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Below are various documents relating to the surname FOURACRE and their descendants.

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Newspaper Articles:

29 May 1817 Taunton Courier Sale of Land includes Fivehead Swell Curry Rivell Isle Abbotts Shepton Beauchamp

10 Dec 1859 The Wells Journal Deaths JEFFERY Puckington FOURACRE Durston COATE and CHARD Langport

10 Dec 1859 Langport Herald Deaths Mr P JEFFERY Puckington Mr Thomas White FOURACRE Durston Mr Robert GENT Aller Rev John REYNOLDS of Martock

25 Oct 1862 West Somerset Free Press Births Marriages and Deaths includes BURGE of North Petherton and Creech St Michael and Thomas FOURACRE of Angersleigh

17 Jun 1863 Taunton Courier Taunton Guildhall includes Philip MALE William HAWKINS of Haydon Farm Mr FOURACRE druggist and the case of child murder witness Mary FACEY mother of Sarah OATEN

14 Jan 1865 Western Gazette Langport County Court includes MALE Barrington Isle Brewers Fivehead Mrs FOURACRES Picks Hill Langport

21 Dec 1866 The Western Gazette Somerton Petty Sessions includes Lydia FOURACRE Selling cider without a license

10 Apr 1867 Taunton Courier Milverton Fivehead

27 Sep 1867 The Western Gazette Wiveliscombe Petty Sessions includes Richard FOURACRE Butcher Milverton Charles FOURACRE Baker Milverton

05 Oct 1867 Somerset County Gazette Wellington Police Court includes stolen Purse from FOURACRE of Kittisford <Robert and Jane>

12 Oct 1867 Somerset County Gazette Wellington Police Court Stolen Purse from Robert and Jane FOURACRE

28 Apr 1871 Shepton Mallet Journal Somerton Petty Sessions includes Lydia FOURACRE Picts Hill Selling cider without a license

03 Nov 1877 Somerset County Gazette and Bristol Express Collumpton Petty Sessions DUMMET ROOKLEY FOURACRE

13 Jul 1878 Somerset County Gazette and Bristol Express Wellington Police Court includes Thomas FOURACRE Carter at Kittisford Barton

31 May 1882 Taunton Courier Somerton Petty Sessions includes Richard FOURACE Small Farmer of Pick's Hill High Ham

13 May 1891 Taunton Courier Langport County Court includes Albert FOURACRE Picts Hill, the Census, Norton trap accident Mr and Mrs FOURACRE Crown Inn Pitminster

06 Mar 1895 Taunton Courier Curry Rivel Somerton Petty Sessions includes Harry FOURACRE of High Ham

04 May 1898 Taunton Courier Marriage of Mr William Tom WEBB and Florence Elizabeth FOURACRE Taunton

18 Feb 1899 West Somerset Free Press Wiveliscombe Petty Sessions P RADFORD White Hart Hotel Wiveliscombe George FOURACRE Timber Merchant Milverton

31 May 1899 Taunton Courier Death of Mrs W. J. D. VENNER at Reading daughter of Mr and Mrs FOURACRE of Taunton

31 May 1899 Taunton Courier Milverton Property Sale includes Mr R FOURACRE

01 Aug 1900 Taunton Courier Wiveliscombe includes Petty Sessions George FOURACRE Timber Merchant Milverton

31 Oct 1900 Taunton Courier Another old West Somerset family FOURACRE Martha HAYES

23 Dec 1903 Taunton Courier Death of Councillor William Tom WEBB of Royal Mail Hotel Station-road Taunton

30 Dec 1903 Taunton Courier Taunton Funeral of Councillor William Tom WEBB includes FOURACRE

06 Jan 1904 Taunton Courier Taunton County Petty Sessions includes George GAGE Kingston Frederick HAWKER Pitminster Ellen FOURACRE and Elizabeth OATEN Trull

24 Feb 1904 Taunton Courier Sale of the Royal Mail Hotel Taunton owner Mr A. FOURACRE

03 Aug 1904 Taunton Courier Wellington Petty Sessions includes Frederick Smith BURSTON and Sarah Jane FOURACRE of Kettisford To Show Cause

10 Aug 1904 Taunton Courier North Curry Stogursey

12 Apr 1905 Taunton Courier The Drowning Case at Milverton Mr Charles FOURACRE Labourer of North-street Milverton husband of Matilda FOURACRE

24 Oct 1906 Wellington Weekly News Death Elizabeth BULL of Kittisford and James Hayes FOURACRE of Cothay Bridge Kittisford

17 Feb 1909 Taunton Courier Taunton Borough Police Court includes Frederick CRIDLAND of Black Horse Lane Charles FOURACRE of Duke Street Charles BURGE

