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Below are various documents relating to the surname HAWKINS and their descendants.

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06 Jul 1822 The Bristol Mirror Inquests at Lambrook Kingsbury Episcopi Jacob DUCK Isle Brewers John BREWER Ashill Martha JAMES Berrow Mary HAWKINS

29 Jun 1842 Taunton Courier Reward Offered for Apprehension of the Murderer or Murderers of an Irish Packman Found Dead in a Pit at Road North Petherton

10 Mar 1855 The Western Times Devon Lent Assizes

31 Jul 1861 Taunton Courier Taunton Local Board of Health includes GRIGG and Mrs WIDE Overcrowding 6 Somerset Place and Emanuel and Abraham HAWKINS

17 Jun 1863 Taunton Courier Taunton Guildhall includes Philip MALE William HAWKINS of Haydon Farm Mr FOURACRE druggist and the case of child murder witness Mary FACEY mother of Sarah OATEN

29 Oct 1864 The Western Gazette Taunton Ploughing includes John HAWKINS and David OATEN

07 Jul 1869 Taunton Couriter Somerset Midsummer Sessions inc DOMMETT BICKHAM Kingston WINTER HAWKINS Durston DOLLIN Ruishton BURGE Bradford

27 Aug 1873 Taunton Courier The Melancholy Case of Drowning at Taunton Henry HAWKINS Bricklayer of No 8 The Mount Taunton son of Emmanuel HAWKINS

24 Jul 1874 The Western Gazette North Petherton A Sad End Inquest on George HAWKINS Lodger of Elizabeth CRIDLAND

13 Jan 1875 Taunton Courier Inquests Accident at a Brickyard James PERRY A Disgraceful Proceeding Philip DOVEY Saverys Court Canon Street Taunton

27 Jan 1875 Taunton Courier County Police inc John HUGHES Robert DYKE Thomas HAWKINS Batts Court Fore Street Philip DOVEY Seviours Court Canon Street Taunton

22 Mar 1882 Taunton Courier Taunton Police Court includes Jane OATEN Canon Street Levi and Louisa HAWKINS Queen Street Mary PARKER Thirza WOOD Three Mariners Inn

24 Mar 1883 Somerset Gazette and Bristol Express Taunton Police Court includes Thomas TALBOT Dolphin Inn King Street

22 Nov 1890 Central Somerset Gazette West Pennard Sudden Death Mr Robert CREED of South Town West Pennard

06 Apr 1892 Taunton Courier Twenty-two people rendered homeless at Trull includes Samuel OATEN and Emma

10 Aug 1898 Taunton Courier Notes and Queries includes DUDDERIDGE and HAYES

26 Oct 1898 Taunton Courier Taunton Amid Smoke and Fire The Annual Carnival includes WEBB and VENNER

08 Feb 1899 Taunton Courier Births Marriages and Deaths

12 Jul 1899 Taunton Courier Taunton Police Court Isaac HAWKINS taskmaster at Workhouse, Cruelty to a Mare James OATEN

04 Apr 1900 Taunton Courier Police Business in Taunton Borough Police Court Arthur Thomas STONE Frederick HAYMAN Rose SMITH of King Street Emma HAWKINS

04 Apr 1900 Taunton Courier North Petherton includes Inquest of Henry GRAY of North Street

11 Jul 1900 Taunton Courier North Petherton The Fancy Fair at Shovell Hill Old Peoples Tea at Shovell House Mr and Mrs A. B. JAMES

19 Mar 1902 Taunton Courier T M HAWKINS, New chancel at Bathpool, Pitminster Death Maria PARKHOUSE

06 Jan 1904 Taunton Courier Borough Police Court includes Assault in a Public House Fredk FROST Emma HAWKINS and Rosie WESTON all of King Street

22 Jun 1904 Taunton Courier North Petherton includes Marriage of Mr Arthur A. TYNDALE-BISCOE of North Petherton and Miss Beatrice DUFF of South Kensington

