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Huish Episcopi, Somerset

Below is a list of all the records that I have for the parish of Huish Episcopi, Somerset.



1861 Census Langport Huish Episcopi (2 parts) Muchelney

1871 Census Huish Episcopi (2 parts) Muchelney Kingsbury Episcopi

1891 Census Huish Episcopi (2 parts) Muchelney Kingsbury Episcopi (4 parts)

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Newspaper Articles:

14 Jan 1865 Western Gazette Langport County Court includes MALE Barrington Isle Brewers Fivehead Mrs FOURACRES Picks Hill Langport

17 Aug 1866 The Western Gazette Langport County Court inc PHILLIPS Fivehead HARDWICH West Lambrook RUSSELL Kingsbury PAUL Curry Mallet ADAMS Isle Abbots

31 Jan 1877 Taunton Courier Langport includes Mrs Maria DAVIS Reached her 100th year

31 Dec 1880 Western Gazette Barrington Curry Rivel Drayton Fivehead Hambridge Huish Episcopi Ilton Seavington St Michael Shepton Beauchamp

31 May 1882 Taunton Courier Somerton Petty Sessions includes Richard FOURACE Small Farmer of Pick's Hill High Ham

06 Feb 1884 Taunton Courier Somerset Winter Assizes includes OATEN

21 Aug 1885 The Western Gazette Huish Episcopi A Novel Hive inc Mr Jehu BARNARD

26 Nov 1886 Western Gazette Langport A Centenarian William WEEDON of Huish Episcopi

13 Jul 1888 Western Gazette Fivehead Funeral of the Rev R. W. LAMBERT

02 Jul 1890 Taunton Courier Langport Extraordinary School Attendance inc William SAWTELL His Father William SAWTELL of Coombe Huish Episcopi and Arthur SAWTELL

13 May 1891 Taunton Courier Langport County Court includes Albert FOURACRE Picts Hill, the Census, Norton trap accident Mr and Mrs FOURACRE Crown Inn Pitminster

08 May 1895 Taunton Courier Langport School Board KELWAY GOUGH STUBBS MARRIOTT COX NORTON

01 Mar 1899 Taunton Courier Curry Rivel Huish Episcopi Kingsbury Episcopi includes MALE Wellington Special Sessions includes James OATEN stealing coal

19 Sep 1900 Taunton Courier Huish Episcopi The Late Mr Jehu BARNARD of Aller Formerly of Huish Episcopi inc LARGE OSBORN TILLEY

13 Apr 1904 Taunton Courier Death William GRILLS includes Jane OATEN Kingston Huish Episcopi Isle Brewers Marriage MUNDEN COLE Ilton

01 Mar 1905 Taunton Courier Langport Petty Sessions includes Francis MALE of Curry Rivel Rev and Mrs S JONES Joseph EDMONDS of Fivehead

31 Jul 1908 The Western Gazette Langport Petty Sessions inc CLASSEY Pitney DARBY Burrow Hill Joseph WALDEN East Lambrook James OATEN BARTLETT White Hill Huish Episcopi

15 Mar 1916 Taunton Courier Somerset County Appeal Tribunal MEAKER Manor Farm Pitney, RICHARDS High Ham, TOWNING Merrick's Farm Huish Episcopi, Barrington, Isle Abbots, BROWN of Wearne Langport

17 Oct 1917 Taunton Courier Langport Petty Sessions includes Albert FOURACRE Picts Hill Huish Episcopi Shepton Beauchamp High Ham

03 Jul 1918 Taunton Courier Huish Episcopi Severely Wounded Captain R. J. McEVOY

29 Jan 1921 The Langport and Somerton Herald Obituary Albert George BOWN Huish Episcopi

15 Aug 1934 Taunton Courier North Petherton Shepton Beauchamp Huish Episcopi

03 Oct 1936 Somerset County Herald Late James Frederick SLADE of Burton Pynsent Farm Curry Rivel Burial at Isle Abbotts Baptist Chapel Married Miss Susie COSSINS in 1895

05 Jun 1937 Somerset County Herald Langport Petty Sessions includes Richard Thomas MALE Wagg Drove Huish Episcopi

02 Apr 1938 Somerset County Herald Fivehead Pitney Huish Episcopi Curry Rivel

02 Jul 1938 Somerset County Herald Huish Episcopi includes Sunday School Outing and the Church Fete Pageant of Empire

03 Sep 1938 Somerset County Herald A Pitney Tragedy Sad Discovery in Plantation Mr Kenneth Gordon SALWAY Son of Mr W. G. SALWAY of West Ville Huish Episcopi

03 Sep 1938 Somerset County Herald Huish Episcopi Shooting Accident Victim Funeral at Huish Mr Kenneth Gordon SALWAY

03 Sep 1938 Somerset County Herald Kingsbury Episcopi The Late Mrs Beatrice Maud BEST includes MALE

29 Apr 1939 Somerset County Herald Huish Episcopi inc Fifty Five Years Married Mr and Mrs Walter Edward SHEPPARD of The Bungalow Coombe

26 Aug 1939 Somerset County Herald Fivehead Huish Episcopi Marriage Dorothy Louise Constance LANGRIDGE to Douglas Frederick SUTER

05 Jul 1941 Somerset County Herald Funeral Eric Victor FOSTER Proprietor Foster's Garage North Curry inc COLLARD WILLIAMS MERRIOTT MIDDLEZOY HOPKINS HANDELL WESTLICK

24 Oct 1942 Somerset County Herald Huish Episcopi Mother Receives Gallantry Medal Mrs S. SCRIVEN of Wagg Drove Late Petty Officer Arthur H. SCRIVEN Joan SCRIVEN

02 Feb 1945 The Western Gazette Deaths John BARNARD at 2 Ewer Common Alverstoke Hants Son of the Late Jehu BARNARD of Huish Episcopi

06 Jul 1945 The Western Gazette Womens Institutes Activities in Somerset inc Shepton Beauchamp Mr R. SAINT of South Petherton Huish Episcopi Kingsbury Episcopi MALE

14 Jun 1947 Somerset County Herald Sold Irish Sweep Tickets Three Men Fined at Somerton includes Richard Thomas MALE Independent of Wagg Drove Huish Episcopi

27 May 1950 Somerset County Herald Stathe Licensees Bereavement The Late Mrs Rosina PARKER at Stoke St Gregory Wife of Mr F. R. PARKER of the George Inn Stathe

29 Nov 1958 Somerset County Herald Langport Youths in Trouble Michael Gordon Tilley Geoffrey Mervyn HECTOR Nigel CHORLEY Melcolm Frederick BAKER

30 Nov 1963 Somerset County Herald Langport Funeral of Mrs Alice Maud Mary James PARKER of Newlyn Newtown Langport Widow of Mr Walter PARKER

Also see Newspaper Articles Somerset for articles that include multiple parishes and may include this parish eg the Petty Sessions, Police Courts, Births Marriage and Deaths etc.

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