, Esq., judge. - Over 100 plaints were entered for hearing, but few of them were of any interest:- STOODLEY v. DAVIE, Sherborne. Claim £6 for rent. Mr. JOLIFFE appeared for the plaintiff. Mrs. DAVIE, it appeared, arranged to occupy one of plaintiff's houses at Mount Pleasant, Townsend, at a yearly rent of £24, determinable upon a half-yearly notice. She occupied the house for a fortnight, and then left, and plaintiff therefore sued for a quarter's rent. The lease having been read, his Honour gave judgment for plaintiff, in the absence of defendant. - FONE, Crewkerne, v. BRYANT, Wyke Regis, Dorset. Claim £1 16s 6d, balance due for clothes. Defendant had been adjudicated a bankrupt, but a portion only of the clothes were ordered before the adjudications. It appeared, also, that plaintiff's name had not been inserted in the list of bankrupts, and defendant promised payment. He sent plaintiff a chest of tea, but the latter, on receiving it, discovered that he was liable to the house from which it was sent, defendant being the agent. He therefore returned the tea and claimed the full amount owing. Judgment for plaintiff. - J. A. FONE v. GENGE, Crewkerne. 9s 6d for clothes. Two instalments. - John PARTRIDGE and J. B. IRELAND, trustees under the will of Moses PARTRIDGE, deceased, v. Ann SPARKS. For possession of a cottage at Curriott Hill. Possession in 10 days. - ENGLAND, Merriott, v. LAWRENCE, Crewkerne. £2 8s. Previous order reduced to 3s a month. - GIBSON v. CLEALL. £1 18s for goods. Order reduced to 2s a month. - MORTON, Crewkerne, v. WARRY. Defendant works at the North Street Factory. £1 4s for bread. 4s in a fortnight, and 4s a month. - OLD, coachmaker, Crewkerne, v. EMBERY. £1 4s balance of account. 3s in a fortnight, and 3s a month. - CLARK v. MITCHELL, South Petherton. £1 18s balance for money lent. Defendant had an execution put into his house, and plaintiff lent him the money to pay the bailiff. Judgment for plaintiff, 5s a month. - SCOTT, Taunton, v. CHICK. 9s 6d for drapery. 3s a month. - Hillary COOMBS, Crewkerne, v. James SANFORD, West Coker. £4 7s 6d for ironmongery, 6s a month. - Same v. George HILLETT, South Perrott. £2 13s for goods. Immediate payment. - GIBSON Taunton, v. LONG and COOK. 11s 9d and 7s 7d respectively. 2s a month in each case. - Same v. BUTCHER, Merriott. 13s 11d, balance of account. Defendant said that he had been paying for years and had never had particulars of the account. Case adjourned to the January court for the production of plaintiff's books. - MATTHEWS and DRAKE, web manufactures, of Crewkerne, v. C. A. PAULL, Redruth, Cornwall. £3 3s 3d for web supplied. In a week. - Messrs. BATTEN, executors of the late Mr. H. BATTEN, draper, of Ilminster, sued several persons living at Shepton Beauchamp and Barrington for sums ranging from 7s to £6 5s 8d, and obtained judgement in each case. - EGLON v. MALE. 15s 5d for drapery. 3s a month. - George ENGLAND, Merriott, v. HARP, Bridport. £1 for clothes. 4s a month. - NEWBERRY, shoemaker, Ilminster, v. MATTHEWS, North Perrott. 16s 6s for boots. 5s a month. - John LYE, mason, Crewkerne, v. William EASON. 8s 6d for rend of and 2s damage done to a cottage. Judgment for plaintiff. - BROWN, South Petherton, v. TAYLOR, 13s 5d; HARDING, 4s 5d; and PINKARD, £1 3s 9d for shop goods. Judgment for plaintiff in each case. - JOLLIFFE and Others, Old Brewery Company, Crewkerne, v. COX, Halstock. £8 11s 10d for liquor supplied when defendant occupied the Winyard's Gap Inn. In a week. - William LACEY, Crewkerne, v. Jno. COLES, Hinton St George. 14s for boots. In a week. - Simon CLARK, South Petherton, v. MARSH. £2 8s 3d for grocery goods. 3s a month. - Sampson CLARK, South Petherton, v. BAILEY. 7s 2d for goods. Two monthly instalments. - SAMWAYS, coal merchant, EVERSHOT, v. CORNICK, Corscombe. 12s 1d for coal, 3s a month. - Same v. Joseph KELLAWAY, Corscombe. £1 2s 8d for coal. 3s a month. WAY, Clapton, v. NEWBERY, Broadwinsor. £9 11s 2d for bread. Defendant is a groom in the employ of Mr. STUDLEY, Boadwinsor, 6s a month.