21 Jun 1916 Taunton Courier Sales by Auction includes Manworthy Milverton Kittisford Milverton Estate Late Charles FOURACRE and Livestock Greenway Wiveliscombe

12 Sep 1917 Taunton Courier Taunton Rural Tribunal BRICE of Bathpool PERRY and BARRINGTON of North Curry GREED and LEWIS of Bishops Hull MARSHALL of Henlade Sidney FOURACRE of Trull

28 Sep 1917 Somerset and West of England Advertiser Fouracres and one acre George FOURACRE Timber Dealer Milverton

17 Oct 1917 Taunton Courier Langport Petty Sessions includes Albert FOURACRE Picts Hill Huish Episcopi Shepton Beauchamp High Ham

24 Oct 1917 Taunton Courier Somerset Appeal Tribunal includes BROWNING of Watchet CHURCHILL and BAKER of Ilminster KNIGHT and STRAWBRIDGE of Bridgwater Sidney FOURACRE of Trull

21 Jul 1920 Western Daily Press Taunton Circus Fire includes Metford James CADDY & Aaron FOURACRE

15 Dec 1920 Taunton Courier Bicycle Theft at Taunton includes Tom BRUCE Richard PEARSE and Albert FOURACRE of Station Road

05 Jan 1923 Western Chronicle Yeovil Marriage William Edward TUPMAN to Ada FOURACRE at Stower Provost Dorset

16 Nov 1923 Western Gazette Stower Provost Death of Mrs Richard FOURACRE of Lyde Hill Farm

01 Oct 1924 Taunton Courier Wiveliscombe Petty Sessions includes Unfenced Machinery FOURACRE Bros Arthur FOURACRE Timber Merchants Milverton

02 Dec 1925 Taunton Courier Wellington Petty Sessions includes Arthur FOURACRE Timber Merchant of Milverton Witness

22 Feb 1928 Taunton Courier Trull Footballer's Death Albert SHARP

26 Jun 1929 Taunton Courier Taunton News Death of Mrs Gertrude HUTCHINGS of 22 Leslie Avenue Native of Milverton includes FOURACRE

10 Jan 1930 The Western Gazette Gillingham Death and Funeral of Mr Edwin Charlie GODWIN includes FOURACRE

17 Mar 1930 Western Daily Press Funeral of Traveller for Bristol Firm Mr Harold A. FOURACRE at Chippenham

18 Nov 1931 Taunton Courier Trull Trull Man's Death from War Wound Charles John FOURACRE of Jubilee Terrace Comeytrowe Trull Husband of Mrs. Alice FOURACRE

13 Jul 1934 The Western Gazette Fifty Years An Auctioneer Late Mr George Randall GODWIN includes Mr and Mrs F. FOURACRE of All Souls Farm near Slough

07 Nov 1934 Taunton Courier Trull Motor-Cyclist's Death Albert Henry FOURACRE Son of George FOURACRE of 7 New Road Comeytrowe Trull

07 Nov 1934 Taunton Courier Milverton Two deaths within four days Mrs Elizabeth Ann WILSON and Mrs Florence BURSTON, FOURACRE sisters

18 Mar 1936 Taunton Courier Wellington Late Mr Thomas FOURACRE

22 Apr 1936 Taunton Courier Easter Weddings Taunton includes Walter Edward OATEN of Baldwin Road and Dorothy ARKLIE and Dennis FOURACRE and Beatrice SKINNER

10 Jun 1936 Taunton Courier Trull Death of Mrs Louisa Ellen COLLARD nee OAKE of East View Terrace Trull

19 Sep 1936 Somerset County Herald Wellington Tree Felling Mishap Mr Arthur FOURACRE of Ford Bridge Milverton

21 Nov 1936 Somerset County Herald Holcombe Rogus Accident Victim's Funeral Walter John Thomas HOWE includes FOURACRE

21 Nov 1936 Somerset County Herald Wellington Late Mrs Emily FOURACRE widow of Mr John FOURACRE

30 Jan 1937 Somerset County Herald Trull Died on his Birthday Sudden Passing of Popular Youth Harry Edward FOURACRE of 7 New Road Comeytrowe Trull

17 Jul 1937 Somerset County Herald Trull Funeral of Mrs Mary Jane PAYNE of Dipford Cottage Trull includes FOURACRE

10 Sep 1938 Somerset County Herald Death Mrs Alice FOURACRE of Wellington

17 Sep 1938 Somerset County Herald Wellington Late Mrs Alice FOURACRE formerly of 12 Scott's Lane Wellington

18 Feb 1939 Somerset County Herald Taunton Man's War Wounds Albert Edward FOURACRE Cycle Proprietor of 85 Station Road Taunton

