Western Daily Press 17 Mar 1930 Funeral of Traveller for Bristol Firm Mr Harold A. FOURACRE at Chippenham

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The Western Daily Press, Bristol Monday 17 Mar 1930

Page 7 Column 2


Wiltshire Footballers Attend Chippenham Service.

The funeral of Mr Harold A. FOURACRE, chairman of the Chippenham Town Football Club, who died at the age of 45, took place at St. Paul's Church on Saturday, the Rev. W. F. WOOD officiating. He was a traveller for Messrs Georges' Brewery, Bristol.

Mr FOURACRE died at Bathford, and as the cortege entered the town the committee and members of the football club met it and headed it to the church.

The mourners were: The widow, Mr M. FOURACRE (son), Mr and Mrs W. FOURACRE (father and stepmother), Messrs Ed. And Fred FOURACRE (brothers), Mrs SHARP (sister), Mrs STEWART (cousin), Mr and Mrs READ, Bathford; Mrs DESLLEDS and Mr V. HANN.

A large number of sportsmen also attended, including Messrs J. HATHAWAY, H. SLADE, J. SMITH and K. PORT (Sports Club), Messrs B. BULMAN, B. ESCOTT (Chippenham Town Football Club), Messrs H. ROBERTS and A. TOWNSEND (Rovers Football Club), Messrs H. G. PRINGEL and A. DANEY (Wiltshire Football Association), Messrs N. LIGHTFOOT and C. MacDONALD (Wiltshire Bowling Association), Messrs T. A. DEYKES and L. NOAD (Hockey Club), Messrs B. MILNE, C. HURN and G. DAVIS (Melksham Football Club), Messrs A. JONES, A. C. DANN, and J. HARVEY (bowlers), Messrs W. G. SLADE, J. SLADE, A. M. PORTCH, Calne; Messrs R. S. BARNETT, C. G. EYRES, and F. W. BRIGGS (Messrs Georges Bristol Brewery).

The bearers were prominent footballers – Messrs G. FLOWER, J. BRITTEN, S. WAITE, A. PERRY, A. BREWER, and F. WHEELER.

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