The Western Daily Press 15 Feb 1928 Blown Against a Wall How Somerset Motor Cyclist was killed Stanley BOOBYER of Boroughbridge

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The Western Daily Press Bristol Wednesday 15 Feb 1928

Page 9 Column 3


How Somerset Motor-Cyclist Was Killed.

Yesterday Mr D. S. WATSON (Deputy Coroner for West Somerset) held an inquest on the body of Stanley BOOBYER (25), a cycle agent, of Boroughbridge, who was killed on Saturday whilst motor cycling down Wembdon Hill, near Bridgwater.

Evidence was given that a gale of wind was blowing at the time, and the deceased was seen to be descending the hill at a moderate pace when he suddenly swerved, possibly owing to the force of the wind, and crashed into a stone wall. The machine was buckled up, and deceased struck the wall head foremost, fracturing his skull, death being instantaneous.

A verdict of “Accidental death” was returned.

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<NOTES: Stanley BOOBYER son of Morgan Watts BOOBYER and Lily POCOCK>