18 Feb 1939 Western Daily Press Taunton Inquest Questions Albert Edward FOURACRE Cycle Dealer of Station Road Taunton

22 Apr 1939 Somerset County Herald Trull Chorister for 32 Years Death of Mr George SPARKES of 6 Fair View Terrace Trull includes FOURACRE

14 Oct 1939 Somerset County Herald Trull Resident for 50 Years Death and Funeral of Mr Robert COLLARD of Winchester Cottage Trull

31 Aug 1940 Somerset County Herald Funeral of Mrs Maggie WEBBER nee FOURACRE of Rockwell Green

14 Sep 1940 Somerset County Herald Wellington Flower Show Exhibitor Late Mr James FOURACRE

21 Sep 1940 Somerset County Herald Late Mr James FOURACRE Funeral at Wellington

19 Oct 1940 Somerset County Herald A death coincidence at Trull Late Sarah COLLARD includes FOURACRE Arthur OATEN

28 Jun 1941 Somerset County Herald Bellringer for more than 60 years Late Mr William Charles OAKE includes OATEN and FOURACRE

15 Nov 1941 Somerset County Herald Popular Trull Aircraftsman Death and Funeral of Mr Reginald James LENTHALL of Eastbrook Villa Trull includes FOURACRE

02 May 1942 Somerset County Herald Uffculme Funeral of Mrs Ellen FOURACRE Widow of Mr William FOURACRE

11 Jun 1943 Shepton Mallet Journal Student Nurse Bound Over Molly Elizabeth FOURACRE Fore Street Milverton

11 Jun 1943 The Wells Journal The Porlock Nursery Case Mollie Elizabeth FOURACRE Student Nurse Milverton

02 Oct 1943 Somerset County Herald West Buckland Sailor's Death A.B. Percy FOURACRE B.E.M. R.N.

18 Mar 1944 Somerset County Herald Death and Funeral of Mr William or Dick OATEN Trull

06 Oct 1944 The Wells Journal Mr and Mrs FOURACRE 42 West End Street and their Son Bertram James FOURACRE R.A.F. Killed on Active Service in North Africa

21 Sep 1945 The Western Gazette In Memoriam Sergt. Bertram James FOURACRE R.A.F.

20 Sep 1946 The Wells Journal Births Marriages Deaths includes Sergt B. J. FOURACRE R.A.F.

26 Apr 1947 Somerset County Herald Wellington Young Man's Death Mr Derek FOURACRE of Rockwell Green

10 Jul 1947 Daily Mirror Father Said No Bank Book No Wedding Margarita FAULKNER of Middle Street Taunton and Charles John FOURACRE of Cheddon Road Taunton

31 Jul 1948 Somerset County Herald Trull Dedication Bronze Plate on the War Memorial ESCOTT Pte Robert George FOURACRE LENTHALL MOTT and RAE

03 Jun 1950 Somerset County Herald Taunton Woman Gassed Herself Mrs Ellen Matilda FOURACRE 85 Station Road Taunton

08 Dec 1956 Somerset County Herald Former Bradford Builder Mr William George FOURACRE of Three Bridges Bradford on Tone

20 Apr 1957 Somerset County Herald Trull Late Mrs Alice FOURACRE of 1 Jubilee Terrace Trull Widow of Mr. C. J. FOURACRE

29 Nov 1958 Somerset County Herald Former Trull Plumber Death of Mr Harry DAVIES of Elm House Staplehay includes FOURACRE and OATEN

28 Feb 1959 Somerset County Herald Taunton Take Me Home Walter William FOURACRE of 89 Outer Circle

05 Dec 1959 Somerset County Herald Four Nephews as Bearers Trull Funeral of Walter John COLLARD of 3 Oakfield Terrace

13 Aug 1960 Somerset County Herald Former Butcher in Taunton District Mr James THOMAS of South View Farm Crickham Wedmore includes FOURACRE

14 Jan 1961 Somerset County Herald Taunton Retired Admiralty Worker Mr Thomas Martin HOLLIDAY of 15 Magdalen Taunton includes FOURACRE Step-children

09 Feb 1963 Somerset County Herald Wellington Brothers-in-Law as Bearers Mr Eli John FOURACRE of 16 Greenway Road Rockwell Green

02 Mar 1963 Somerset County Herald Sportsman Dies at Trull Mr Arthur Henry or Bert FOURACRE at 8 Eastbrook Trull

Also see Newspaper Articles Somerset for articles that include multiple surnames and may include this surname eg the Petty Sessions, Police Courts, Births Marriage and Deaths etc.


24 Oct 1942 Somerset County Herald Compton Dundon The Late Mr Edward Thomas PURCHASE of the Council Houses includes FOURACRES

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