29 Jul 1908 Taunton Courier Taunton Borough Police Court includes juveniles stealing eggs from William Henry HAWKINS of Eastbourne Road Taunton

09 Apr 1915 Shepton Mallet Journal East Pennard Death and Funeral of Mrs Martha Bessie Genge CREED nee CARY of Pennard Hill Farm Wife of Ethelert CREED

02 Jul 1915 Taunton Courier Midnight Disturbance in Taunton Mother and Sons sent to Prison Caroline MALE and children of King Street

30 Apr 1926 Central Somerset Gazette Golden Wedding Celebrations at West Pennard Mr Sidney CREED and Mrs Ann Hawkins CREED at Southtown House West Pennard

27 Jun 1928 Taunton Courier Taunton Pageant Week

26 Jun 1929 Taunton Courier Curry Mallet Funeral of Mr Harry HAWKINS who died at Minehead

09 Jul 1930 Taunton Courier 5th Somerset Light Infantry Token and Book of Remembrance

09 Jul 1930 Taunton Courier Taunton Ambulance Workers Record Red Cross Men Awarded Certificates includes D. T. HAWKINS

01 Jul 1931 Taunton Courier North Petherton Accident Samuel WESTCOTT Late Mrs Muriel Theresa CARNE WILLIAMS of Batts House

30 Sep 1931 Taunton Courier Work of the Red Cross. Medals for Taunton Ambulance Section includes David Thomas HAWKINS and Sidney Ernest OATEN

20 Apr 1932 Taunton Courier Death of Mr Walter HILL Quartermaster of Somerset 23 V.A.D. Valued Ambulance Worker

08 Feb 1933 Taunton Courier Red Cross Examinations Taunton includes D T HAWKINS and S E OATEN

23 Aug 1933 Taunton Courier A Well Known Agriculturist Death of Mr William Wheadon JACOBS of Hurcott Farm Seavington St Mary

28 Feb 1934 Taunton Courier British Red Cross Society Stanley Shield Competition includes D T HAWKINS

05 Sep 1934 Taunton Courier Taunton Carnival Revels includes OATEN and MANUEL

07 Nov 1934 Taunton Courier Milverton Two deaths within four days Mrs Elizabeth Ann WILSON and Mrs Florence BURSTON, FOURACRE sisters

03 Apr 1935 Taunton Courier Funeral of Mr Frederick CRIDGE includes HAWKINS Tauntonian Elected Councillor Mr Frank OATEN

09 Oct 1935 Taunton Courier Red Cross Taunton Presentation of Service Bars and Badges Somerset 23 V.A.D. includes D. T. HAWKINS

24 Jun 1936 Taunton Courier Home Nursing Examination includes D T HAWKINS and H T OATEN

01 Aug 1936 Somerset County Herald Holcombe Rogus Funeral of Mr Herbert HAWKINS

08 Aug 1936 Somerset County Herald Records Eclipsed North Petherton's Festival Bank Holiday Show and Sports

15 Aug 1936 Somerset County Herald Taunton Postman's Death Ernest Albert OATEN

27 Feb 1937 Taunton Courier Shepton Beauchamp Coronation Arrangements Committees Appointed

20 Mar 1937 Somerset County Herald Milverton Businessman Funeral Mr Arthur FOURACRE

27 Mar 1937 Somerset County Herald Shepton Beauchamp Funeral of Mrs Mildred Elizabeth GRAY Middle Street

18 Sep 1937 Somerset County Herald Taunton Ambulance Funds £91 raised at a fete includes HAWKINS and OATEN's

22 Jan 1938 Somerset County Herald North Petherton Late Mr James NORLEY at 19 Kings Square Bridgwater of Fordgate includes HAWKINS

02 Apr 1938 Somerset County Herald Fivehead Pitney Huish Episcopi Curry Rivel

24 Sep 1938 Somerset County Herald Mayor's Tribute to Fellow Workers. Taunton V.A.D. fun fair includes HAWKINS, OATEN, MALE

