Somerset County Herald 09 Jul 1938 Burrowbridge Accident Victim's Funeral Arthur Ernest Bell LANGFORD inc LANE Teacher Honoured Miss M. L. BOWEN inc HECTOR

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Somerset County Herald and Taunton Courier. Saturday 09 Jul 1938

Page 10 Column 5



The funeral took place at the Parish Church on Friday of Mr. Arthur Ernest Bell LANGFORD, who died on the previous Sunday evening as the result of a collision between two motor-cycles on the Bridgwater-Cannington road.

The service was conducted by the Vicar (Rev. E. F. SHERWOOD). The chief mourners present were:- Mr. William Bell LANGFORD (father), Mrs. Lily LANE (sister), Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bell LANGFORD (brother and sister-in-law), Mrs. A. HOYLE, and Mrs. M. CHAMPION. The bearers were Messrs. James POCOCK, Sidney CHAMPION, Sidney BAWDEN, and George WINCHESTER.





Miss M. L. BOWEN, who recently retired after nearly 28 years' service as a teacher at the local Church of England School, was the recipient of presentations in the School on Friday. The Vicar (Rev. E. F. SHERWOOD) presided over a large gathering Mr. J. W. TURNER (chairman of the School Managers) was unavoidably absent, but the other Managers present were Mrs. M. B. GOODSON (correspondent), Messrs. T. H. BARRINGTON, E. R. KIDDLE, and H. HECTOR, together with a number of parents, scholars past and present, and friends of Miss BOWEN

The Vicar stated that he had only known Miss BOWEN for a very short time compared with most of those present, but that time had been sufficient for him to see for himself the many sterling qualities Miss BOWEN possessed. Her unfailing kindness, thoroughness, and quiet efficiency were some of these, and he specially noticed the mutual love which evidently existed between Miss BOWEN and her pupils, and without which no teacher could hope for success with children. He was happy to say that though Miss BOWEN was no longer actively associated with the school, she continued to do valuable work as church organist. In conclusion, he added that though everyone regretted losing Miss BOWEN's services the Managers felt they had been fortunate in their choice of a successor, Miss E. M. BARRETT, who came to them with the highest credentials, and was already doing good work.

Mr. T. H. BARRINGTON spoke of the many years he had known Miss BOWEN, and of the general esteem in which she was held in the village, both for her excellent work in the school and for the numerous ways in which she had assisted in the social life of the village.


Mr. W. E. BRASHIER, headmaster, said that it was a matter of deep regret to him when his teaching association with Miss BOWEN ended after many years, with her retirement. When he came to that school Miss BOWEN had been there for some time, and her experience and knowledge of the children proved of the greatest value to him. He had found Miss BOWEN intensely loyal to her school and fellow teachers. He was happy to think that they had worked always in harmony, and without friction of any kind. Keen, thorough, and conscientious in all she did. Miss BOWEN had exercised a wonderful influence for good on the many children who had passed through her hands, and now he hoped she would enjoy many years of well-earned retirement. He also felt with the Managers that in Miss BARRETT they had a worthy successor to Miss BOWEN.

The Vicar asked Miss BOWEN's acceptance of a mahogany bureau, suitably inscribed, the gift of the Managers, parents, ex-scholars and friends.

Margery BARNARD one of the older scholars, asked Miss BOWEN to accept a fireside chair, the gift of the present scholars and teachers.

Miss BOWEN expressed her keen appreciation of the gifts and the friendly feelings which had prompted them, together with her gratitude for the many kindnesses which she had experienced during her long sojourn at Burrowbridge.

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