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Bishops Hull, Somerset

Below is a list of all the records that I have for the parish of Bishops Hull, Somerset:


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27 Feb 1823 Trewmans Exeter Flying Post Births Married Died inc Marriage Holsworthy George BRAUND to Juliana KELLY Death Bishops Hull Rev Samuel GREATHEED

23 Aug 1826 Taunton Courier Married Died Mr John OATEN age 78

06 Jun 1855 Taunton Courier Taunton Police News inc William OATEN Rev LAWSON CHAPPEL FOX West Monkton CORRICK James BROOMFIELD Ruishton

04 Jul 1855 Taunton Courier Supplement Somerset Midsummer Sessions includes William OATEN Stealing Two Fowls Pitminster

09 Jul 1856 Taunton Courier Somerset Quarter Sessions includes John OATEN stealing lead Pitminster Church

07 Jul 1858 Taunton Courier Magisterial Charge of cruelty to an ass John OATEN owner

12 Apr 1876 Taunton Courier Taunton News County Police inc Milk James TUCK Otterford COLES Chard WARMAN HARRIS Bishops Hull John Cornish ALLEN Wellington

12 Apr 1876 Taunton Courier Taunton News Overseers List inc Angersleigh Bishops Hull Cheddon Fitzpaine Corfe OATEN Creech St Michael Hillfarrance Kingston

07 May 1884 Taunton Courier Taunton Police Court includes Mary Ann GREGG TUCKER and STRICKLAND Bishop's Hull Thomas CRIDLAND Cheddon Fitzpaine

13 May 1885 Taunton Courier Taunton Police Court includes Game Trespass Albert Henry JARVIS and Walter OATEN

10 Aug 1898 Taunton Courier Notes and Queries includes DUDDERIDGE and HAYES

17 May 1899 Taunton Courier Bishops Hull includes Sudden Death PAVEY of Mountway Bishops Hull and Funeral of Mrs FRY

06 Jan 1904 Taunton Courier Borough Police Court includes Assault in a Public House Fredk FROST Emma HAWKINS and Rosie WESTON all of King Street

11 Jun 1904 Chard and Ilminster News Taunton Death Lieut-Col ALMS Late Mr Wilfred MARSHAL Norton Manor Visit of Buffalo Bills Wild West Show Colonel W. F. CODY

24 May 1905 Taunton Courier Taunton County Police includes Caroline and Charles Robert and Walter and Ellen OATEN of Stoke St Mary

21 Apr 1911 The Western Gazette Taunton The Late Archdeacon Ven William Henry ASKWITH Impressive Funeral

15 Mar 1916 Taunton Courier Taunton Rural Tribunal MUSGRAVE Upper Cheddon, Kingston, WYATT West Monkton, Harry MILLER North Curry

17 May 1916 Taunton Courier Taunton Rural District Tribunal North Curry Norton Fitzwarren Bishops Hull West Monkton Rowford Bathpool Staplegrove Pitminster

17 May 1916 Taunton Courier Bishops Hull The Annual Vestry Meeting Rev G. F. C. RABAN Messrs SULLY and WAYE

12 Sep 1917 Taunton Courier Taunton Rural Tribunal BRICE of Bathpool PERRY and BARRINGTON of North Curry GREED and LEWIS of Bishops Hull MARSHALL of Henlade Sidney FOURACRE of Trull

05 Nov 1919 Taunton Courier Taunton Borough Police Court inc BLACKMORE 28 High St Elizabeth BICKNELL 26 High Street COLLIHOLE St James St STILL Kingston Road

21 Jul 1920 Western Daily Press Taunton Circus Fire includes Metford James CADDY & Aaron FOURACRE

23 Jul 1920 The Western Chronicle Taunton Disaster Panic at Circus Four Killed and Many Injured

17 Aug 1921 Taunton Courier Death of Mr Archibald CHANNING Member of Old Taunton Family at Lowlands Taunton inc Father Henry CHANNING

04 Jan 1922 Taunton Courier 100 Somerset Worthies Maurice DUDDRIDGE or DUDDERIDGE of Bishop's Hull

05 Jul 1922 Taunton Courier Taunton Borough Police Court includes MORRIS North Curry William CARPENTER Mountway Bishops Hull Annie CRIDLAND 11 Black Horse Lane

02 Aug 1922 Taunton Courier Theft of a Cow at Bishops Hull Charles BURRIDGE alias Douglas BURRIDGE includes William CRIDLAND of East Reach Taunton a Drover

11 Oct 1922 Taunton Courier West Somerset Genealogy DODDERIDGE, otherwise DUDDERIDGE

22 Feb 1928 Taunton Courier Bishops Hull Death Ellen BAKER includes OATEN Angersleigh Death and Funeral of Mr Thomas SHARP includes OATEN

27 Nov 1929 Taunton Courier Heavy Floods Taunton Districts Inundated Bishops Hull Norton Fitzwarren Hilfarrance Messrs W. and H. CHAPMANs Creech St Michael Ham

18 Nov 1931 Taunton Courier Trull Man's Death from war wounds Charles John FOURACRE Carpenter Jubilee terrace Trull

19 Jan 1933 North Devon Journal Swimbridge Inn Keepers Sudden Death Mr William Charles PRING Licencee of the Coach and Horses Swimbridge and Swan Inn Kingston

05 Sep 1934 Taunton Courier Taunton Carnival Revels includes OATEN and MANUEL

20 May 1936 Taunton Courier Taunton Borough Court includes Helen COOMBES of Bishops Hull William CRIDLAND of 8 North Town Crescent and Hilda Maud JERVIS Pitminster Lodge

28 Mar 1942 Somerset County Herald Missile Explodes at Bishops Hull Children Injured GUPPY Waterloo Cottages THOMAS 1 Highfield J. LITTLEJOHNS Smithy Cottages

02 Jun 1945 Somerset County Herald Taunton includes Gordon Robert BISHOP of 5 Tanyard Cottages Staplegrove Links with Abyssinia Hitler Effigy

20 Apr 1957 Somerset County Herald Fish Life in River Tone inc Proposed Fish Passes at Firepool Bathpool and French Weir Taunton

30 Aug 1958 Somerset County Herald Chapel May Become Flats Graveyard Problem Congregational Chapel At Fulwood Pitminster

25 Jun 1960 Somerset County Herald He Left Fourteen Children Taunton Death of Mr Henry CRIDLAND of 18 Quantock Road Taunton

Also see Newspaper Articles Somerset for articles that include multiple parishes and may include this parish eg the Petty Sessions, Police Courts, Births Marriage and Deaths etc.

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