07 Jan 1939 Somerset County Herald Curry Mallet Hambridge Ilminster Wedding Betty OATEN Wiveliscombe Will includes Dorothy HAWKINS

13 May 1939 Somerset County Herald Taunton V.A.D. Nurse's Funeral of Miss Primrose Annie Mabel HAWKINS of Roman Road Taunton includes OATEN

13 May 1939 Somerset County Herald Drayton includes Belfry Dedication and Rev R. J. HAWKINS

17 Jun 1939 Somerset County Herald Wedding Archway of Splints David Thomas HAWKINS to Blanche Ellen OATEN

30 Dec 1939 Western Daily Press Long Ashton Man and His Christmas Dinner Roland Henry THRESHER of Providence Long Ashton

20 Jan 1940 Somerset County Herald Late Mr George Griffith CARNE WILLIAMS of Batts House Somerset Brewery Director and Sportsman Funeral at North Petherton

10 Aug 1940 Somerset County Herald Shepton Beauchamp Funeral of Mrs Agnes Mabel MEAD of 1 Stankley View Shepton Beauchamp Wife of Mr Frank MEAD

22 Feb 1941 Somerset County Herald North Petherton includes Anti-Gas Instruction and Fighting Fire Bombs

24 Dec 1941 The Western Times Funeral Mr John TOOZE of Home Pitt Holcombe Rogus

14 Feb 1942 Somerset County Herald A Taunton Romance Henry PRING Huishs Almshouses Wed Mrs Mary Ann QUICK nee TEMPLEMAN 8 Paradise Square Duke Street

10 Apr 1948 Somerset County Herald North Petherton includes Nurse for 28 Years Parting Gifts for Nurse Gladys L. RATTEE

25 Sep 1948 Somerset County Herald Tenants' bouquet for Landlady, Mrs Amelia HAWKINS, 27 Eastbourne Road Taunton

04 Jun 1949 Somerset County Herald Brigadier-General Herbert NELSON D.S.O of Shovel House

21 Jul 1950 Shepton Mallet Journal Obituary Mrs Rosalie GOULD of Bournes Farm Pilton Daughter of the Late Mr Benjamin R. CREED of Pilton Somerset

26 Aug 1950 Somerset County Herald Co-op Clerk for trial includes Rose HAWKINS

02 Dec 1950 Somerset County Herald North Petherton Farmer Funeral Mr. Henry John SLOCOMBE of Belle Vue North Petherton

14 Aug 1953 Central Somerset Gazette Familys Long Tenure of Southtown Prominent West Pennard Farmers Death Mr Harden Sidney CREED of Southtown Farm

27 Oct 1956 Somerset County Gazette Death Mrs Elizabeth Stella OATEN

18 Oct 1958 Somerset County Gazette Death Mrs Rose HAWKINS 13 Hereford Drive Taunton

02 Mar 1963 Somerset County Herald Sportsman Dies at Trull Mr Arthur Henry or Bert FOURACRE at 8 Eastbrook Trull

05 Oct 1963 Somerset County Gazette Death and Funeral of Henry Thomas OATEN

Also see Newspaper Articles Somerset for articles that include multiple surnames and may include this surname eg the Petty Sessions, Police Courts, Births Marriage and Deaths etc.


21 Apr 1911 The Western Gazette Taunton The Late Archdeacon Ven William Henry ASKWITH Impressive Funeral

12 Apr 1916 Taunton Courier Somerset Appeal Tribunal Taunton Rural and Borough Claims

10 Jan 1942 Somerset County Herald Bridgwater includes Ellen Ruth HAWKINGS of 96 Taunton Road Death of Herbert COLLARD of 10 Ashleigh Terrace

20 Apr 1946 Somerset County Herald Kingston Death of Mr. L. S. HAWKINGS Headmaster

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