Wellington Weekly News 24 Oct 1906 Deaths Elizabeth BULL of Kittisford and James Hayes FOURACRE of Cothay Bridge Kittisford

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Wellington Weekly News 24 Oct 1906


Deaths:- The unusual event of two deaths taking place in this small parish within a short period has occurred during the past week. On Thursday evening, Miss Elizabeth Bull, who previous to her being superannuated a few years ago, had for many years been Mistress at Bathealton & Kittisford School, passed to her long home. Deceased had recently lived by herself in a small cottage adjoining Kittisford Church, and had not for a long time enjoyed good health. So far as is known she has no surviving relatives - On Saturday evening, after a weeks illness, Mr James Hayes Fouracre, for many years the respected sexton of Kittisford Church, passed away at his residence at Cothay Bridge. Deceased, who was 62 years of age and much respected, leaves a widow and a long family, one girl still attending school. The Fouracres, it is interesting to notice, have been Clerks or Sextons at Kittisford Church for many generations.


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