BEGISTRAR'S <sic> NOTES for the past quarter:- Births, 75; Deaths 42. Whooping-cough and measles 6, fevers 5.

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PETTY SESSIONS. - Before T. B. UTTERMARE, Esq., and Captain RABAN. - Arthur CRABB was summoned by the overseers of Isle Abbotts for the non-payment of rates - £2 9s. A warrant of distress was issued. - Francis MEAR, summoned by P.C. FRANCIS for riding without reins, was fined 5s and 5s 6d costs. - John CROCKER, William COX, and Hosea KIRBY, three boys of Ilminster, were summoned by Elizabeth SAMPSON, seamstress, of the same place, for maliciously breaking a pane of glass and two flower pots, of the value of 1s. The case was dismissed. - Joseph MALE, Thomas MALE and John BULGIN, three boys of Ilminster, were summoned by Mr. Matthew MULLINS, of Moolham Farm, for stealing apples of the value of sixpence. Defendants were caught helping themselves by a man named STEPHENS. Fined 2s 6d and 2s 6d costs each. - Mary ADAMS v. Miriam BARTER. This was an adjourned assault case. The defendant, who had been ill, now appeared, and was fined 2s 6d and 7s costs; allowed a week to pay. - Mr. William EDWARDS, of Folley Farm, Ashill Forest, was summoned by Samuel BRUNT, a little boy, for the non-payment of 2s 1½d wages. Complainant was represented by his mother, who said that Mr. EDWARDS told her that the boy was lazy, and that she had better take him away. She did so, but defendant refused to pay the balance due. The magistrates decided that only 1s 9d was due, which they ordered defendant to pay, with 3s costs. - Joseph MALE and Thomas MALE, labourers, of Barrington, were summoned by Levi MALE for assaulting him. Complainant, whose face and head showed unmistakeable signs of someone's handiwork, said there was a sale of land at the Barrington Inn, and he was in the kitchen having a drop to drink. There was a “bit of a squabble,” and when he “comed” out of the house, defendants, who were in the road, challenged to fight him. He refused; they then knocked him down and kicked him. He called George TRATT and Eliza MARSH to corroborate his statement. The defendant Joseph said that complainant came out of the house with his coat and waistcoat off, and challenged to fight him for £5, putting up his hands. He then struck him to protect himself. Thomas said that complainant was quarrelling with everybody in the kitchen, and offered to fight any man “breathing.” He then came out of the house and challenged to fight him for 5s, 10s, or £5. Defendants called John DABBINETT, Thomas BOND, and William SWAIN to prove that they were not the aggressors. Fined 10s and 7s 6d costs each. - Richard MELHUISH, of Isle Abbotts, was summoned by Henry VILE, of the same place, for assaulting him. Defendant's wife appeared. Fined 13s including costs; allowed a months to pay. - John MARKS and Susan GULLY, of South Petherton, brother and sister, were summoned for assaulting Susan RAYMOND. Complainant said that GULLY met her, and after using very shameful language, struck her in the bosom. MARKS put his arms around her neck, and “twisted it all around.” She called Fanny RUSSELL to corroborate her statement. Defendants said that complainant was going to throw a brick at them, and called Kitty MARKS, their sister, to prove this. The parties then began a tremendous war of words, during which on could distinguish such expressions as “prostitute,” “bad house,” “bully,” “dree bastard children every morning,” &c.. The magistrates said they would hear the next case before giving their decision. - Hannah MARKS, the mother of the defendants in the above case, was summoned by Susan RAYMOND, the complainant, for stealing 2 lbs. of meat. Complainant said that defendant's husband lodged at her house as he had not another place to go to. On Sunday, the 26th ult., she sent some meat and potatoes to the bakehouse, when defendant stopped the man she sent it by and took the meat away. She called Joseph HUNTER, who said - “I wur carryin the mate and taties to the bakhus on the 16th of November next; no twor'nt; twur the 16th Tember.” Complainant here reminded him that it was the 26th of September, when he said, “no, twornt; twas the Sunday afore the last justice meeting that ever wur. Well, I wur taking it to the bakehus, when Hannah MARKS cum'd up to I, and said Joe, thee'st got my husband's mate in the dish. She then pulled the dish off my head, took't out the mate, and drowed the tatties all about the road; they runned down me neck into road.” Mr. UTTERMARE: Did the meat belong to different persons? Witness: “Yes, zur, one bit belonged to Susan RAYMOND, tother bit belonged to John MARKS, and the taties belonged to I. (This announcement produced much laughter). I knowed the taties belonged to I, caus I paid for um; and I knowed the mate belonged to Susan RAYMOND, caus I zeed her gie the money to John MARKS to buy it.” Fanny RUSSELL confirmed the evidence of the former witness. Defendant said she had a bad, wicked, drinking husband, who left her without anything to eat. He lodged at complainant's house, which was a bad one, for she kept a nasty wench there, and encouraged all kinds of things, “She added: “I took the meat, cooked it, and eat it; and if you send me to gaol, gentlemen, I must go. The magistrates advised the parties to settle it themselves, which was done. - The license of the Angel and Crown Inn, Ilminster, was transferred from Mr. Charles DAWNEY to Mr. George RENDALL. Mr. WELLINGTON, chemist, of South Petherton, applied for a wine and spirit license to sell over the counter, which was granted. - TUESDAY. - Before T. B. UTTERMARE and R. T. COMBE, Esqrs. - Sarah Ann MARLEY, servant, aged 22, was brought up in custody by P.C. PURNELL, charged with stealing the sum of 6s and a purse, the property of her master, Mr. T. COOMBS, of the Swan Inn, Ilminster, on Sunday last. It appeared from the evidence that Mr. COOMBS missed some money from the till in the bar on Saturday last, together with a sixpence which was defaced. He spoke to the prisoner about it, and she denied having taken it, and on Sunday he again missed 6s from a drawer in a bedroom. He accused prisoner of having taken it, which she stoutly denied. He then sent for P.C. PURNELL, and gave her into custody. Her box was searched, and the sixpence was found in the purse, which Mr. COOMBS had seen in the till on Saturday morning. She also had in her pocket the sum of 10d. The prisoner, in defence, said she was not guilty; she picked the sixpence up in the bar on Saturday, and forgot to let Mr. COOMBS have it. The purse she picked up in one of the bedrooms some time ago. She was then committed for trial. Bail was however accepted – two sureties in the sum of £10 each. Prisoner's father and cousin were bound for her.


