The Western Daily Press 13 Feb 1928 Motor Cyclists Death Bridgwater Crash in Heavy Gale Stanley BOOBYER son of Morgan BOOBYER of Windsor House Boroughbridge

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The Western Daily Press. Bristol Monday 13 Feb 1928

Page 4 Column 2


Bridgwater Crash in Heavy Gale.

It is believed that Saturday's heavy gale may have in some way contributed to a fatal accident which occurred at Wembdon, near Bridgwater, and which resulted in the death of a motor-cyclist named Stanley BOOBYER (26), motor dealer, son of Morgan BOOBYER, builder, of Windsor House, Boroughbridge.

The deceased, who was unmarried, had been to Cannington, and about 2.15 was returning towards Bridgwater. No one actually witnesses the accident, but from some cause unknown the deceased, when descending the steep Wembdon hill, dashed into a wall at the side of the road. The impact of the front wheel of the cycle threw BOOBYER's head first against the wall, and he received severe injuries from which he died within a few minutes. The body was removed to the Cottage Inn near by. The motor-cycle was completely wrecked.

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<NOTES: Stanley BOOBYER son of Morgan Watts BOOBYER and Lily POCOCK>