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A CENTARIAN. - A woman named TRICKEY, residing in East-reach, died on Monday at the advanced age of 104. Up to a very recent period she enjoyed tolerably good health.

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A SHARPER CAUGHT. - One of the light-fingered gentry, giving the name of James JOHNSON, was brought before Captain DOVETON and H. BADCOCK, Esq., on Monday, charged with stealing a purse, containing £3 18s, the property of Elizabeth OATEN. The prosecutrix is a widow, residing in Tangier, and whilst in the pig market on Saturday the prisoner was seen to pick, her pocket. Committed for trial.

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PETTY SESSIONS, Thursday. - Before Capt. DOVETON. - Joseph LANE was brought up on remand. Mr. TRENCHARD stated that defendant's family had made an arrangement to relieve the union of the future charge of defendant's wife, and the information against the defendant would therefore be withdrawn. - John YEA and John FOLLETT, alias “Tommy DODD,” were brought up in custody, charged with stealing three barton fowls, the property of Charles ALLEN, Esq., of Lyngford. Remanded to Saturday. - SATURDAY. - Before the Rev. W. J. ALLEN (chairman), Captains DOVETON and ALLEN, and T. WALSH, Esq. - Mr. GUNSTONE, of West Monkton, was fined £1 5s for keeping a dog without a license. - Thomas PURSEY, Henry HUTCHINGS, and John VENNING, were summoned by Mr. R. MARKS for trespassing in pursuit of game at Angersleigh. The case was dismissed, the men having been at work mending a gap in a hedge. - John FOLLETT, alias “Tommy DODD,” was sentenced to six weeks' hard labour, and John YEA to three months' imprisonment, for stealing fowls, the property of Captain ALLEN, at Lyngford. YEA had spent four years in a reformatory. - George HAINES was fined 10s for obstructing the street with a timber carriage. - Robert ANDREWS, of North Curry, was summoned by Alfred KIDNER, of Stathe, Stoke St. Gregory, for an assault. The parties had challenged each other to fight, but, on the day fixed for the “mill,” the complainant pleaded illness. Defendant then tried to bring him up to the “scratch” by striking him. The case was dismissed. - MONDAY. - Before H. BADCOCKS Esq., and Captain DOVETON. - Sarah Jane MADDICKS, for drunken and riotous conduct in the streets, was sent to gaol for seven days. - WEDNESDAY. - Before Rev. W. J. ALLEN, F. B. DOVETON, Esq., and C. J. ALLEN, Esq. - A license for the sale of foreign wines, not to be consumed on the premises, was granted to Mr. Edmund STEPHENS, of East Gate, grocer. – – The following licenses were transferred; Bear Inn, North-street, Mrs. COURT (widow) to COURT and Sons; New Inn, Creech St Michael, William KERSLAKE to Charles SALWAY, Greyhound, Taunton, Joseph PAVEY to Mary Ann HODGE. – – J. E. ANDERSON, Esq., of Henlade House, has made a donation of £50 to the Taunton and Somerset Hospital.



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